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  • Hey there everyone!

  • I have been learning Arabic for three weeks!

  • I'd like to share my typical day with you.

  • I get up at 5:30am and have breakfast,

  • and then I spend about an hour answering Emails and comments on the blog or my Youtube channel.

  • At 7AM I start my first session of studying. I need to prepare for my spoken lesson!

  • Learning a language quickly isn't about studying.

  • I do this to prepare for my spoken session at 8AM!

  • I have a Skype program ..

  • I want to have this lesson on Skype...

  • - Do you have an old skype version?

  • No No .. I have skype...

  • I have 2 programs, one is skype, and one is a skype...

  • Record

  • OK, you're recording?

  • I connect with a native speaker in Egypt via Skype

  • and spend the entire hour speaking only in Arabic.

  • My Arabic is really basic, but I don't give up, and never say anything in English.

  • On the weekend.. I spoke Arabic and I....

  • You were learning Arabic?

  • I studied Arabic, and I.. I was in the street of Belo Horizonte.

  • "Belo Horizonte" is this the name of the place you are?

  • Yes, Belo Horizonte is the name of the place where I am.

  • Did you walk around the city?

  • Yes

  • So where did you go?

  • I went...

  • - hmm... for example did you go to a restaurant?

  • I went to the bar with a friend

  • - with a friend?

  • aha, with a friend.

  • I was dancing...

  • - you were dancing!

  • yes

  • Every weekend in Brazil... they dance.

  • OK, bye bye

  • At 9AM I am already exhausted from thinking so much, and the day has barely begun!

Hey there everyone!

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