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  • Hi.

  • Welcome to show me the curry dot com.

  • I'm Hittle.

  • I'm a new Gia and today we're gonna show you how to make avocado and olive oil.

  • Eggless man is Now.

  • I know mayonnaise is like the key ingredient.

  • When I make sandwiches for my kids, they love mayonnaise because that's the fatty part that makes the sandwich kind of go down on.

  • So many people cannot enjoy mayonnaise because they don't eat eggs.

  • That's the key.

  • He read it in there.

  • So today we're gonna do avocado mayonnaise, and it tastes fabulous.

  • So it's very, very simple recipe also.

  • So here's an avocado.

  • Make sure you pick one that's nice and ripe again when you press on it, your thumb should just make a small invention.

  • And it's just kind of spring back, not overly mushy or not rock hard and should get the perfect kind of yet.

  • And we have ah, video for that.

  • And at its videos on our website, me go perfectly right, and all you do is take a spoon, just run it through the edges.

  • Now this is, ah, big portion that we're making.

  • We're using three avocados, but the recipe that we provide on the website to you will be just for one avocado and, uh, me and I small portion.

  • You can make it fresh and eat it fresh to add to the avocados.

  • We've got some garlic, so you're gonna use about 1.5 or one big one small.

  • But again, it's to taste.

  • And it's raw garlic.

  • So if you're using just one avocado, one small clothes should be good and salt to taste and lime juice, Fresh lime juice.

  • Oh, well, I'm just absolutely wonderful in mayonnaise, but the reason we're putting it in here is the avocado is going to start turning black after a little while, and the lime juice will prevent it from oxidizing.

  • All right, so you can put as much or as little as you want.

  • Come on the food processor and start churning it way, push down everything and cleaned up the sites, and we also checked on the salt.

  • So once you have a card, a mixture is nice and smooth.

  • We have some olive oil here.

  • Now we like the flavor of olive oil, this extra virgin olive oil.

  • But if you don't care for that, you can always use vegetable oil, or you can use a light olive oil, which has a little less flavor in there.

  • But what we're gonna do is just drizzle it down the food processor while it's running, and it's gonna help emulsify the whole mixture.

  • And you're gonna use about 3 to 4 tablespoons and ah, little more.

  • A little less is absolutely fine.

  • But once it starts in falsifying, you know when to stop, right?

  • All right, Ready?

  • Done this on and then add the oil.

  • All right, this looks done and we put about four tablespoons in there, but a little more, a little less is absolutely fine.

  • You just want a nice, smooth texture, something that you can actually spread around bread.

  • Yes, or any kind of.

  • But it's so light and yet spreadable.

  • Beautiful.

  • Mmm.

  • Oh, it's like heaven.

  • It's super delicious.

  • The olive oil has made that avocado so light.

  • It's so yummy.

  • So now to store this, you want to definitely short in a clean container in the refrigerator, and it will stay for at least about a week.

  • And we should have no problem.

  • Yeah, it last year.

  • But, you know, if you make it in small batches and use it up really fast.

  • That's always the best thing to do.

  • I think this could be great.

  • Like instead of butter, just for flavour.

  • Absolutely.

  • Storm buggers on, like you said sandwiches right and wait instead of instead of oil and eggs, you're introducing a healthy fat into your diet books.

  • Avocado is just filled with a lot of good fat that your body needs.

  • So oil is also again a healthy oil.

  • You don't feel bad about it, but enjoy this avocado and olive oil mayonnaise and join us again on another episode of Show Me the curry dot com, adding a pinch of spice to your life.


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Avocado Olive Oil Eggless Mayonnaise Recipe /Show Me The Curry

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/04/04
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