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  • well, we have a very diverse group of talks today.

  • They're about big ideas.

  • They're about leadership there, about transformation.

  • I am privileged to welcome you here today to head at UPS.

  • This is going to be a really special event.

  • Thes individuals represent we ours.

  • Yes, sir.

  • Body people that we've met who have devoted their entire careers to this organization.

  • I have never heard of anything like it.

  • E gather around with all the people in the town on my lunch break, you know, we make music and I wouldn't call people customers where I'm at it.

  • They're like family to me.

  • And so that's that's the great part of being a driver for UPS.

  • For May, I think way can achieve zero hunger in our lifetime.

  • You on.

  • Most people talk about global hunger.

  • They think that the problem is that there isn't enough.

  • But the problem isn't the lack of food.

  • Hunger is a logistics problem.

  • It is a problem that affect all aspects of the supply chain.

  • Clearly, we need to find ways of wasting less food.

  • But even if we did, there would still be a problem with organic waste or wouldn't it be great if we could find a way not to look at the methane as a waste, but as a resource, maybe as a fuel.

  • This is the circular economy.

  • The fact is, the barriers that most companies face and going international just aren't the borders on the man borders.

  • They have a hard time crossing the ones that they established for themselves.

  • Doubt, uncertainty, fear.

  • The global private sector donated $69 billion in cash and goods and service is well, my company did something different.

  • They donated May before the beginning of great brilliance.

  • There must be chaos before a person does something great here.

  • She must be willing to look foolish to the crowd.

  • And I'm proud to play the fool.

  • Scrappers have a sense of purpose that prevent them from giving up on themselves.

  • Thes people tunnel their way under and through barriers to emerge virtually unscathed on the other side, I am transgender by denying my true self.

  • I rob damn a ball like a dim.

  • I became increasingly isolated and alone.

  • That's what living with acute pain does.

  • It isolates you if you meet somebody and you think maybe they've got some potential within the company with any other company.

  • Give him a chance.

  • Little small on his face.

  • When we get in for our brethren, give people the opportunity and that will rise to the challenge.

well, we have a very diverse group of talks today.

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