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  • first things first.

  • Disinfect your shopping car.

  • Immunologist Doctor Tania Elliot gave me other safety tips to use in the grocery store as we try to keep everyone safe.

  • It is, you know, absolutely possible that you could transfer the virus home with you and not even realize it.

  • I've got my mask on.

  • I've got gloves on.

  • Do you recommend this kind of protection here in the grocery store?

  • I would recommend that you D'oh!

  • You could wear latex or rubber gloves.

  • Just make sure that when you're John handling all the products and you put them where they're going to eventually end up, take off the gloves and throw them in the garbage.

  • Now let's say I am shopping for, say, some fresh produce, right?

  • What do you recommend when I'm picking out, for example, these apples.

  • If you touch it, take it because that's actually protecting other people.

  • If you are asymptomatic, right and you're carrying the virus, if you're touching something, don't put it back on the shelves because that's just going thio increase the chances of transmission to somebody else.

  • And when you get fruit home, you want to clean it.

  • But Dr Elliot says it would be a mistake to use soap or disinfected, as some are doing these days.

  • You don't want to necessarily disinfect the remember not supposed to be eating soap.

  • We're not supposed to be eating disinfectant.

  • So you're putting yourself at risk by potentially putting toxic chemicals into your body.

  • As for the checkout, so behind me, you got your to checkout options, right?

  • You've got self checkout, and you've got regular check out.

  • What do you recommend here?

  • I can make arguments for both sides on the self checkout process, your touch and lots of stuff that the person just before you were also touching.

  • Whereas with the check out counter, it's on that conveyor belt.

  • People are consistently wiping that down, and then the cashiers should be wearing gloves.

  • So if they're wearing gloves, you're wearing gloves.

  • You're taking the proper precautions.

  • I would opt actually for the checkout aisle.

  • Dr.

  • Elliott also says use a credit or debit card.

  • No cash.

  • We know that cash can carry lots of germs.

  • They with their credit card.

  • Right?

  • Then you can wipe it down with hand sanitizer immediately afterwards.

  • And what about when you get home?

  • Do I need to spray sanitizing spray all over the bags?

first things first.

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Grocery Store Safety Tips During Coronavirus Pandemic

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/04/04
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