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  • And there's the Axelrod case.

  • Never even brought charges.

  • That's good.

  • You're protected by qualified immunity.

  • Chances are we get thrown out of court will depend on the judge.

  • We gotta find a very I'm gonna make this go away.

  • That's why he came to me instead of going with whatever lawyer justice gave you.

  • Justice isn't defending me.

  • Well, only that one, huh?

  • Well, they never really do that.

  • Well, I'm not building you.

  • Oh, come on.

  • You gotta build me, Ira.

  • It's $1400 an hour, half price, friends and family.

  • Why aren't they defending it?

  • The Attorney general's called me down to Washington.

  • You can't fire me.

  • Shit.

  • Dig It said a lot of things over years, but the stain of this investigation has hobbled May Politically.

  • I got no back channel out of this.

  • You gotta prove your loyalty, then show you're a soldier.

  • I thought about that.

  • A new case the administration smiles on.

  • Let the general take the credit short, but there's just no fucking time.

  • She's got a lot ahead of me.

  • Is Chuck take out an enemy?

  • A big, hard to kill one.

  • It's tough to fire you.

And there's the Axelrod case.

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