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  • top your class.

  • Stanford law, you're bringing.

  • I am writing this job all the way to higher office.

  • Okay, Senator Sacker, that's the first step.

  • Why don't you join us?

  • What do you say?

  • Kate Sacker works under Chuck US Attorney Chuck Rhodes, U S attorney for the Southern District of New York.

  • She is very ambitious.

  • File us about.

  • She comes from a pretty well off family.

  • Really?

  • Going up, huh?

  • She's like a cat like quietly picks up on everything when there's like a little bit of information that's necessary.

  • She always seems tohave.

  • It will make your day.

  • That's what's great about you.

  • Soccer always years out.

  • Zacher is very similar to check.

  • She's constantly walking on the fine line of doing the right thing and maybe not always going about that the right way.

  • What the fuck you doing shit Night?

  • And so he is teaching her how to play the game a little bit better, apply pressure, where and when we can.

  • What I like about her.

  • You don't really quite know what anguish is gonna come from.

  • You don't get anything.

  • Haven't even see what I'm best at.

  • Yet in the last season she and Connor.

  • Eddie had a moment beginning of this season.

  • Now you've got tension between soccer and comedy.

  • But for now, she doesn't let her emotions get in her way.

  • Not get out.

  • Move on.

  • Okay for her, her focus is always, How can she get ahead of the game?

  • Find me a case that's screaming for justice.

  • What if we went after Spartan Ives?

  • That's his biggest against.

  • In season two, tensions were high.

  • Every single character at this point is coming to a head in a sense, where whatever cards that they have, it's time to play them.

  • And so the minute that you think you know what's going on, you don't This could be very good, for you are very bad.

top your class.

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