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  • Looking for a way to wake up your home's look?

  • Try something as simple as a window box

  • This clean line design works well with lots of home styles

  • and it's really easy to build. The base of the box is a series of slots for drainage

  • That you attach to a front and a back peice. Attach the two curved end peices

  • and then decorative trim pieces, and that's it.

  • Now you can plant it up for your conditions, whether you have sun

  • or shade. Using the familiar formula

  • of thriller, filler, and spiller.

  • The thriller is the focal point giving the box its 'wow' factor.

  • The filler is just what it sounds like, a lower growing companion that fills in

  • around the base of the thrillers.

  • And the spiller is a sprawling companion

  • that cascades out of the window box, softening its hard lines.

  • Want a little practical with the pretty? Fill your window box with herbs.

  • You can snip them as needed for recipes and still enjoy the plants throughout the

  • summer.

  • In fact, they'll look even fuller and healthier

  • with each hair cut. The thriller, filler, spiller recipe still works.

  • Here we have upright basil as the thriller, oregano as the filler,

  • and thyme as the spiller. To make the plant combination look more conhesive, you

  • can echo the color scheme from one plant to another.

  • Rather have edibles, window boxes make a fine home for leaf lettuces

  • in cool weather. For the detailed directions to build yours,

  • go to

Looking for a way to wake up your home's look?

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