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  • Yeah.

  • Um Representing Halo.

  • Yeah.

  • Back again.

  • My PR is immaculate.

  • Has a fetus mama sack again on the band.

  • Rescind all of these players in objective mode and team slayer Julie.

  • There was no one Greater Simon Emoji Rome, Italy Gamer People watch montage, Sam Insane.

  • Even the guys are surprised They want to see him play.

  • I can't be contained sick with the six.

  • Don't need to scope me.

  • I do From the hip by your monster Can't be beat when I step on the armor of the master chief.

  • Read the little kids worldwide.

  • Get messages from Mama Tad over time.

  • Can you take it easy on a scythe?

  • Kill us all Get some You know what questions?

  • Like a big pond Except in this case, I am a favor said political delivery.

  • I hit you with rockets Told you before, Shady, Peppy, You can't stop.

  • This feels so empty without me.

  • You run that Beckman Halo three was the hottest.

  • So come on, charges full of sick Cliff Still getting notes.

  • But when the plague pit get killed, you never least one teach game.

  • When the plague ripped finder popped like a backflip took from the dead.

  • I've never seen nothing to do with me back, Taylor, for with crap.

  • Like I should get the no beige in that hand.

  • Full amount.

  • Gilgit is on the way so I could really care less Just who you are gonna take you down to the ground and pound assassination.

  • And now I got the crown is on the king of the hill Got that mark on my head Then I looked through my stuff All I see is red head Pro.

  • Now, just think walking joined in this I could go out And you, Norman, attack mode perfection.

  • Get him every game You could say I'm on fire Help so you can try to take me down.

  • I gotta tell you that you're gone and you know I'm gonna wait for you.

  • I got my pistol to know about.

  • Ready to question full amount now.

  • Oh, now it's over.

  • Okay.


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