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  • Bug and Apple's face time app lets users listen in on someone's phone without even the person knowing .

  • It's not looking good.

  • Well, you know, Apple, they've been pointing fingers for a while.

  • A lot of privacy talk.

  • Recent tweet from Tim Cook, you know, talking about privacy.

  • And then the other thing happens.

  • The face time bug, the bug of all bugs.

  • I mean, there's bugs that happened with smartphones software, but this one has gotten people's attention because of the type of invasion of privacy that takes place.

  • Someone can call you up via FaceTime and without you picking up the call, they can hear what you're saying in advance of you ever accepting the call.

  • But also can view also convert you.

  • If the person hits the power switch during the call to shut down the phone screen, then that enables the camera.

  • What a weird bug.

  • How many people's lives have already been ruined when they're getting a call from someone, and then you just sit there, listen for reason to change your relationship status to single significant other like Aw geez, maybe the boss at work.

  • Apple has turned off the group face time server group face time is shut down until they can fix the software.

  • They're just turning it off completely.

  • The interesting thing with this story is that Apple was alerted of this in advance of the whole news breaking.

  • There were smaller stories that kept coming up.

  • Was this mist?

  • There's no feedback.

  • Now that doesn't really surprise me.

  • So the reason that this is interesting specifically is because it is Apple.

  • Obviously, Apple already garnering so much attention in space, they've gone out of their way to kind of accused other manufacturers of not being careful enough with people's data.

  • Our customers trust means everything to us, and we spent decades working to earn that trust.

  • And anytime you point fingers, you leave yourself open tomb or extreme criticism when the finger swings back around the points of view.

  • From my perspective, anytime you have like a big story like this, you can't help but have it impact your perception of the product.

  • This exact type of flaw could instill fear in people around face time as a product.

  • So am I gonna second guess popping open face time?

  • Absolutely.

  • I think other users will as well.

  • You look at the billboard.

  • I mean, what happens on your iPhone stays on your iPhone?

  • That was That was Apple's play at C.E s.

  • They leaned into the idea that this was where they were better.

  • I don't think it's anything nefarious.

  • I don't think you know.

  • It was part of a master plan to get access to phones without people knowing.

  • My intuition is that it's a mistake and mistakes happen.

  • Toe all big Cos there have been breaches.

  • Google had a breach recently through Google.

  • Plus, they're just shutting the whole thing down as a consequence.

  • So anyone could be impacted by this.

  • And it's a consequence of us sharing Maura and being connected more than we ever have before.

  • It's not an excuse for it by any means.

  • It's terrible.

  • We're going to see more of this.

  • I really believe it.

  • We're gonna Seymour Maur this weird stuff going down.

  • You know, when people started cover the Webcams on their laptops, you see, like the webcam cover, we might see a future in which some of these devices might have hardware shut offs to make us feel comfortable that we actually have privacy.

  • In certain moments, Google assistant in the background

  • You got the Alexis in the background.

  • Look at Google.

  • Just came up on the phone when I said it like this, what I'm talking about.

  • And then you got the cameras always looking at you.

  • Could we see a future in which hardware devices actually have physical shutdowns to instill confidence in users that they can have a private moment?

  • At certain times, I know some people on Twitter were getting bombarded with unknown calls, and those people didn't even need to be picked up to be granted access to your to your life to the point where they have to turn off their phones.

  • You could be anywhere

  • You could be doing anything.

  • Who knows what a guy like you gets up to?

  • Uh, you don't want to know exactly.

  • So that's the main thing.

  • That's the lesson learned.

  • That's the moral of story today.

Bug and Apple's face time app lets users listen in on someone's phone without even the person knowing .

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Your iPhone Has Been Compromised.

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