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  • Hello, everyone, and welcome to another video now.

  • Recently, I bought another duty x 9 60 planned to use it in a budget build in a few videos.

  • Time, however, my impatience got the better of me.

  • And as I was rummaging through my old process a collection, I came across the legendary Q 6600 once more naturally over clocked it to 3.2 gigahertz, slapped in the 9 60 decided to see how this unlikely duo would pair up.

  • You may think this is a silly combination, but in the past I have paired the Q 6600 Andrew Ticks, 10 50 found that while games were playable, the stock CPU held the system back.

  • Furthermore, the 9 66 between the 10 50 10 50 t.

  • I in terms of performance that can be found cheaper than both on the used market.

  • So if you're rocking an old quote 775 socket set up, it may be just what you need to give your old system a bit of extra room.

  • So, just for fun, how did these two get on leisure can see?

  • The gameplay is already well underway in the background here, though unfortunately, M s, I afterburner their software.

  • I used to record the CPU in ju BU usage didn't show up.

  • Now, this isn't the first time this has happened since the update, but I can tell you that most of the time the process of was running at 90 to 100% usage, even at 3.2 gigahertz.

  • And that brings me on to my next point.

  • When using an old quote call like this, there is only so far you can push it.

  • By that, I mean, as with all processes, there will be a cut off point in which it will begin to hold back or bottleneck the GPU.

  • That means that pairing something more powerful than a 9 60 here with the CPU would be mostly a waste of time.

  • You wouldn't really see an increase in performance.

  • That also means we could have probably got in similar performance with a weaker card as well.

  • But without testing a handful of GP use, it's hard to tell which card would have been enough by overcooking something like this, though it gives us more headroom when choosing a graphics card as the CPU will have more power to offer back to the game play showing today, though, and I'm still surprised when I see the CBU in action at over 10 years old.

  • Now it can still handle itself reasonably well.

  • There.

  • You will find that in some more demanding to play releases or action packed multi player titles, there will be some stuttering.

  • This can be said for both Battlefield one and Overwatch, which, although looked delightfully smooth in the footage, did have their own individual problems.

  • This isn't always something that can be fixed with a resolution change either.

  • Say, for example, dropping the game from 10 80 p down to 7 20 p, though it will help.

  • In some instances, I would have to say that these days, if you're running a Q 6600 over clocking, it would definitely be recommended.

  • It's an easy enough process on my suit's motherboard, but a lot of these old quads are found in pre built Daryl systems.

  • In those instances, you can actually overcooked the CPU with electrical tape for an instant three gigahertz boost.

  • Search my video on that.

  • If that's something you want to try that being said.

  • I'm glad I tried this combination out today because while I wait for the rest of my other budget build to pair with this tree text 9 60 it's nice to see there.

  • I can still stick it in a court to court system and be able to play some of my favorite games with reasonable settings.

  • At 10 80 p resolution, though, as I mentioned at the start, this was just for a bit of fun.

  • And you may get frustrated with a combination like this when it comes to those more intense multi player Triple eight titles as some stuttering will be exhibited.

  • Having said that, though, I hope you've enjoyed this video nonetheless.

  • I'm pretty sure none of you out there ever wondered what a combination like this could do.

  • But in case you did now, you know has his thank you very much for watching.

Hello, everyone, and welcome to another video now.

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