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so if you guys hadn't seen on Twitter at least a month ago, I was like, That's it.
We give up Steve Wynn's because he used to Dominus board and a 31 75 x r w 31 75 x, which is a 28 core, 52 threads.
50 56.
That's a lot of threads in one CPU, and I was like, We don't even have the hardware to compete.
That's all about to change bitches.
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A lot of the guys are already asking, and I've seen this asked a 1,000,000 times in our comments.
Why don't you just run thread Ripper like a W 29 90 X, or whatever that CPU is?
It's something to do with C.
C X and the way that three mark times by extremist coated it doesn't like throat apart thread.
Ripper just does not perform well in that particular test.
Even with a massive man, Accor's it just does not do well in that particular test.
So we saw this and see yes and a couple of builds the whitest motherboard I've personally ever had as well.
This is the one that was kind of controversial.
Last Computex where they were like, Look, it's the x 599 or whatever running at five gigs.
But then it was using, like a water chilled.
My God, I thought was gonna be presented with, like, I don't know, some sort of Ah, suspense.
You just opened up, and it's like there it is.
So this is using what socket is this?
The l G 8 36 47 So 3647 pins in this mother.
This mounting mechanism is odd, right?
This is very similar to like the sea on mounting stuff.
And so I don't have any way to mount anything down to this.
So one.
The reasons I'm doing this video today is to kind of bring you guys along for the ride of what's included with this.
They have no idea how much any of this is.
I'm sure you had to take out a second on your home to afford it.
The processor itself, $3000.
I mean, this is like his biggest red Ripper.
And interestingly enough, you see the way it split down the middle of the pins.
It makes me wonder if this isn't a to Z owns.
Like underneath here would be hilarious.
So that was the case because member Intel did make fun of a m d for gluing their CPU use together.
I love that they give you all the Republic of gamers like gaming stuff when this is really not a gaming board, like in the least Are these dim got to with active cooling?
They are, well, sort of a neck tickling.
Okay, so you got to dim dot twos.
Oh, that's amazing.
So this is also a six channel motherboard.
So is this six channels worth of memory on plan on using RG skill RGB on it for now?
Um, it's not the same Ram we actually had our records and stuff with because this is not the fastest Ram.
It's funny, rgb ram.
Because of the small amount of power that the led is consumed you don't you very rarely find anyone's got any sort of world record with RGB ram?
It's always basic non, uh, lighted Ram Arlette Ram through.
This is only 3200 dims.
Obviously we use 3800 that we over clock when we do our over clocking stuff.
So are you using six of these eight modules?
So this is the dim not to something you're very similar to sing with.
Aces are Reggie boards only.
Now you have two of them.
Don't tell me it doesn't actually have rgb on this.
It has RGB on this board.
Oh, my God.
Magic go in the data center.
Holy crap.
There's four fans on the V A M Big O heat sink that runs the long along the whole top of the board.
And then there are four fans in the top of that.
Okay, so this video's kind of morphing into more of, like, just a walk around of the motherboard and kind of an overview.
This is my first time getting hands on with it.
We saw it at CS.
I don't have a cooling solution for this.
So the l g a 36 47.
This is a Z on socket.
So there are Ikea water block.
I think alpaca also makes the water block that will fit on this.
We don't have any of that.
I wanted to A boot Tests probably will with air.
But I'm obviously not gonna be doing any testing on this with air or over clocking, because this is an over cla Kable CPU, which kind of makes it unprecedented because ze ons have always been locked down.
And this is basically I mean, you saw gamers nexus Hit what?
I 0.1 on water with his chilled water, but still water nonetheless.
So, um yeah, It's also a great option for people that need the type of work station set up that you can get with this with server grade stuff about the cost of goes associate with it.
This is probably the only time you ever hear me say $3000 is a bargain for a sea view because this basically slides in where the 81 80 would be in terms of core count and hyper threading.
But it doesn't have a $10,000 price tag with it.
Because for what we can tell looking doing a quick search is that this basically is an 81 80 that's over clock kable, but can't be linked with multi product motherboards, so you can't have multi processor support.
Which 81 80 support have to eat.
See pews.
And that would be obviously for server, great stuff.
So if you're looking for an extremely high end work station, build so your cat designer or you just this would be perfect for like Home server or even small office server.
This would definitely get the job done at $3000 for that CPU, which, and last time I checked my math is less than 1/3 of the cost of anyone 80.
So, yeah, I mean, that's why I said, That's the only time you ever hear me say something like This is a bargain If you fall under that extreme use case, Which is interesting, though, because this is all set up for basically gaming.
It falls under the Republic of gamers naming and all that sort of stuff.
So it's quite interesting that this exists in a consumer fashion.
But anyway, we'll continue our walk around like I said, Well, throughout the cooling solution, we will definitely be stepping back into the arena with our over clock in competition with Steve.
I'm gonna get this on Ellen to just got to figure out how power wise to 24 pin connectors on this.
You need to power supplies for this.
If you're running at stock, you could probably have gotten away with one now because this is over clock.
You know what happens when you pull more amps than your power supply and stuff can deliver.
Fires become a bit of a concern.
So we want to make sure that doesn't happen in terms of fan hitters.
We've got six of them right here, just six of them by the CPU.
And of course, we've got some RGB headers, which I think is hilarious on this motherboard because you've got an adjustable rgb any non aggressive largely right there.
Yes, The three point on the side to you dot two's, um was this 2468 state of connectors right there.
A six pin PC.
I express supplemental power to the PC Express lanes because although you have four sockets on here for PC express or slots, you can run for graphics cards in this now.
No, you can't do four ways.
Ally with Artie X cards.
But if you again, if you're using that extreme use case where you have a very powerful workstation.
You're leveraging these cards for things like three D, rendering real time rendering for CAD drawings and stuff.
Then the graphics cards will be able to be leveraged.
Not in a gaming situation where there s Allied, but each individual card can be having a task associate with it.
So another USB three point on the bottom.
I put the amount of room there is on this Fordham surprising.
Weren't that they could have just stacked it with that word.
Kept it together, right?
That both power plugs together there.
So when I do that over here Holy crap.
I just realized you actually have 1234 a penny PS plus two six pin pc expressed on either side.
This might be a system that would actually legitimately impact your monthly bill by putting it under load the two white plugs down here.
The this is water flow indicator, and then we have another water pump hetero.
Right there.
We've got 1234566 more fan headers on the bottom two.
USB two point owes.
This isn't exhilarate.
Plug toe one of the boards that go inside that comes with this motherboard because this also has a standalone fan controller that a souse is known for.
That plugs in.
And then it's an expandable fans slots, if you will, that could be controlled independently.
So you're gonna have already 12 fan headers.
Plus, however many more on that board, which is insane.
We've got two more are to be headers at the bottom, another addressable another standard 12 volt.
And then, of course, your front panel connectors.
And yes, on the back side, though you've got eight USB three point.
All right, they're super speeds actually gets you got a total of 10 because there's the red ones are also super speed Dual nick Ethernet.
We've got two USB type sees, of course, our digital spit.
If and then, of course, we have sound plugs by this flashback and clear Seamus on there.
Oh, there's another fan heater right there.
Okay, another one there.
So you've got 14 fan headers on the motherboard itself.
This is like the board that just keeps on, like, surprising me.
We're gonna D'oh!
We're going to immediately start sourcing a cooler for this so that we can immediately, um, still lose to Steve because he's running those titans.
But I digress.
We will do what it takes, including taking those titans out of that system if we have to, or we're right around the corner from kingpin cards.
Some of feeling the entire competition is gonna equalize itself.
Now that we have matching hardware for the CPU side and have a feeling that kingpin card, they're going to make their way into this competition in some way.
So I had basically conceded, and then un conceded officially in this video, Steve, even if I don't win, okay, this What are we gonna play with?
You have to admit, you wouldn't turn down an opportunity like this, would you?
No, I don't think so.
All right, guys.
Still, anyway, that was our boxing.
And look here at the A Seuss.
Dominus Extreme is gonna be fun One.
I have a feeling that this one is going to also be a bit nerve wracking, because now the stakes just continue to get higher with more and more money on the line with this little part of it.
So yeah, completely unnecessary for what we do.
But that's what makes it even more fun.
Our guys.
Thanks for watching.
And is Louise.
We'll see you next month.
Oh, and did I tell you?
Has built in wireless?
Because you know, why the hell not?
Things like the heaviest other word box I've ever felt.
But watch that.
Watch the knife.
Look at the knife.
Put your hand under it.
You feel the weight.
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The most insane motherboard I've ever seen... ASUS ROG Dominus W3175X

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on April 4, 2020
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