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  • This is how much territory

  • the Islamic State held in Syria as of March 18.

  • Can you see it?

  • It's herejust over a quarter square mile in size.

  • These are areas where ISIS launched attacks

  • since President Trump declared victory

  • over the Islamic State three months ago.

  • So what does this map tell us?

  • How did a group holding a tiny bit of territory

  • launch attacks across the country?

  • To deconstruct what this map shows,

  • we're going to start with some footage.

  • It shows ISIS members fighting to defend

  • their last bit of territory.

  • What do we see?

  • They're attacking with truck-mounted weapons

  • and assault rifles, taking cover behind buildings and trees,

  • moving through fields.

  • Now let's look at footage from

  • one of those far-flung attacks.

  • It's a bomb.

  • The blast killed 19 people, including four Americans.

  • The only ISIS fighter in sight, that we know of,

  • was the suicide bomber.

  • Here's the aftermath of another ISIS attack.

  • A suicide car bomb exploded

  • next to an American and Kurdish patrol.

  • So what this is showing us is that ISIS is adapting

  • the way it fights as it loses land.

  • From this, to this.

  • "The group has returned to its guerrilla warfare roots

  • while continuing to plot attacks

  • and direct its supporters worldwide."

  • And the frequency of all these attacks

  • shows that just because you've

  • squeezed ISIS into its last pocket of territory

  • by no means suggests that they'll just go away.

This is how much territory

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