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  • I didn't trust teachers.

  • I didn't trust politicians.

  • I didn't trust people on the evening news.

  • I trusted music.

  • The language of my life is written in rock and roll,

  • and punk rock, and hip-hop.


  • I'd like to teach a class that makes your guitar playing

  • meaningful to you.

  • I'll show you ideas in chords and solos.

  • I'm going to go through my entire arsenal of guitars,

  • amps, and effects pedals.

  • You practice technique to get your fingers

  • to go where you want them to go.

  • You practice theory to understand where they can go

  • and why.

  • Rock and roll is a visceral experience

  • and a connection with the audience that

  • should be exciting at its core.


  • I was the only black kid in an all-white town

  • and the only heavy metal musician at Harvard University.

  • In a world that can be cruel, and is sometimes racist,

  • and is grossly unfair, all of a sudden--


  • --with this thing on, I'm invincible.


  • In this class, you will be able to write a song

  • and play a guitar solo -- then we rock.

  • Even if you've never touched a guitar before.

  • And for the advanced player, the sky's the limit.

  • If you want to play exactly like me,

  • you're going to figure that out in this MasterClass.

  • If you want to play guitar exactly like you,

  • I'll reveal how you can create a lifetime of awesome rocking.


  • I'm Tom Morello.

  • And this is my MasterClass.


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