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Welcome to another episode of TwoSet Violin!
How are you guys all going?
Are you guys practicing?
Welcome to another episode of
We're watching a series of funny clips
that are music related.
Let's try to see if we can...
not laugh together.
Every time we laugh, you have to practice one hour.
- That's... That is the stakes. - Whoa...
Let me laugh out now.
- Okay. Done. - All right. Let's go.
What the hell?!
Of course it had to be a Japanese TV show!
He went—
- He actually hit it! - Dude...!
Dude, no! That's so painful!!
I think we both need to practice one hour now.
Dude, I wanna...
- Dude, his face in pain... - Dude, that's not funny!
I mean, it's funny,
- but it's not funny on the dude! Yeah! - You're risking your future children!
And why did he agree to it?
- I don't know. - Why did he agree to it??
- Suitcase. - Noo!
Are you serious?
Are you serious??
- Don't do that, that is not good! - Don't do this at home.
Why is he voluntarily taking ten,
ten attacks?
Imagine next Ling Ling workout, play, play a s...
A concerto while someone's just...
whacking your sack.
It's like, getting a hit,
and you gotta get through that phrase.
Oh, my god...
Okay, well, I think we both lost.
I think the baby's gonna grow up thinking his...
father was a chicken.
Dammit, you made me laugh!
Yeah, I was like,
- "Why is the baby looking at the chicken like..." - Why is there a chicken...
- Brett: It's like, that's... - Eddy: "Daddy..."
Brett: He's gonna be like,
"My daddy is a chicken that plays piano."
Oh my god, and every time it eats a chicken in the future,
he's gonna get traumatized.
Yeah, his— The music's gonna run in his head.
I didn't laugh on that one.
- I didn't laugh. - Yeah.
Doesn't make me wanna practice.
Oh, I get it.
- They got a "ha, ha" from me. - Yeah, I didn't laugh.
- It's clever. To me, it's more clever. - Yeah.
- Like, "Ah!" - To be honest, seeing balls getting hit
set the expectations so high.
But that is funny though, especially, I guess, from context.
Moving pianos is such a stage crew thing,
- in classical performances. - Mhmm.
If you're in orchestra, first half, there's a piano,
- there's always people doing this. - Yeah.
Ah. It's just...
- Clever. - It's how -
- Is that... - The stage is moving down.
- Is that how they move pianos, this is? - Sometimes.
'Cause I...
Where I used to work, um...
QPAC, there's like...
It's just a side door, and you just push it off...
to the side.
That's sick!
That's me in my concert, it's like,
"All right, I'm done."
Like you make a mistake, you're like,
- "All right, see ya." - Yeah yeah yeah...!
- "All right." - "Bye-bye!"
Eddy: When your concerto finishes at 7,
- and you have a dinner date at 7:01. - Brett: Yeah, you're like...
(both) Duh nuh nuh...!
Oh, what?
That's like, a violin for...
- Something that's about this big. - A mice.
- A mice. - Yeah.
It's like Tom and Jerry!
Tom and Jerry, yeah!
It's Jerry, right?
Wait, is Tom...?
Jerry, Jerry's the... the mouse.
I'm surprised it's kinda in tune,
- considering how... - Yeah.
- Eddy: His finger covers a quarter of the fingerboard! - Brett: It's so big.
- Cool, but I didn't laugh, so. Yeah. - Pretty cool. Still on one hour, though.
Is this how conductors be conducting now, during the...
Oh wait, can't say the virus name,
because you'll get demonetized by YouTube!
Oh, really? Oh, wow...
- Ohh... - Oh, let's call it, uh...
- Now let's call it... - The cor,
Corelli Vivaldi!
Yeah, it's...
Yeah, okay.
Corelli Vivaldi!
- Corelli-19! Corelli... - No, Corelli-19!
- Corelli... - Corelli Variation 19!
I mean, I didn't really laugh,
- but it's pretty funny. - Yeah.
That is the most dangerous...
looking instrument ever!
My question is, how did you figure that out?
Were you just so bored one day, and you go...
"Oh my god!"
Why would you be...
- And then, why would you even touch a cactus? - I know!
Alright, I got a challenge for you, miss, uh...
Play Flight of the Bumblebee on that!
It's just like, fingers all like, stabbed...
That would be respect.
- If you can do it... - Oh my god.
I would send you a sacrilegious hoodie.
That's pretty funny.
- Alright, that's pretty cool. - Yeah.
- It's the same key! - Yeah.
He's like, "Yeah!"
- Meanwhile, the kitchen's just on fire. - Yeah, it's like, I know!
They're like, "Yeah!"
How many hours of practice are you on?
- Two. - Two. I'm on two as well.
How does a...?
Alright, I laughed.
That's so cute!
Dude, they're clapping!
- Where did the cat come from? - I don't know.
- I think the cat's, the cat's just making their mark. - That's so cute!
- Aww...! - It's like, "This is my territory."
(both) Oooh...
The cat doesn't like him!
AH!! Oh!
They're like, "Just leave him be!"
That's such a cat thing, like,
- "You can't tell me what to do." - Yeah.
"No, leave me alone."
I wonder if they're playing...
Are they gonna play?
- It's conducting, is it... Yeah! - It's challenging the conductor!
It's like, "It's my orchestra!"
They're like, "Yeah!!"
I also... Like, who's filming this, too?
I love how the person just went to an orchestra concert,
- and they're just filming the cat. - Yeah, just, they're like, on the cat, and just...
- They lost focus, the reason why they went there. - Yeah.
Three hours practice!
- 37 hours away from Ling LIng. - I wanna play with the cat.
Okay, that's pretty funny.
- That's the nicest... That's the nicest, - That's funny. That was funny.
- most serene... - That's the most beautiful
- [beep]. Yeah! - [beep] ever.
Like, "f*** you..."
That's like a "f*** you" with like, class.
It actually does sound really nice! - It sounds nice!
It's elegant. And it's just calming.
I could actually listen to this.
- Like, non-ironically. - Yeah.
That's so good!
I wonder who wrote it. It doesn't say.
Well, whoever it is, let us know!
Oh, no!
Don't be a you flinch, you lo— No!
Wow, okay. We're not doing that.
I know you guys are gonna be like,
- "You should do it too!" - Yeah.
This person can do it, but not...
We're not doing it.
Next Ling Ling workout,
getting hit in the balls while upside down. Wow!
You guys are upping us!
What have we created?
- All right, we're gonna practice three hours while... - All right!
- doing headstands, and getting hit in the balls - Yes.
- while playing "f*** you" musically. - Yes.
Look after yourself, guys. Don't get...
- Corelli-19. - Yes.
Yes. So please keep it up.
See you guys next time!
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15 Folder Collection
李芷凝 published on April 3, 2020
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