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I love my coffee, and there's nothing better than a Starbucks coffee in the morning.
But ordering Starbucks can be a little bit challenging for a first-timer.
So today I'm going to talk to you about ordering sizes of Starbucks.
To order small mocha at Starbucks, there are 12 ounces, and they're called a tall.
So you would say: I would like a tall mocha, please.
If you wanted a medium mocha, there is 16 ounces, and it's called a grande.
This is my 16 ounce coffee mug.
You would say: I would like a grande mocha, please.
And you will want a big honking cup of coffee,or mocha.
There are 20 ounces, and they're called a venti.
And you would say: I would like a venti coffee, please.
So I hope everybody enjoys their coffee.
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【一分鐘學英文】星巴克咖啡大中小杯點餐 (How to Order Sizes at Starbucks) by Angela

19785 Folder Collection
sophia chung published on April 4, 2014    Wendy translated    Sally Hsu reviewed
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