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on this episode of China uncensored
China doesn't declare war
hi welcome to China uncensored
I'm your host Chris Chappell
remember that passive aggressive friend of yours back in high school
the one who always was nice to you in person
but then you found out later
they were talking some serious smack behind your back?
-because you're really pretty -thank you
that's China
only instead of talking smack
china is waging an actual military war with you
behind your back
unless you're one of the 50 cent trolls watching this from china
in which case congratulations you're winning
the point is since the late nineties
most American mainstream media and politicians have been like
Oh China shiny high-speed trains and
Oh china please make all my cheap stuff
more recently it's been like hey come on
stop hacking us that's not nice
but seriously can you hurry up and make my new iphone?
it's like at some level we know it's an unhealthy relationship
and yet we do it anyway
the weird thing about hanging out with Regina was that I could hate her
and at the same time I still wanted her to like me
long before the first Chinese hack was reported in the media
china has been in an all-out war with the United States
US government intelligence has known about this for a long time
but the average American has no idea
because China never declared war
And China hasn't fired a single bullet
nonetheless the communist party of china is engaged
in a full-scale multi-billion dollar war with the United States
and it threatens every American worker and taxpayer
this war is called hybrid warfare
this US army white paper from last year states
that people's liberation army colonel Qiao Liang
has already laid out a vision for how China will attack the United States
through military and non-military tactics
the first rule of unrestricted warfare, he says
is that there are no rules.
with nothing forbidden.
no rules?
nothing forbidden?
it's like, you think you're playing football but then
let the games begin
so to learn more about this I recently sat down
with cyber espionage expert and investigative journalist
joshua philipp
he told me how the Communist Party's hybrid warfare works
and their systematic plan for making the US
more and more vulnerable.
and what's more it's happening right under our noses
what do you think the endgame is of all of this?
yeah, so the end game for the chinese communist party
its programs for economic theft are not isolated
they're part of what the US military would call hybrid warfare
And in fact there was a recent report from US Special Operations Command
saying China is waging hybrid warfare in the United States
hybrid warfare is a way of fighting war against another country
without using troops on troops combat
and so that includes economic theft
financial warfare
propaganda warfare
drug warfare
smuggling warfare
basically every kind of warfare you can think of
that doesn't involve, you know,
troops killing each other on a battlefield
this is a form of war meant to achieve what war would achieve
without firing bullets
so with this hybrid warfare could the Communist party of China try to,
say, target the U.S. power grid and shut it down?
Uh, they have.
they have unfortunately.
there are many people in the defense community
who believe that the Chinese Communist Party was behind
the 2003 shutdown of the New York City electrical grid
referred to as the blackout
the Chinese Communist Party and Russia
and several other countries are actively involved in attacking
what we call critical infrastructure
this is our roads, our power grid, our financial system..
it's basically all of the different systems within a country
that allow the country to function
you see? these are key targets in the event of war
because these are the things you could hit that would disable
the war fighting ability
you see, you destabilize the country to the extent
that they're no longer capable of waging war against you
i think the issue here is it's very easy for me
to imagine a terrorist with an ak-47 blowing something up
but you know talking about hacking the internet
it's a world that people don't have like, physical..
they can't come to grips with it in a very real way
this is the unfortunate nature of the modern world in general
the form of war changed during the Cold War
that was when war went from being, you know, fighting on the surface
to fighting beneath the wires
it's when spies became the main force
you know in the militaries
and the Internet enabled that to another level
because then you have spies who can work on the internet
and not just happened to infiltrate buildings and so on
the majority of modern warfare is being fought through unconventional means
as far back as 2007
the US military was saying China's waging full-scale force-on-force warfare
against us in cyberspace
so what is being done to prevent this?
unfortunately very little
okay so my sources tell me and it's not just my sources
but a lot of other people
the United States is overly focused on terrorism
plain and simple
we're putting all of our attention on terrorism
And the Chinese Communist Party has been running rampant
until I'd say until very recently
So while the war on terror was happening
that essentially left China unchecked
the communist party of china unchecked
to develop this program
they're costing us trillions of dollars and actually making this country less safe
that's right unfortunately
not only that but also the Chinese Communist Party
you know even provides weapons to these organizations
if you look at a lot of the countries that have terrorists problems
I mean a lot of the weapons come from China
you know it's like the Chinese Communist Party's keeping us busy with one hand
and then stealing - stealing from our pockets with the other hand
the implications of this are really terrifying actually
and so this is something that as a country
I believe we need to start taking more seriously
this is just the tip of the iceberg
in fact the Chinese Communist Party has developed
a complex and very profitable system for stealing American technology
and then using it against us in its quest to be a world superpower
and it's costing american taxpayers and businesses
trillions of dollars a year
if you'd like me to talk more with Joshua Philipp about this in a future episode
let me know in the comments below
and remember to subscribe so you'll get notified when new episodes are posted
once again I'm Chris Chappell
see you next time
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China's Secret War Against the US | China Uncensored

16 Folder Collection
1124263635 published on April 3, 2020
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