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How are y'all doing with the self-isolation, guys?
Flattening the curve
like you flatten your sharp intonation?
Let's see what memes you guys have?
That's right. We're visiting...
the most talented subreddit on the Internet,
where you guys submit your cool memes,
or artworks, or just anything talented.
(The most talented subreddit ever!)
(Ling Ling 40 Hours, unite!)
(Ling Ling wannabes!)
(Practice, practice!)
(Did you practice today?)
I agree, by the way.
Ooh, nice reverse psychology!
- Ooh...! - You got the highest votes!
I love the sigh.
Yeah, ha ha ha!
It's always that thing, it's like
"Whew, here we go."
Is she sitting cross-legged? I can't tell.
Brett: It seems like it. Like the right leg is up. Eddy: It looks so badass.
- I feel like- - But imagine sitting like that for 40 hours a day.
Ooh, I'm feeling my lower back on the right is like...
- pulling the muscle. - It's like...
- It's like "khrrhhr..." - Yeah.
Can I just say, as the variations get harder and harder,
it looks like her lips are getting...
hard, like more and more like s-
Brett: Yeah, ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha ha!
That's so cool.
It actually works on the guitar.
That... fingering...
That chromatic on the guitar looks so much more stressful.
I don't know why.
It's just the movement looks a lot more stressful.
- I think there's more... distance as well. - Yeah.
- That's true. - It's...
You gotta move faster.
A ha ha ha!
Again, I don't know how it translates to guitar,
- but that is the most stressful passage on the violin. - It's hard. Yeah! Ha ha ha! It's so annoying!
- "BAH!! BAH!!" - You're like "Here we go..."
In the violin, there's actually just chords.
- Yeah. - But I think because a guitar...
It's... chords are easy.
- Yeah. - So she ended up doing arpeggiated chord.
- "Drrrbrrr..." - Oh...
'Cause on Paganini, you can't make it too easy, right?
And on violin, there's no frets.
So when the distance changes...
- It gets smaller and smaller. - you have to know every...
- You have to know if your... - It's like "Drrzzzrr!"
- If you- And not even just "Drrzrr." It's like... - "Drrzzzrr!"
Which does "drzrur" more than this "drzrur?"
- Our attempt to explain how hard our lives are. - Yeah.
Even the Internet can't make it.
Keep it up!
- Keep up the practice. That- - "u/yongbokkie"
I think that's what everyone should be doing right now.
- Practicing. - It's the perfect time!
Perfect time practicing.
Your excuses are all gone.
"I'm bi-lingling-ual."
That's how you teach music right now.
You know how to do quintuplet?
C*****virus, c*****virus.
Oh, that's really nice!
I love that chord.
Stay... home?
That's so nice!
Come on, Internet. Don't do this.
- Ooh! - That's so nice!
Dude, I wanna make that my ringtone.
But, is ringtone even a thing these days?
Do you guys change your ringtones?
- I feel like that's like something ten years ago. - Yeah.
What is your ringtone now?
- I don't know. I always set my phone on vibrate. - I don't even know!
I guess as musicians, you get used to...
not putting your phone on loud,
just in case...
you have it on loud in rehearsal?
- 'Cause you know- - It's true. It's always on silent.
'Cause if it goes off in rehearsal once, you just go...
"Alright. Never again. I'm not risking it."
- Yeah. - It's always either vibrate or silent.
Dude, can this become a trend?
This can be a trend I can go behind.
Just... make words.
Yeah, what would TwoSet Violin sound like, guys?
I don't know. I love this.
This is so- like, it's so clever.
Ha ha ha ha! That's good.
- Aw, thanks! - Nice!
That's viola clef.
What the hell?
Oh, f***!
- That's not even a bass clef. Ha ha ha... - It's not even a bass clef
'cause it's like, down there, right?
That gave me so much...
But thank you.
- Wow... That person is serious! - What a freaking...
- Yeah, what a psycho! - Ha ha ha...
"I paid like 60 dollars for this concert ticket."
"This oboe better play in tune."
Yeah. "Don't ruin my piece."
And this is Baroque pi-
This is a Baroque piece. Baroque tuning.
Dude, that is awesome.
I love it.
Can you imagine sitting in the front row,
- Everyone just- - And the soloist is playing...
- And you're just like- - And he looks down,
and he just sees you with a tuner app.
- Yes! - Yeah.
The situation is quite intense.
Not just the senior-
I mean, yes, the seniors, but...
Basically, most...
if not everyone in the industry right now
- has had to cancel their tours. - Mhm.
Not just us.
- Their concerts. - Yeah.
- A lot of musicians are being hit hard. - Yeah...
- Yeah, I don't really know. - Yeah.
I mean...
We're just lucky that we can still make videos...
...for you guys to watch.
And be here together.
If you don't learn an instrument,
and you watch our channel,
and you don't know what to do 'cause you're bored...
- Whoa! - This is the time!
Brett: Yup.
- ...to pick up an instrument. - You'll never get this time again!
Yeah, exactly!
That's with uh... What's his name, William Barton?
Mad guy!
Why is Jeff Bezos conducting you?
- Yeah. - Ha ha ha!
Well, you hacked it
- 'cause you made it to 3.3 thousand upvotes! - Yeah! Yeah.
I swear that's like half of like
viral TikTok videos these days
- just people not trying getting viral. - Not trying, yeah.
Except um...
Got it wrong. I'm meant to be the taller one there.
- Ha ha ha.... Ha ha. - Ha ha ha, just kidding.
(both) Whoa...!
Dude, I look so animu.
Damn, your shirt looks good as well!
Eddy: Yeah, yeah.
Thank you for doing the calculations for me.
I lost count by now, but...
Ha ha ha ha ha...!!
Oh my god.
Whoa... ha ha ha!
I was like
- "Wait a second, why is there a trash can?" - Yeah!
Dude, look at that trash can.
- It looks so like... - It's just like-
It looks like a violist.
Ha ha ha ha ha!!
Ugh.... Wow...
You guys are worse than us!
Are you serious?
Dude, that was solid.
Nice one!
How did the wafer taste?
Did it taste like uh...
Thank you again, u/groundcloth.
Look at that!
Even the messed up wig is on point.
A ha ha!
- It looks like spaghetti. - That's really good. Yeah.
And the red wig from Lindsey Stirling.
Thank you so much!
- Oh whoa, what's this? - Okay.
Dude, what is that?
- Is that Minecraft or something? - Yeah! I was thinking is it like...
- Like... - "Is it like a mobile version of Minecraft?"
It is Minecraft!
We're still relevant then.
- Yeah. Good, good, good. I understand. - We're up with the trends. Yeah...
Alright, guys.
You know what?
Now you can't lie to yourself.
- After this video, you have to go practice. - Mhm.
Do us a favour.
Do that scales!
Do that arpeggios!
And do that Paganini!
Alright, please like and subscribe.
And we'll see you guys next time.
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22 Folder Collection
李芷凝 published on April 2, 2020
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