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Hallo, hallooooo!
(both) We're wearing the same shirt.
Guess what?
You're still out of tune.
"Yeah, but Brett and Eddy,"
"do you guys play in tune?"
We don't.
- That's why we're wearing it. - Yeah.
Alright, today we are going to play a...
a game.
Now you might be thinking...
"You guys are music channel."
"Why are you a gaming channel?"
We're not.
- Yeah. - Don't worry. We're music channel.
We're classical musicians.
we wanted to test
how would we do with rhythm games.
We're gonna see does having musical training
give you an advantage or not?
And we're also going to be seeing...
I guess, as musicians, what we think of these games.
We've never played these games before, by the way.
- Yeah. - 'Cause we're busy practicing.
So of course, we're gonna start with something easy.
It's a phone app.
It's a game called Piano Tiles.
Yeah. I've never actually played it.
I just downloaded, and played...
one level, the first level.
It's pretty funny.
- Do you wanna try it? The first level. - I'll do it first. Alright, I'll go first.
Oh! Oh!
Bring it on!
What the hell?!
I got it, guys.
40 hours every day!
Ling Ling!
Viola gang!
Oh... Ohh...!
It is!
- Dude, it's got harder than the one I did last time! - Yeah.
What the hell?!
Oh, it's a harder version.
That was so fast!
You let down the piano gang!
Dude, I thought it was gonna finish!
No, this is a harder version.
I guess it's good when you got nothing else to do
when the whole world shut down.
When you're in quarantine,
and you don't have a piano at home.
I don't know. I found like...
it was weird that...
the points was just based on you hitting the tile.
- Yeah. - And so you could actually play with any rhythm.
You know like most rhythm games, right?
There's actually a line where you have to hit it on the beat.
- Yes. - Whereas this one is like...
as long as it's on the screen...
- And you gotta hit it. - Which is why sometimes it's early,
- sometime it's late. - Yeah.
- but it still counts. - Yeah.
It has nothing to do with an actual piano...
- It should just be called- - ...pattern.
It should just be called...
Alright, my turn.
So I can be like...
Whoa... Dude, that...
Dude, it's...
It's like hip-hop twinkle classical music.
When you don't have any rhythm.
Yeah, this is like
when you have no rhythm and you're playing...
Alright, I'll try to play it in time.
Oh my god. It's actually hard!
Yeah, they speed up as well.
Oh my god! What the f***?!
Dude, even Liszt can't play this.
Holy sh**!
Oh, it's getting faster!
Dude, my eyes hurt.
A ha ha ha!
I think you beat me though.
I think I did, but I think it's 'cause I was prepared.
- I knew it was getting fast. - Oh, getting fast-
Yeah, 'cause I was-
Yeah, you're kinda going with the flow.
It's more of a reaction thing.
- Yeah, it's more like- - Not... it's not a music- I mean...
playing an instrument, there's reaction.
But you...
- It's a different type of reaction. - Yeah.
I guess this is a bit like sight reading.
Pachelbel's Canon?
- Up to you. Yeah, let's do Canon. - Yeah...
Oh yeah, you need to hold it.
It's very elaborate.
It's like...
But, like, it still keeps going.
- Dude, this is so trippy. - That's so annoying.
'Cause that's gonna slow me down later.
Dude, why is this so fast already?
This is harder than I actual play a piano
'cause it's like...
It's going in wrong directions.
Yeah, that was tricky 'cause you're playing-
Nah, I'm just making excuses.
Oh god.
- I wanna do like, do piano fingering. - Yeah.
I was like "Nah nah nah, I can't."
Man, I never had so much like,
excitement playing Pachelbel's Canon.
- Dude, the arrangement is weird. - Yeah, like, it freaks you out,
'cause you think you played a wrong note.
- And I can't read ahead, like, sight reading - Yeah.
- 'cause the screen is only so big. - It's limited.
So I can't see what's coming up there until like...
- But then again, there's only 4 notes, like, 4 tiles. - Mhm.
Oh! Ohh...
Ugh, my eyes hurt!
That's what I mean!
You're like...
You know you're perfect, you're like-
You just put in the wrong-
- My fingers are just too fat. - Yeah. Yeah.
- Two Stars! - Whoa...
Oh yeah!
- Alright. - Should we do one last one?
Let's do one last one.
- Alright, I think I'm gonna do Debussy. - Jingle...
- 'cause I like Debussy. - Oh, Debussy? Okay, okay.
I'm gonna pay with my...
in-game musical note currency.
That's too fast for Rêverie!
Ha ha!
It's meant to be like that,
but then if I do that, it's gonna run outta screen.
So I'm playing the left hand.
Those are wrong notes!
- I think these people that made it... don't know keys. - Why did they change it?
Yeah, they keep changing the notes.
It's like, keep it simple, guys.
Wrong notes.
Dude, these are just semiquavers.
- Oh, this feels so wrong! - It does not s-
- It does not sound like the piece at all. - I know, right?
- It's too... beaty and like... - Yeah, off.
Oh my god! Musicality is gone with Piano Tiles.
- The only thing piano is a midi, and the pieces they use. - No rubato. Yeah.
Oh, that's so nasty!
Let's block the ears.
That's not how the piece goes!
- Block you ears, block your ears. - Ugh...
What was that?
Oh my god. That was the worst...
Dude, those notes are just like...
It's not even the piece.
- Oh, you finished! - Ooh, 502!
- Whoa! - Oh, oh, what is this?!
- Oh, it's my money! My in-game currency! - Oh...
Oh... In-game currency!
Get it all! Ooh...
I got 44.
What?! Oh, it keeps going?
- Did it just go again? Wha- I'm so confused! - Yeah, it goes again.
- This is the same thing, but it's faster now. - It's faster.
Oh, dude...
It sounds so bad!
This is...
- This is not right at all. - This is a prime example of why...
- playing fast is not always good. - Yeah.
If you can Piano Tile slowly...
This is going like wack.
My fingers hurt.
- Do you wanna take over? - Nah.
- Oh, WHAT! WHAT!? WO- ****!! - Going fast- It sped up! It sped-
Okay, wait, focus.
It sped up!
Ha ha ha! F***!
It's going faster...!
Dude, this is such a pointless game.
- It's eye training, and reflex training. - Yeah!
What's the point?
It's for advertisement revenue for the app developers.
Ow, my eyes actually hurt from this sh**.
Oh my god, this doesn't s-
I almost want to like, **** up.
- But I don't want to **** up. - Dude... yeah.
LIke, when you press a wrong note,
it flashes red.
- Yeah. - And then they play it this loud.
It's like...
If you can press piano tiles,
you can press the subscribe button.
- Ooh! Please... - Subscribe.
Alright, I think consensus is that
- there's no relation to classical music or music at all. - It's not related. Not really.
Piano Tiles, the only thing that's related is just...
- the midi piano file. - Yeah.
And maybe at the end it goes "pff!"
I was gonna say maybe rhythm
would play a good part in rhythm games,
- but this has no rhythm. - This has no rhythm.
'Cause if you play in a different rhythm,
- the game doesn't even register, right? - Yup.
- Yeah. - It doesn't know.
Well, there you go!
There you go, guys.
Musicians now gotta go back to practice.
Please like and subscribe,
- and see you guys next time. - Yeah.
- Liszt, you better watch out! - Oh, guess what?
Yeah, guess what? You're still out of tune.
That's right.
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Classical Musicians Play Rhythm Games (Piano Tiles)

17 Folder Collection
李芷凝 published on April 2, 2020
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