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- Yeah, I'm pretty sure that if I had known about this,
that this was an option, a career option back in the day,
I would not have spent all of that time and money
going to nursing school, that just, sorry (laughs).
It wouldn't have happened if I had known
you could do these sorts of things from home,
making more money than you do
actually as a nurse out on the floor.
That's kinda crazy.
So you want a job where you can make good money from home,
but you don't know, well, what kind of job you can get
or how do you specifically get the jobs that are available?
Hey, this is Leah Rae from Digital Trailblazer,
and in this video, I'm gonna give you 10, yes 10,
different jobs that are gonna pay at least $15 an hour
up to $50 an hour or more that you can do from home.
And here's the thing: I'm actually gonna walk you through
how to get the jobs, which is where
most of these videos fail.
They talk about these awesome jobs
that are available online,
but they don't actually tell you how to get the jobs,
and for most average folks,
you have no idea how to get a job
without a degree or any experience in the field,
that's kind of a catch 22, you can't get any experience
'til you get a job, and vice versa, right?
You can't get the job 'til you get the experience,
so I'm gonna show you how to actually get these jobs.
Not just tell you what they are,
but walk you through how to get 'em, so stick around.
(mellow digital music)
Now back in the day, like way back in the day,
like before kids back in the day.
(heavenly harp music)
I mean, sorry, way back in the day,
before kids, I knew it was possible
that you could have a stay-at-home job,
but didn't really know how to do that,
and didn't really have any experience
that would lend itself to doing that sort of thing,
so if that's where you are, don't worry.
We're gonna help you out.
Over eight million people in the U.S. workforce today
are currently working from home.
Now, unfortunately, that is very skewed
to higher numbers of people who have college degrees are,
take up most of that population.
They're more skilled at their jobs,
and they have more leverage
in negotiating these sorts of things typically.
However, you can also tap into this
when you do it the right way
and you're really committed to making it work,
'cause it doesn't need to be this way,
but personally, I don't care what kinda degree
you do or do not have
if I'm going to hire you to work for me.
I wanna make sure, number one,
that you are honest and trustworthy.
That is the first thing on my list if I'm gonna make a hire.
And number two, that you can do
whatever I'm hiring you to do competently,
so are you competent, are you honest and trustworthy?
That's all that a real business owner these days cares about
when you get out of the bureaucracy of the bigger world
and you're working in this whole online space
that we're blessed to be in.
So let's dive in, 10 different jobs
that you can make 15 to $50 an hour or more from home,
then we're gonna show you exactly how to get those jobs.
Some of these are jobs that we've already hired for
in our business, others are jobs that someday
we probably should or will hire for down the line.
Job number 10 is Content Repurposing Specialist,
and you're like, "What the heck is that?"
Well, it simply means that you're someone
that can take a content creator, like myself,
like some other YouTuber or blogger,
somebody who has an online business,
is an online influencer,
take their content and break it up
into other pieces of content that they can syndicate then
out to all of their other platforms.
So take their YouTube video,
chop it up into little pieces,
reformat it so that it can go up on their Instagram stories,
maybe picture posts where they're giving tips
or insights from those videos,
creating Facebook posts, taking their YouTube videos
and making blog articles out of it.
You can actually learn how to do this for people,
and it's a huge resource for them.
It's a time-consuming task for a content creator
to do themselves, and it's much nicer
to hire this out to somebody else.
Job number nine are Social Media Managers,
and you can actually specialize in sorta just Pinterest,
or Instagram, or Facebook, or whatever,
or you could kinda be a generalist as well
and have your hands in all of these things,
but this is someone who would help say an influencer
manage their social media.
It's a lot to handle
if you're trying to do multiple platforms,
so you maybe handle just their Instagram,
and their stories and their regular posts,
maybe reformatting or taking care of their videos
and putting them in IG format, whatever it is,
you help them manage their social media,
and that's a huge weight off of their shoulders,
and you can save them a ton of time.
So this is take two, 'cause I apparently can't count,
and have to do some of this a second time.
(sighs) Okay, job number eight is Launch Specialist.
A Launch Specialist is someone who is actually gonna help
a online entrepreneur manage the launch
of their digital product.
This is a very, very high paying skillset.
Not only will you be able to offer your services
to people who are gonna be doing their own launches,
but if you hope to someday have your own digital products
to promote and to offer, this is really important
that you learn how to do this.
So what does a Launch Specialist do?
Well when someone starts to offer a new digital product,
they typically do a launch, and this could be small scale,
and it could be very, very big,
where they're working with a ton of affiliates,
there's probably prizes involved for the affiliates,
and they are managing not only the sales process
and everything that has to get done
in order to start selling, but they also need to manage
the actual launch with the affiliates,
and with all of the moving parts
that are gonna be happening.
It's kind of like a project management role
for the launch of a new digital product,
so if project management-type stuff is your jam,
then this is a really big opportunity for you.
Job number seven is Graphic Designer.
Now, we're not just talking about
any old graphic design job,
which I'm sure you've heard of in the past,
but actually getting specialized, because guess what?
The more you specialize in something,
typically the more you get paid.
People like us, people who create their own digital courses
need a graphic designer
to create a graphic for their course.
They need a visualization of some sort
to show people when they're selling their course,
maybe making them look like a bunch of different CDs,
a box set, a book set, whatever,
but there are specialists who do this,
graphic designers who can put those together for you
in a really nice-looking package,
and folks like us will pay for that
because it saves us a lot of time,
and it's something that we need to sell a product.
Now, if you're not that confident yet
in your graphic design skills,
which we're gonna show you how to get,
but when you first get started,
you can definitely start with banners,
cover photos, and different things for social media,
even social media posts and putting together visual graphics
for influencers to use in their social media posting.
Number six is actually Affiliate Manager,
and you're like, "What the heck is an Affiliate Manager?"
Well, for anybody that has a digital course that they sell,
and they allow people to be affiliates for that course,
they need someone, or they have to do it themselves,
to actually manage those affiliates,
and depending on how big your program is,
it can be kind of intensive.
This is someone who can help manage anything related
to the affiliates that are helping promote
that company or that person's products,
so you may be running reports
to see who gets paid out commissions,
you may be managing announcements,
and communications that need to happen
back and forth with the affiliates,
but this might be something interesting to get into
if you hope to someday have your own affiliate program
so that you really know the ins and outs of it.
The number five is a YouTube Channel Manager.
Now, this sounds awesome, we don't currently have one,
but I know other big channels that do,
and it's really helpful, someone that helps you
once you've actually, the creator,
has created the video, this is the person that helps
to manage actually getting it uploaded,
getting all the tags,
everything set up, and ready and scheduled and published.
They can also help manage any comments,
or community posts,
or anything else on your YouTube channel,
so again, it takes a layer of stress,
it takes a layer of work off of the creator themselves.
They can hire someone to do that work,
and it helps 'em out.
Number four is a Customer Service Specialist.
Now for people, especially if they have their own products
that they're selling,
they have to deal with customer service,
and it can frankly be a huge headache, we've been there.
So it's important that they hire people
to help them manage customer service,
so any tickets or emails that come into customer service,
most of them are things to deal with like login issues,
having to reset passwords, that sort of thing.
Some are a little more complicated,
but it's really some basic stuff to get started with,
and so it's something that's a huge headache,
and just a time-consuming thing
for someone who creates their own product,
and can often be done in not much time each day,
so it's a great side hustle,
or something you can actually manage for several people.
Number three is Video Editor.
I can tell you, it is a ton of work
to figure out what kinda content you're gonna create,
create the content, and then actually edit it,
and then get it uploaded.
It just, the whole process can take a ton of time,
and I used to do all of it myself.
When we finally, finally hired an editor,
it was a huge weight off of my shoulders.
I could focus on creating better content,
and leave the editing side to them.
It was a big relief for me,
and allowed me to create better content,
and explore more of my creativity
and not get into that nitty-gritty,
so that is a great skillset to have in today's world.
We're in a digital era,
video is getting more and more popular.
Learning how to edit video well is a great skill,
so you can make a lot of money doing it,
and don't just think YouTube videos.
When it comes to video editing, it can be anything
from sales videos on sales pages,
yes, it can be different social media platforms.
It could be YouTube, but it could be things
just on their websites,
or instructional videos that they need
to give to their customers on how to use their products.
The number two is actually a Sales Funnel Manager.
Now if you don't know what a sales funnel is,
I'll make sure that we,
we have a video that goes through exactly what that is
down below in the description,
but a sales funnel, very generally speaking,
is when people get introduced us
to you as an influencer,
as someone on a social media, whatever,
they sign up for something,
they get taken to a landing page,
they opt in, and then they're typically taken
through a process to get them to make a purchase,
and so that process is like your sales funnel,
and so having someone that can help
manage your sales funnel process is nice.
I mean, if I could just sit here and come up with the ideas,
and have someone else actually implement the nitty-gritty
of setting up those pages, and linking everything together,
and managing the stats,
and the analysis of how things are converting
and all that kinda stuff,
that'd be a huge weight off of my shoulders,
and definitely something I'd pay a premium for.
So this is something that if you are analytical,
if you are technical, this could be a great fit for you
once you learn how to do it.
And finally, number one is a Membership Site Manager,
also kinda combining this with Facebook Group Manager.
So a lot of people who have digital products
have membership sites.
These are just sites that people have to log into
to access the digital product.
Well, you actually have to manage those sites.
You may have to be updating videos,
replacing old ones,
maybe you're dealing with the memberships and access levels,
maybe you're just adding new videos,
and different sections to their membership site.
Maybe you're just helping them manage their Facebook Group
as a moderator, this is huge (laughs),
having someone to moderate your Facebook Groups,
because a lot of people, ourselves included,
offer Facebook groups to the communities
that purchase a certain product,
so that they can ask questions, have some interaction,
that sort of thing, easily within a Group.
It's a great thing to offer,
but it's a headache to manage
when you have multiple different courses,
and you have multiple Facebook Groups.
So having a moderator
who's keeping an eye on all of that for you,
answering questions, giving people access,
double-checking that they actually purchased the course
before giving them access, all of that stuff
is a nice load off of the shoulders
of the business owners or creators,
and so it's something that they can easily outsource,
and might be a good fit for you.
Yes, those are 10 different work-from-home jobs.
How do you actually get skilled in any of them
so that you can actually get a job and get hired?
That's really the most important part of all of this,
because yeah, it's nice to know
there's great jobs out there,
but what good are they gonna do
if you can't actually get one of 'em, right?
Now believe it or not, it's really not that complicated,
but you do have to be committed to make this work,
because it's something that you have to really want
and be willing to put in the time to learn the skill,
so what does that mean?
Well, basically, you gotta kinda do this in two phases.
Phase number one is research and practice.
Research and pracctice,
so whichever of these that you wanna do,
say graphic design, or video editing, or whatever,
you need to do your research.
Who are the people that hire for these things the most,
how much do they pay,
where do they typically look for people to do this for them?
But you also have to learn,
what are the most common tools for doing this?
If you're gonna do social media management,
or content syndication,
maybe you have to learn about HootSuite,
which is a tool that helps you do this,
or if you're managing Instagram,
maybe something like Planoly,
so what are the core tools that these people use?
Then, get the tools.
A lot of tools are free, so that's gonna save you some cost.
Some tools, like some of the video editing software
obviously are gonna cost money,
but they are things that you can get into
and practice, practice, practice,
so practice on your own, go through all of the tutorials
that come with the software, with the programs,
so that you really know them inside and out,
and then phase two is to actually intern for someone.
Yes, intern for them.
Now, we're talking about an unpaid internship
because you're gonna be paid in experience,
and you might actually get hired by them down the road,
but this is really important
so that you can hone your skill.
I mean, I think about back in the day before we had kids.
(heavenly harp music)
I mean, sorry, back in the day,
before we had kids, and we just worked regular hours,
I had a couple hours in the evening to myself
to decide what I wanted to do.
Well, I could easily take those couple hours
and learn a skill,
apply that skill for someone
to get better and better and better at it,
so I could have a premium skill
I could charge very highly for,
so it doesn't have to be a huge time commitment.
It may be just a few hours a week,
but it's something that allows you
to get on the job experience, real life experience,
plus you're making a connection
with an influencer who may want your services long term,
or who may have a friend, or colleague,
someone that they could refer to you
who would enjoy your services long term
and would be willing to pay for them.
So yes, you work for them for free
for a short period of time,
honing your skills, and then you can get a great reference,
possibly some referrals to other people who may hire you,
or they may just end up hiring you themselves.
So how do you reach out to these people
so that you can move forward
in actually starting these relationships
and getting these internships?
Well, you gotta connect with 'em,
so connect with 'em wherever you can.
If you are in their Facebook Group,
you probably have the opportunity
to find them on Facebook then and send them a message.
Do that, you can message their Facebook business page.
You can dig through their website, find an email address
on their website, or on their YouTube channel.
Reach out to them that way.
Usually, most websites have a Contact Us form
where you can fill that out instead,
but find a way to reach out to them,
and don't give up if you do it once and don't hear back.
These people, us included,
I mean all of us, we get way too many emails,
and just some random person emailing you,
you may not even read it,
but if you see their name a few more times
'cause they've reached out to you,
you know, they've followed up several times,
you're gonna finally read it and see what's going on,
so when you're writing the email,
you're filling out the contact form,
what do you actually say?
Well, you want to be brief, you want to be concise,
and straight to the point.
These are busy people, that's why they'd be hiring someone
to do these sorts of things, they're busy.
So they don't have a lot of time to read novels.
Keep it very brief, to the point,
bullet points and stuff is very,
makes it easier to read, and is more likely
that then they will read it, so keep it short.
Say, "Hey, I'm learning how to become a graphic designer.
"I would love to offer you my services for free
"as I hone my skill."
That's a great entry into an email,
and if you can give them some examples
of the different programs that you are learning,
that you're working with.
If you're working with Canva, Photoshop,
Adobe Premier, whatever specifics you can give them briefly
in a bullet-pointed fashion would be helpful.
If you really wanted to work with someone,
what could you do?
You could actually create something specifically for them,
so say you wanna do content syndication,
you could actually find their latest YouTube video
and create different pieces of content for them,
giving it to them for free, showing them what you can offer,
so going into Canva and creating a photo graphic from it,
going in, creating a short clip of that longer video
that they could upload
to their Facebook page throughout the week.
Show them that you are the real deal
and you're actually willing to do something for them.
You're not some random name out there
that's not serious,
but you actually are committed to the process.
So now you are fully armed to get hired
for some great paying online jobs,
and then, if you really wanted to pursue it,
you could actually create full-time businesses
from these as well.
So go ahead, start dreamin' about what it is
to work from home, and then get to work.
Or what it was like before you had kids.
(heavenly harp music)
(cheerful digital music)
(kids screaming)
Now, if you enjoyed this video,
you definitely need to watch this one next,
upper right corner of your screen,
tap the description, click on it,
watch that one, and I'll see you soon.
- That's so interesting.
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