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  • have something from Abbott Labs, which is right here.

  • And that's a five minute test, highly accurate.

  • And I maybe can show that as we listen to our FDA commissioner, the job he's done in the approval process.

  • We talked about the, uh, Laura Quinn and the hydroxy Clara Quinn.

  • Just now I thought that I had mentioned it, but Alex has already done that.

  • But we have that now under test with 1100 people in New York.

  • And it was only the fast approval by FDA that allowed us to do that.

  • It was a really rapid approval.

  • And Dr Police say a few words that this is the first one on the line of the five minute test from Abas.

  • Thank you, Mr President, for your leadership.

  • Thank you, Mr Vice President, for your leadership of the task force.

  • I'm very proud of FDA staff's work in the last few months to expedite the availability of testing in this country.

  • I'm also incredibly appreciative of private industries, ingenuity and willingness to work with us quickly to develop and distribute those tests.

  • We've had a substantial addition to testing with the authorization of point of care tests, especially the abbot point of care tests, which the president has pulled out of the box.

  • A point of tear tests, a test that gives you a result where you're getting care.

  • This is truly a a patient centered approach, whether it's the doctor's office.

  • Ah, Hospital emergency room, an urgent care center where a drive by testing site just like tests for flu or strep.

  • We go to the doctors, you'll get the test done.

  • You can get an answer within minutes of having this test done.

  • Now, with those tests being approved for Abby and for others these air available around the country, they're planning to scale up the number of tests that can be put out throughout the country over the next month.

  • And patients could get the answer within a little less 15 to 5 minutes.

  • And then, of course, an appropriate plan of treatment can be given.

  • Um, we had FDR working quickly with Abbott as well on other testing approaches, and normally these tests take months to develop.

  • I was on the phone today with the Abbott CEO.

  • He told me that normally this is a 9 to 12 months approach to developing a point of care tests.

  • They did this in collaboration with FDA in U S government.

  • Within weeks, Albert has shared that they will be delivering these test tomorrow.

  • And then we'll be ramping up.

  • Just said to emphasize one thing.

  • The most innovative and safe products come from the private sector in partnership with government, taking in all hands on deck approach just like in this case.

  • And the other point here is that Abbott, in FDA work together to make sure that we had a fast, reliable and accurate test to market.

  • Thank you.

  • Good job, too.

  • Really great job.

  • Thank you, Steve.

  • So the pharmaceutical company Sandoz has been working with us very closely.

  • And as Alex mentioned little bit 30 million doses of the hydroxy Laura Quinn to the United States government.

  • It's been given, and Bears donated one million doses of the clerk one which will soon be distributed to states and state health officials around the country tearing.

  • Teva Pharmaceuticals is also donating six million doses of hydroxy Clara Quinn to US hospitals.

  • Six million doses.

  • So the private sector's you'd say, Steve, it's been amazing.

  • What's happened really amazing.

have something from Abbott Labs, which is right here.

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