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we're back.
Welcome along to transfer.
It's all very leases from Manchester United is coming up.
We're live Old Trafford's Remember you can tweet the show at Sky Sports news news that hashtag trans fertile and there's plenty of other ways to get involved.
We start with the very latest on Bruno Fernandez is transferred to Manchester United has been pretty drawn out through this window, but we are edging closer to a conclusion.
Let's cross live to James Cooper is at Old Trafford for us and bring us of the day, later said.
But James before return our attention to transfer is we've got to start with that attack on United's executive vice chairman Ed Woodward's house last night by a group of fans.
Or what is the latest developments about what happened?
Well, first and foremost, thank goodness he wasn't there, neither with his wife or his two Children.
They were somewhere else, and we're party to that attack on their house last night that Cheshire police are investigating.
There was a mob of hooded Manchester United fans.
I put an inverted commas that say they're Manchester United.
Fans are not sure they represent most of the Manchester united fraternity.
But they threw fireworks trying to get in touch on intercom and then daubed paint and spray paint on the property as well.
So Cheshire police are investigating.
Clearly this criminal damage at stake there and Manchester United have basically said if anyone is found guilty of this, they'll be banned from the ground and they're waiting to see what the police say about it.
I think it's really interesting on this one.
Clearly, there are a lot of frustrations about Manchester United's worst season in the premiere league for 30 years.
Not not easy for Manchester United fans.
We've seen toxic songs here at Old Trafford last couple of weeks about killing and burning Glazer family and Ed Woodward himself.
I don't think most Manchester United fans have cried to that.
Certainly don't subscribe to the attack last night certainly online.
A lot of people condemning that while saying they are still frustrated with the direction that the club is going in and I think you know, to even suggest that Manchester United might have cooked this up themselves to get some nice PR Fred Woodward and public sympathy is absolutely outrageous suggestion almost as outrageous as the attack itself last night, and I think it just shows you the kind of discontent that's bubbling here at Manchester United but clear last night.
Despicable stuff.
People overstepping the mark and putting a real shadow over the Manchester Darby tonight at the Etihad Stadium.
Yeah, and obviously, Woodward involved with brokering this Fernandez deal.
Let's get the latest on that.
It seems to be moving quite fast after weeks of waiting.
We've seen some pictures, often on social media, at an airport.
James, do you know exactly where he is?
Well, I think that's the greatest irony of all this.
I think Edward would would have been sitting there quite come to be last night, thinking I've done the business for Manchester United.
I've got Bruno Fernandez over the line after some protracted negotiations between Sporting Lisbon of Manchester United.
Both had ideas about what they wanted to pay and they've sorted out a deal on the players coming to Manchester in terms of where he is right now, I think he's on his way to the Northwest.
I think it's a fairly relax procedure.
I expect him to arrive in Manchester this afternoon.
I think Manchester United could do a medical today if they needed to do a medical.
It doesn't matter.
They're playing Manchester City tonight.
I think all things being equal, though, they're quite relaxed about this.
Bruno Fernandez has been playing regularly for Sporting Lisbon, their star player touted as perhaps the best player in Portugal too.
So I think they're fairly relaxed about medical and expect that to happen tomorrow.
Maybe takes 45 hours, perhaps most of the day.
And that's to get some sort of confirmation either sort of early evening tomorrow or maybe first thing on Friday morning.
But I think Manchester United want to do a game tonight, get the mansion of Darby out the way.
Let him perhaps see for himself what Manchester Darby is all about.
And then the relax medical tomorrow in the signing for Manchester United fans to be certainly more overjoyed about certainly positive stuff coming out of traffic 24 hours where everything so far has been pretty negative, Yes, that the potential incoming.
But what about going looking like Marcus?
Rahul is heading out of Old Trafford.
Where's he heading?
Well, he's not playing much football.
The moment for Manchester United, not played for other gonna sell SHAR since November.
I think he's kind of surplus to requirements that has been kept in the fall because of the injury problems at Manchester United.
But you think you've got a first choice center back pairing at the moment of Victor Lindell often.
Harold Dwyer.
Give Phil Jones deputizing.
You likes of Axel twins.
A big You've got Eric bye back from injury as well.
We saw him training.
Yes, they're Carrington, so there's enough players there.
You've got players like Manya Matted.
You can step in a centre, half or even look sure it sent 1/2 if they want to play a three at the back, So there's plenty of players there to do that.
So I think that means that Marcus Rojo is probably the long end of the list.
You've also got Axl Transit becoming as well, so you know it'll get Manchester United are amenable to a loan deal with that studio entails.
It's where Marcus Rocco started his career in Argentina.
Loan deal, I'm led to believe, would stretch over to the summer, but nothing has been agreed as yet.
In terms of other positives for United, we're trying to get a goalkeeper through the door as well.
He's in England under 20.
International is called Nathan Bishop.
He's been playing for South End, and, of course, so Campbell.
He's undergoing a medical today.
So Manchester United a moving pretty quickly that getting players in.
I think the only question mark is perhaps about a striker.
I think they'd love to do a deal if they could.
I think finding that player and bringing that player in looks probably more doubtful as the hours go on.
James, thank you very much for bringing us up to speed eso this Fernandez deal.
It does look like it's moving closer, although I'm sure I've said that quite a few times so far in this window.
But there has been another development this morning involving the Portuguese Stock Exchange.
Stay with us for this, Anton.
Just explain.
How does this Lincoln with this potential, Fernanda?
Usually, that phrase put stock exchange with No, this is actually interesting to stick with us.
So, as a listed company sporting up to release any details of sales, only major financial transactions.
So they've suspended their activity on the stock exchange while they wait for this quote major announcement.
Always the yesterday speculation would deal.
Being close with the Manchester United led to well, there's supports the share price rise quite significantly.
And that's a big deal because Sporting obviously have had financial problems as well, says a lot of eyes on it.
In order to keep sort of competition fair, they've suspended trading on it until they get this enactment done.
A CZ we know the fee.
We understand the fees around 55 million euros upfront, with two additional add ones of 15 million euros.
One relatively easily attainable, one more difficult to attain.
If the player, for example, is the Ballon door Manchester United win the Champions League, I wonder which one's more likely, but well, you know, it's that kind of, you know, it's so it's It's a big impact on sporting finances, which has a bigger impact for the business on a much wider scale.
So that's why we've seen this development today.
I think frustration is probably the word that we can use when summing up how some United fans are feeling about this situation actually matters just tweeted in four minutes ago, he says.
I'm so frustrated as a Manchester United fan with the Bruno Fernandez situation.
He also says the pole pole per situation, the strikers situation.
We need to sort it out.
No, and I think that's quite reflective of host on United.
Fans are feeling how much of a boost route this give not just the fans, but the Manchester United scored as a whole.
If they get this one over the light, you sign it for any kind of social.
It's big money, big player.
It's about bringing, experiencing thanks to a very good age.
You know, he's mid twenties.
I like his attitude.
I said it this morning with money transfers.
A realizes, actually, when he didn't get a move to talk to me in tears for Sporting Lisbon in the summer that six points behind Chelsea, a couple of wins Chelsea running away of it.
They've lost eight games this season.
No one wants that top four and United a still in all the cops.
Europa League is a real slog.
Around 32 is not around.
This extends around 32.
He's gonna be a massive sign of them, a real boost because it's great to have young players coming through But for me, it's always good to have him at the right Time is so much expectation on their shoulders, and you don't want that such a young age, you know you want him to flourish.
Even Harry Maguire's got the captain see, probably a bit earlier than what he would have expected, that this would give the whole team and social himself expectation.
But, I mean, this is a guy that's being spoken about being the bass player, important tickle at the moment.
So he is going to come in with quite a lot of pressure on assault on his soldier.
Sure about that.
I think that seems to be a bit of a similarity between how this Bruno Fernandez dealers played out.
And then what happened in the summer with Harry McGuire as well, all of the summer window.
Harry Maguire was the story.
We were talking about, how much Lester wanted for Harry Maguire and how much Manchester United.
We're prepared to pay for Harry McGuire and in the end, Manchester United paid the money.
I've got the player, but it seems to have happened again in this transfer window where sporting of named a price Manchester United have said.
We're not willing to pay that.
And then, as it's got down to the nitty gritty of the transfer window, United have ended up stepping up and paying the money.
I think there's a feeling at United that they would probably overpaying for players at the moment.
Now, whether that's because of the position they're in or the selling clubs.
No, the power, the financial power of not only Manchester United, but the Premier League as well.
But it has been a difficult time for no doubt for Manchester.
Yeah, but there is this, obviously, the cloud of negativity about Maine.
I had some business in the transfer window we knew, and I think look on the shoulder said that Edward would have said It's gonna take three or four windows to get what they want in terms of their their 11 or or their squad.
Look what they've done so far in the two windows.
It's not been that bad.
I mean, in the summer, we're all so waxing lyrical about what the business they done.
McGwire came in when the second came in, Daniel James came in and out.
Bruno Fernandez.
That's not that bad I think the problem for them is the Harlan Diehl.
Obviously, that fallen fruit off, she started to kind of bring that negativity up.
No, no, in the situation with Paul Pogba.
But I think if you just look at the four signs of the hole over the transfer Windows summer and this one, I think it's actually pretty good business for them.
But we all knew Bruno Fernandez has been a target for certainly this window, and they looked at him in the previous window, and any casual observer can see what Manchester United need.
They need creativity, and they need leadership, which is exactly what they're getting.
Proof in unders.
The difference between the window now and the window in the summer is they could dilly dallying the summer.
There were no matches, actually, and I should have played host matches this month.
How much how many more points we have in the Premier League?
If they'd have had, you know, Fernandes in their side, that's the problem.
That's the frustration from the fans.
And I think that's I think that's understandable.
And something I wonder about is well, is the you know, Manchester brought this player into the spotlight more and then they're dilly dallying.
I like that freeze that use Dave.
You did.
You did.
I like a dilly daily and it kind of makes me wonder what other teams haven't come in for him.
Because if Manchester they're taking their time not wanting to pay the money, why has another primary lead club not gone?
You know what we're going to sign him exposing, moved elsewhere is that the sun implies, you know, he's a very, very good player.
It's expensive as well, but United have to get him.
He's the he's the key for Manchester United.
It's a it's a massive signing for them.
It's big money, big money for January as well.
Yeah, absolutely.
Manchester United fans.
I don't know what you think.
Use that hashtag transfer talk, Get in touch job.
But let's get the state of Pelino.
Andi Steven Burg Wine has signed a 4.5 year deal at Tottenham and has taken the 23 shirt vacated less than 24 hours ago by Christian Eriksen.
Arsenal are close to agreeing a deal with Flamengo for defender Pablo Marie into Milana, considering pulling out of the race to sign Chelsea striker Olivier Giroud this month.
We're gonna talk about that a bit later in the show.
You see Milan have rejected a bid from Bundesliga side her to Berlin for top target Christoph Pee on Tech.
That's according to Skye in Italy.
Chef indicted are closing in on a deal to sign the Dutch striker Cairo's If Covic and Southampton are set to complete the loan signing of Carl Walker Peters from top by news of it undo to bring you know, Anton, what can you tell us?
Yeah, Wolves have completed signing today Enzo Luis, who is a young holding midfield that they brought in from Dijon on loan until the end of the season.
If he impresses, then they can make that deal permanent.
They've agreed on option in that contract.
A swell your men.
You go into the under 23 sides, but I expect him to be named also in the Europa League squad going forward as well, so you may get a chance in that swell.
And, as we said earlier, wars divorce.
I got another player coming in for a medical today as well, so it's exciting times that wolves, they're finally getting the business done.
Rules fans.
Let us know what you think.
Stay with are still to come on.
Transfer talk.
Tottenham have secured the services of Steven Burgoyne.
But could there be more than before the window closes?
Hi there.
Welcome back to transfer talk.
We are going to get the very latest from Arsenal.
We have been telling you that they're close to agreeing a deal with Flamengo for Pablo Mari.
And it seems that Flamingo have said goodbye to the player.
So this one looks like it could be imminent.
Actually, Flamingo tweets it just after 12 o'clock alongside a video, all the players based bits and it roughly translates as the time has come for us to say good bye to this defender who arrived a flamingo to make his mark in our history.
Pablo, Marry thank you for everything.
So obviously we are awaiting confirmation that that move to be confirmed to Arsenal.
We are expecting it would be a little move with an option to buy the deal worth 12 million poems if Arsenal work, exercise that options by in the summer.
The loon feed, thought to be £4 million with a further eight million to be peed if they teak up the option.
And further to this, we also know that Flamingo have signed central defender Leo Pereira's a direct replacement.
So another sign that this was moving, aging close this one's edging closer and flamingo saying goodbye to marry on social media.
Adlai Papel Mari is exactly what our snow need.
Yeah, on dhe kind words as well from Flamengo.
There he was only there for such a short time, so to say, has already made their place in history.
I guess that kinda shows how good a player they think he is.
I watched him against Liverpool in the World Club company was fantastic and that as well.
So I think I'll store and get a good player.
We know they're struggling defensively right now, more to injuries, and I think I'd better not really knowing who he trusted that back that back line.
My staff is injured slightly sprained ankle will probably be out for a couple of games.
Calum Chambers.
We know it will be out for the whole season due to the crucial knee ligament injury.
What I do wonder, though, is what happens.
William Sullivan when he comes back from Lone, he's gonna come back.
What happens of him, you fool.
It was gonna be a lot of shopping at the back in terms of finding that kind of best centerback parent will be David, Louise and Mari.
Will it be William Saliba?
Miss Taffy?
So karate is what's gonna happen there.
So look, he's got options.
That's what they need.
They need options.
Is the left side of center back as well?
So you might be able to cover the left back as well as you.
Probably two players.
Ultimately there is on loan.
Obligation to buy is obsolete obligations by actions by as well.
So let's see what happens.
But definitely a positive sign in for arson.
They didn't they didn't need it.
Cover story at the center backs, and they've got it now.
The reason he so loves it for mangoes because he was a big part of them.
We've been winning the Copa Libertadores.
That's a massive massive deal in South America.
Massive deal for a club like flamingos.
Well, so the impact he made in a relatively short space of time in Brazil cannot really be underestimated, considering this is a player, as we said previously, that had to loan stints in the cylinder division in Spain and one in the area of Easy.
So No Mass, a massively heralded play, and you cost them around a 1,000,000 parents to bring in.
And then all of a sudden, you know, potentially selling him for 12 times what they bought him on.
They've won the biggest competition in South America.
So Flamingo, absolutely delighted in terms of hitting the ground running in the Premier League.
Is he the type of player that will?
I think?
I think that experience of Manchester City will be absolutely huge training with the best players in the Premier League weekend.
We can't working with our Teta being only in preseason before going out on loan.
That's the That's the advantage e house on the other defenders that they looked at in this window.
They have looked other defenders.
We've obviously talks about Matt Bianca and others like that.
So yeah, it's a big advantage.
He has because he can.
You walk into a permanent change room on know all the little things.
It's different by English football, competitive, other place that would come in and you mentioned other players.
Another play that they are looking at is Southampton defender Cedric Suarez.
And what do we know about this situation?
Essentially, this might be a case off.
It just makes sense off quite often.
At the end of a window, you see clubs going well, we still have a need.
Who's available?
And Cedric Suarez has six months left on his contract, and he wants Atlanta's biggest earner, so they wouldn't necessarily mind getting him off the wage.
But we know catwalk bits is potentially coming in itself, so they got their replacement lined up.
So it may well be a case of a common sense sort of interest.
Which would he fits in?
Well, we brings experience it right back in a position where they struggled all season.
So at the moment, that's not a nose, nothing specifically happening.
But again, common sense dictates he will be on a list of targets.
It's also want right back before Friday on that Kayla Walker Peter situation.
What is the latest with that?
Is that move look like it's it's happening?
It looks like it's gonna be Southampton, which is a huge blow to Crystal Palace because they really wanted to replace are a wonder Sacha with Carl Walker Peters.
They didn't get that right back in the summer.
Now you know, they really do need to write by.
They went right back at left back, but for Southampton, it's it's It's a good move for them, and it's a good move for Cold War.
Peters, as well, have given up on down few years.
Taught him, you know, he's had a couple of games in the team, got man in a match against new cars, and then he made the error.
And then he's out the team.
And when you've made an error, you want to play again and he's not had the opportunity.
I wondered if he was gonna go maybe on loan to a championship side at the start, the season that never materialized.
Look, he goes to Southampton.
That's a good club, good manager around.
A good move.
Let's move on to talking about Olivia's You, through his name's been linked with a possible moved to talk when we were talking about it in good morning transfers, and I wonder just how much stronger that link might become following the news that Inter Milan are considering pulling out of the Reese to sign the Chelsea striker this month.
In This is according to Skye in Italy, Dave, tell us a bit more.
Yeah, well, essentially, it's down to the size of Inter Milan squad Now There's a feeling or a bit of concern from Inter Milan that their squad maybe too big to bring in Olivier Giroud as well that they would need to move more players out of their squad.
Striker Sebastiano Esposito midfielder retires Casino who Manchester United had alone bid rejected for they were linked with moves away from into this month Everton.
We're also interested in signing Casino now.
Their departures would have trimmed into squad size obviously to create space, then for Olivier Giroud.
But now it seems like both of those players are gonna be staying at the San Siro until the end of the season, at least so that puts it on hold, potentially a move for Olivier Giroud.
Unless something changes over the next 48 hours, Inter are still keen on Drew to commit to signing for them, whether that's now or whether that happens in the summer when his contract at Chelsea expires But for the moment, it's looking like a difficult situation for alleviation.
Obviously, there's whispers now from the Italian end of this deal that maybe Tottenham up issuing something for Olivier Giroud.
That's something that we're looking into here at Sky Sports news from this end.
But at the moment, it's possible the Inter pulling out of the race to sign elevation and it is kind of the classic dominant were fate of.
It is not necessary, clears.
Moving is actually clear staying, but then having an influence on Jerusalem future.
But I guess maybe enters loss could be the Premier League's gain in the same that other clubs might come in for him.
And actually, he's a great player to see playing in the Premier League.
Yeah, we're gonna have to move quick.
I was always.
We struggled to understand the Inter Milan deals.
Well, I know it's a 2.5 fielder.
So he drew It was a fantastic door, but again, looking what they've got in the forward line, the Torah.
Martinez Lukaku.
Now Alexis Sanchez's back for as well, so you kind of fell out.
Where was he going to get the minutes it's almost forced his way back into that euro squad taught him.
Seems like a great fit.
Right is based in London.
He doesn't have to move, taught him, play that one up front with sun and more, maybe coming on on the wide.
So it makes sense, I guess, for Drew when Kane does come fit what's gonna happen.
But I'm not options out there.
So many teams need strikers.
New costume desperately need a striker.
We know that, but something seems a good fit.
If it can happen.
Obviously, Skynet, Leah Sander.
That could be possible.
So a possible move there.
But we wait to see what happens.
And I think we have to consider the Chelsea's side of this as well, because Frank Lampard has been talking or window about getting another forward player in.
Would he really let Olivier Giroud go in this window?
If there were no closer to bringing in someone we have to consider that taught him to talk them as well?
I mean, really, are they gonna chance gonna let Libya zero jury or any player go to top memory?
There was, Michael said, before you know, the only six points between the two teams in the race for the championship been there have been these whispers from Tottenham.
Michael, do you know if there is any truth to these rumors?
I got it from a very, very good source that there there is interest on that Livi Azure Ooh, I understand would welcome the move.
Now terms and conditions apply.
He would like to stay in under.
That's fine.
But as Anton alluded to and I've said on Twitter night and I apologized yesterday because Chelsea and Tottenham hot spur do not do business, there's the North London Darby.
That's the Darby Todman Arsenal.
But Chelsea Tottenham is a fierce rivalry and it goes to board level as well.
Wiljan Frank Anderson left over 10 years ago.
It is a real rivalry that goes right up well, I don't see how Chelsea would allow Levi Asia Room because if he hits the ground running, someone could dislodge Chelsea for that fourth spot.
So I cannot see it happening.
But I think there is truth in it.
Yes, however, I still do believe that Spurs if they get another striker, I would still be surprised if that man is a deviation room Chelsea fans totem funds.
Let us know what you think about that.
Use that hashtag transfer talk.
Stay with us because we're gonna be turning our attention to Crystal Palace.
Will there be outgoings at the club plus Watford or chasing a new defender?
We will bring you the very latest.
Next this is transfer.
Talk about plans for a clock is ticking down.
Plenty of clubs still looking to take off their transfer wish list.
We're going to take a look.
At what for?
No, they are, of course, still looking for defensive reinforcements.
And if you turn your mind back to the summer, they did, of course, have Danny rules.
Other training ground on deadline daily couldn't get that deal done.
And they've been linked with a potential move for film defender.
Your brain in this window has been so impressive for Fulham so far this season, and we know they're keen on Burnley central defender Ben Gibson.
They had alone with an option to buy off return Stone yesterday, but they are expected to return with a new offer before the deadline on Friday night.
Pearson, Of course, he's done some joke since he joined Walk for lifting them off the bottom off the Premier League table out of the bottom three, although a drawer and then that defeats assimilating them.
Drop back into 19 that is source or close at the bottom with them only in the relegation zone on boom difference.
So the question is, how important is it that want for to take off that wish list?
Bring in defense of reinforcements if they want to survive in the Premier League?
Anton can't take any risks.
A CZ good a job as nice person is done and cheery issues with the results of their last week.
And he's Yeah, the place is a great atmosphere around the place.
There's still second bottom, the second bottom.
The family, regardless of that, shows how good a job is done.
But if he feels as any, any potential problems of a player goes down and he doesn't trust is coming in.
That's the difference, potentially that between them staying up and going down.
So if he feels they need a sense back, we need to back him and they need to get one in.
By Friday night and I mentioned there, we know that they're keen on Burnley.
Same time defender Ben Gibson.
They had that long with an option to buy off.
Return down yesterday, expected to return with a new offer before deadline.
D Dave with this.
Be a good signing for Watford's Well, he hasn't played a lot of football and it's not just what food who we're looking at.
Ben Gibson.
A lot of championship sides.
Fulham, Middlesbrough, Huddersfield All looking at Ben Gibson.
I couldn't quite believe they started.
Wait, hang on a second check when he joined when he joined Burn, it was a joint club record fee for Ben Gibson on.
He's only made one Premier League appearance since joining and that was a star and he was unemployed for 63 minutes in that game.
So he's obviously had a difficult time of it at Burnley.
But we couldn't quite believe that stat that he'd only made one Premier League appearance for Ben Gibson.
He had an injury a start of his time Burnley in the summer of 2018 that kept him out for a good couple of months.
But he's just not been able to force his way into Sean die.
She's plans now.
Burnley's stance on this is that they won't let him go until they could get in a replacement.
Have they got the opportunity now to get in a replacement before Friday?
That's the question.
But for Ben Gibson, there's no doubt that he wants to go and play for Andi would get the game time at Watford, presumably Anton.
He would.
He would get into the team because they need that defensive reinforcement.
They do, And it's It's just the difference between going.
It's so tight at the bottom of the moment.
That goal difference is gonna play a huge part of the reason that what we do in the relegation places is because even born with who have been sliding, I've got a better goal difference than what food.
So again, it's that taking risks, it's that it's at the back.
It's so important, isn't it, that you know you can't We're such a defensively solid team.
What had been the don't score many goals, so therefore they need the best defense possible.
Ben Gibson was gonna be the next cab off the rank in terms of England selection they were talking about him in the same sentence is is the likes of James Tarkovsky in these kind of place.
We're going to come through the England squad and it just it's just yeah, but you said the forgotten man of the Premier League.
Yeah, we'll keep an eye on that one anyway.
And Watford fans let us know what you think.
Hashtag transfer talk.
We're gonna move on to talk number.
They've signed Steven Burg Wade from Eredivisie side, PSB Eindhoven.
It's a five year deal.
Until 2025 you'll be wearing the number 23 show.
But Michael is not necessarily a street replacement for a Christian Eriksen.
No, it's not then being cheeky.
Oh, he's got Erickson's number.
It's because of LeBron James.
Michael Jordan on the David Beckham, his three sporting heroes.
Yes, exciting.
It could be a good January talk in the morning.
Or, you know, it started as a frustrated man lose in such a key player in question Ericsson.
But if he comes in with Joe, the cell so signing permanent now and the cell, so it's gonna be a key part of this first team.
Now we've seen it.
People forget how how long it can take people to bed in, he also had a hip injury that ruled him out for a couple of months.
He played in the Copper America for Argentina.
I think the cells there's gonna be a real key player for top hot spur now.
Got some quotes, approach one as well and he said, First impressions.
First of all, I love to see that you be I X talking about Spurs in the Champions League semifinal last season.
You know, it's been a PSB since he was a very young glad.
This is a big club that plays good football and that's what I like.
It's an amazing move for me, an amazing club.
Just look around the training ground.
It's amazing.
It's an honor to be here.
I spoke with the manager when I was a young boy.
I looked up to a coach like Josie Marina on.
Now I play for him.
There's two key things for me when players adjoining top hearts.
But now they're talking about the training grounds, which is one of the best in the league on the stadium, which for me is the best in Europe by immunity fans.
My argument is one of the best in your about Josie Marino is, well, spurs and now having to have to bring those top caliber players into the club to match the facilities hopefully come out that we can watch all the videos online show rules, you name it of how good these players are, you know, buying place sometimes in France and Holland come with risks disposed about Vincent Jansen.
But all the reports we're getting is this is a real talent.
And one thing I think talking is gonna love Josie Marino would love especially is this guy's work ethic.
There's a fantastic piece of thumb for their players.
True, Marie talks about as a kid going to wake up 1/2 5 in the morning, two hours drive.
I'm toting their dad asleep in the car while you train.
This guy's worked for this moment to join the Premier Li, and as Michael was saying, he's one of these players that in big games will come through.
The rivalries bring out the best in him.
I can see Spurs fans just having a huge sentimental attachment to this guy after one game, even though the fact is a direct runner and he's going to excite fans this could be a huge uplift of the club if if one hits the ground running, I think just a temp.
So I think just a temper.
Things slightly.
I think Tottenham supporters may have to have a bit of realism.
Andi think that it might take him a little bit of time in order to reach elite level in the Premier League.
If you're talking about the Eredivisie not being one of the top five leagues, then you have to look at what he's done in the Champions League.
Seven starts, no goals, two assists and that's 12 Champions League appearances.
Now he's gonna be a key part of the Dutch team for the European Championships in the summer, particular after Memphis.
Dip eyes, long term injury.
So there's no doubt that he is a key player for the Netherlands going forward.
It may take him a little bit of time to settle in at Tottenham, but I think what it says to me is that Tottenham were working on a longer term plan.
Here you look at the signings of Celso, who have mentioned on gone belly from the summer and now Steven Burg one as well.
These are players who will develop over time on Dhe will probably increase their value in the next 2 to 3 years.
Are Tottenham shopping in the same market?
Is a Liverpool and Manchester City?
So is this a new way forward or they're looking to the future with this signing, I think that's what it says to me.
Do you see?
Is he someone that is being brought in to develop?
I mean, what else you know about this player that perhaps Tottenham fans?
I don't think it is.
I think he's a planet's been brought in to come in and get the ground running straight away.
You look up what happened with the cane injury.
What what's happened is its full song.
You used to play on the flanks that almost come in and be central, so there's a glare and holding.
He comes and fills.
The hole is very pacing very direct, but it could score goals as well, they read.
So just read off his steps there for the Champions League.
I'll counter that reading off with Reverend Wright obviously made his break for appears V 2014 15 but very young, but so the last three seasons.
Ways really broke through 17 18 32 games.
Eight Gold, seven assists, 18 19.
33 games, 14 goals, 12 assists And this is just in a Dutch league.
We're not talking Europe here as well, and so far this season.
16 games, five goals, 10 assists.
So we're talking about a guy that can create and score.
That's what top money, especially with Ericsson going.
You kind of had that stuff.
He's really starting to get a flat that could come in straight away.
And it is like I think we spoke on camera about this is like talking to point.
Oh, a lot of young players mentioned something there, but it's all talk about Jeff.
It took anger as well.
Who just reminds of a Ledley King come from?
And when led, the King came fruit at Tottenham built like that pay strength, something.
Tottenham fans should be excited.
I mean, they said, Yeah, let's also 23 down by 23 sets.
19 Berg, 1 22 Jetson Finance 21 Tank Anger 20 Sanchez 23 4 It's done.
I will if you will stay or not.
22 Skip 19 Winks, 23.
Daddy 23 It's not the region lottery.
A parrot 17.
So, yeah, and then you add in the experience they've got as well without a hero out of a Tongan.
But we know he's going to stay.
Harry Kane.
It's a good mixture, and it needs it needs.
It needs a I mean, in terms of Josie Marino's system, the way he wants to play.
How do I mean?
All these players fit in, but critically.
Burgoyne, how will he fit into this renewal system?
The moment, Lucas more and so on a plane nearly every game.
And you know, Lucas looks tired over the last few weeks.
I person like Lucas coming off the bench a lot of the time.
Um, Sohn he's had suspensions.
Uh, Eric Carmela again gets gets love injuries, you know, Suppose need bodies as well.
They've got another cup replay.
They've got your Champions League coming up a swell with desperate to get in the top four as well.
It's a sign that was out of the blue, but very welcome on, you know?
So they've added a body.
Josephina obviously likes him a lot, but I know Spurs have been looking at him for some time as well.
Um, are you gonna directly replace Erickson?
You're gonna change the start of play a little bit.
Is the self so gonna be a bit of a crucial box to box play?
A bit like Madras back in the day, Possibly in terms off other potential signings.
Obviously, they've bean eyeing up.
Christoph pee on tech.
We just got a bit of a development on that.
A C Milan have rejected a bit, eh?
From Bundesliga side Hertha Berlin for a totem target.
People tick and the German side We're keeping a permanent deal for the striker.
But Milan considered their offer to be too low and totally do remain in talks with Milan, but are yet to agree a deal Floor pee on tech.
Michael, do you see this one going through before?
For 80?
Maybe Maybe talking need a striker.
This is simple.
Is that he does fit the mold.
You know, 24 you know, he bit on our own out.
Number nine, which is crying out for was at the Southampton game on Saturday crying out for a striker.
It's you know it's so frustrating if you're exposed fan.
So if he's the one William William Joe's a 28 uncapped Brazilian.
They're asking for a lot of money.
This is why I drew is on a list.
But it's the ones we know taught him have a long list of players that they are looking at.
But the fact that we were talking maybe a couple of weeks ago fortnight ago about Tom's interesting in pee on Tech now is it something that they put on hold and put on ice and are now returning to.
We were asked for our deadline day predictions on the laces transfer talk podcast, and I said that I didn't think Todd would sign a striker, but maybe all maybe the prayers of talking funny word did you know, It certainly would be interesting to see what happens on Friday.
Let's move on.
Don't forget you condone or the latest episode of the transfer top podcast that Dave, it was on this week you recorded yesterday.
A available for you on this guy sports website speaker and on iTunes.
And next up we'll have news from the palace malice developments that ship championship, shall we?
And news just reaching.
Guess this that Scott Hogan has been recalled from his loan spell it stoked to join Birmingham City on loan for the rest of the season.
It's interesting that right?
They're not in a forest Head coach separately, mutually insists in demand.
Matty Cash will not be leaving this month.
The right back is wanted by various clubs, including a C Milan on West Ham West Brom's.
They've completed the signing off Callum Robinson.
Shackled United.
He joins Unload until the end of the season.
Bristol City.
Now they're one of a number championship clubs.
Wanted to sign Bernie Striker Naqi Wells, his for his teammates.
Actor more Matty Vedra is also a target for many clubs in the division, and we had sold Bamber on the show yesterday, talking about his future.
Well, his manager that kind of knew.
Harris insists he isn't thinking about letting him leave the club this January.
So it's a fascinating time at the start of the championship and couldn't extra player or to really make the difference that size in the promotion hunt.
It's a really interesting question answer because actually, the plaintive teams in contention in that race for promotion.
It's leads West Broome Not even Forrest Fulham Brain for Bristol Cities, the current top six.
But there's so many teams even below them in the Hunters.
Well, and let's start looking at the ones at the top and Dave Waste Bram.
Do they have work to do in this window?
But they have done some work today in bringing in Callum Robinson.
There two points behind leaves at the top of the table on Dhe.
I mean, they are rocking a little bit, aren't they?
West Bromwich Albion at the moment without a winning seven in the championship, Westbrook 12 points clear of third place as recently as December the 14th.
That just shows you how things have gone over the last month and a bit for for West Bromwich Albion.
I think Callum Robinson is a play that we profiled in the summer shows.
We did a piece with the alley and George from there, not the top 20 podcast profiling him.
Play, who links the play extremely well, could get goals as well plays all across the front line and I think it fits the profile really of what Slavin Village was looking for in this wing in this window is looking for a versatile, wide attacking player who can both score and create goals.
And I think Callum Robinson fits the bill perfectly.
It's obviously not gone, as he would have hoped, that Sheffield United, he's not got the run of games that he would have liked, and perhaps his position as well hasn't played to re strength that often.
And there's obviously been plays ahead of him in Chris Welders plans that Sheffield United.
But certainly I think West Bromwich Albion have got themselves a good player in in in Callum Robinson.
They've actually been extremely efficient in front of goal this season.
West Bromwich Albion outperforming.
They're ex G.
So is is loving Village, expecting that to drop off come the end of the season, they're actually pretty good in front of goal that they're shocked.
Conversion rate is the 3rd 4th best I should say in the championship this season, but certainly Canon Robinson is one who will add strength in depths.
That was from job in school.
What about Forest?
Four points off the top?
Michael, you spoke to the mission on Monday.
Did you give any clues, any hints as to whether there be any more potential incomings?
Well, he said, firstly, he was so proud of his players of the season that happened.
He didn't want to disrespect them the current crop by talking about players coming in, but did say he wants nice presence and not bad presents.
I'm assuming Matic catch Leaving would be a bad prison who was fantastic against Brentford lost.
I was at the game, but really high standard.
Fantastic game on forest within one nil to place.
They linked with Glen Murray on Luke Freeman of Sheffield United on a shingle.
Emery would be a free thieves out contracts.
Freeman would be alone if it were to happen.
Um, looking at them, I thought they're pretty good.
Going forward is where they got Sammy Ameobi and newest grabbing the next, maybe an extra body up front.
But yeah, I mean, I've Bean very, very impressed with Forest this season.
It was a joy to speak to the movie, very entertaining, and he did say he'd like one or two, but he's just waiting to eat, is basically said he's more of a head coach and he just waits.
But yeah, it was refreshing to talk to you in terms of I'm not ruling anything out.
So yeah, there were white and safer forest leads leading the way at the moment on drinkers Any concerns for them as they look to the fraidy David Lane in terms of what they need to do if they want to secure Automatic.
Don't downplay the signing of John Kevin August.
And to be honest, he is a huge signing and leads second top source and division.
But they've only scored one goal before last night in January.
So him coming in really, really gives you a sort of sense of momentum.
A real a real statement.
Think by leads Dave going on about sort of, you know, the forensic sort of nature of West Brahmin, how good they've been in front of goal this season.
We have talked about how they out for their extreme.
I'm just gonna give you the hype basically around this, because sometimes a signing congest lift everyone of the raucous crowd Allen Road and just the feel good factor around that club may work on the hostile environment that's created sometimes against May well be enough to get Liza's extra couple of points or Guston will just a player that gets herself about bits.
Well, I really think he could make an impact.
That intangible effect on a promotion charge that could happen.
Air elites leads looking really good, don't you?
I mean anything that anyone that place of bills, it's gonna get tired at some point.
You know, I think it's a different form, but that wind last night, I think it's absolutely huge comeback against Millwall.
They've got a big name player that, you know, we've heard we've all heard in the newsroom even late interest in Manchester United for Gus, and so a play that really wants to play for leads.
The fans gonna love him, and I think like this in town. 00:39:48.410 --> 00:39:48
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Spurs sign PSV winger Steven Bergwijn! | Transfer Talk

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林宜悉 published on March 31, 2020
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