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Hey Sarah! Can I borrow you for a minute?
Hey, Sarah!
I have to dial a conference call.
Would you mind?
never present
He is the robot boss!
from his bedroom
He is the boss.
Hey guys you working hard Or hardly working?
No, seriously.
Do you want a break?
Hey! Hi!
I’m gonna need the fourth quarter reports by the end of the day.
We’ll have a meeting at two.
Good! I’ll be there!
Did you see that?
What happened to Craig’s body?
wrapping this robot.
He replaced his body with a robot now.
He is just working from home.
He’s incredibly lazy.
So like the movie, “Wall-E”?
It’s just like the movie “Wall-E”.
You’re right!
like “Wall-E”.
Q4 is looking good.
Probably we’re gonna meet or exceed the projections around November twenty…
Craig! Are you in the bathroom?
Ahh, no! What makes you say that?
Okay, anyway, ahm, Q1 is also looking good.
Ahh, probably…
Ah, hey!
Devo, what’s going on?
I have a doctor’s appointment next Wednesday
and I was wondering if I could finish my work from home ‘til 10?
I don’t think that’d be possible.
We’re a very hands-on company
and we really need you in the office.
Only four more days of the weekend.
Hey! Hold that elevator!
Ahh… Can ahh…
Somebody help me out?
He is the boss!
Thank you for purchasing Google glass.
Please note that abuse of glass may cause unwanted effects.
In extreme cases
some use this exhibit social ineptitude and general douchiness.
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Meet Robot Boss, Your Worst Office Nightmare

16861 Folder Collection
Go Tutor published on April 21, 2014
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