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  • What’s a .gif?

  • Gif, Yes, I know what that is.

  • That is the little thing that moves up and down.

  • The, like you said, it’s a file format like JPEG?

  • GIF?

  • It’s the camera man.

  • G-I-F

  • Ah, GIF!

  • What’s a WIKI?

  • It’s like the short term for Wikipedia?

  • Wiki is everything from tack to save by the bell.

  • Collaborative documented important documents

  • whereby anybody can contribute to individual articles

  • The Wiki is the leak in the system

  • that this guy is finding and revealing the system for what it is.

  • What is a pixel?

  • A pixelthis is a… compose a …

  • One little dots of color?!

  • It'a one little dot of your image.

  • Byte?

  • Ahhahhlike a megabyte?

  • Yeah, those things.

  • They are the smallest bit of I guess like an information

  • like a zero or one?

  • It's sort of like...not the smallest unit, but a small unit for measuring digital storage.

  • How about cookie?

  • Oh that’s the annoying thing that makes the internet work slow.

  • There are those kind of pop-ups that enable cookies

  • but I don’t know what they are but I will say yes.

  • Memory

  • A little memory behind

  • and store a little quickly in your jar or something you like

  • What’s a 404 error?

  • It reaches the end of the internet.

  • I think it’s just always the error into logging into a system.

  • When you cannot go to the website that you want?

  • Phishing?

  • Phishing, that’s when you go out into the lake then you fish

  • and hope you catch some salmon.

  • They present bad music.

  • Not the Jam Band.

  • Looking for information? I don’t know.

  • Who’s looking for the information?

  • Ahhthe computer?!

  • And RSS?

  • No idea.

  • Nothing?

  • No!

  • I feel like when I see it and it has those like satellite arty lines

  • But I don’t ...I don't know.

  • I just have teller to shoot certain news telling to me

  • so I don’t get any dissenting opinions in my world.

  • Learning something everyday here in Mashable?

  • Yeah and I hope you guys come up with better abbreviations

  • and more interesting emoticons

  • and happy faces where tongues sticking out.

  • Peace out!

What’s a .gif?

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8 Tech Terms Explained by Non-Tech People

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