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What’s a .gif?
Gif, Yes, I know what that is.
That is the little thing that moves up and down.
The, like you said, it’s a file format like JPEG?
It’s the camera man.
Ah, GIF!
What’s a WIKI?
It’s like the short term for Wikipedia?
Wiki is everything from tack to save by the bell.
Collaborative documented important documents
whereby anybody can contribute to individual articles
The Wiki is the leak in the system
that this guy is finding and revealing the system for what it is.
What is a pixel?
A pixel… this is a… compose a …
One little dots of color?!
It'a one little dot of your image.
Ahh… ahh… like a megabyte?
Yeah, those things.
They are the smallest bit of I guess like an information
like a zero or one?
It's sort of like...not the smallest unit, but a small unit for measuring digital storage.
How about cookie?
Oh that’s the annoying thing that makes the internet work slow.
There are those kind of pop-ups that enable cookies
but I don’t know what they are but I will say yes.
A little memory behind
and store a little quickly in your jar or something you like
What’s a 404 error?
It reaches the end of the internet.
I think it’s just always the error into logging into a system.
When you cannot go to the website that you want?
Phishing, that’s when you go out into the lake then you fish
and hope you catch some salmon.
They present bad music.
Not the Jam Band.
Looking for information? I don’t know.
Who’s looking for the information?
Ahh… the computer?!
And RSS?
No idea.
I feel like when I see it and it has those like satellite arty lines…
But I don’t ...I don't know.
I just have teller to shoot certain news telling to me
so I don’t get any dissenting opinions in my world.
Learning something everyday here in Mashable?
Yeah and I hope you guys come up with better abbreviations
and more interesting emoticons
and happy faces where tongues sticking out.
Peace out!
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8 Tech Terms Explained by Non-Tech People

51595 Folder Collection
Go Tutor published on January 2, 2018
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