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  • It can be tricky coming up with ways to stand out from the competition

  • And even harder to figure out which of your ideas will pay off

  • Despite how fast technology advances...

  • ...nobody's invented an accurate magic eight ball

  • Until they do

  • Try using Design Thinking

  • Don't this context, the word design refers to inventing new products or services.

  • It's not related to graphic design and you don't need software to use it.

  • Think of design thinking as a path to discovering problems and creating unique solutions.

  • It's a means for collaborative problem-solving that draws out everyone's natural creativity

  • And goes way beyond focus groups in terms of understanding your customers.

  • It's different from most other approaches in two key ways.

  • First, design thinking is people-centered and includes everyone involved in your business, from start to finish.

  • This includes your customers, who will -- and should -- help guide most of your decisions.

  • Second, you don't initially look for how to improve.

  • Instead, you start by empathizing with people and how they interact with your business

  • Then, everyone works together to define the problem.

  • Generate possible solutions

  • Fashion rough versions, or prototypes, of the most compelling ideas

  • And then take the prototypes for test drive

  • You refine solutions by repeating design thinking steps as you see fit.

  • Through this workshop, you'll learn the basics of what design thinking is and how to use it.

  • And since the best way to learn something is to practice it, you'll collaborate with someone

  • else to redesign an experience in your business.

  • So click the center of this video to start learning how to innovate with design thinking.

It can be tricky coming up with ways to stand out from the competition

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