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Welcome back, everyone to pull.
Come on, sword.
Today we are sitting on a beautiful amount of badges.
We on 123455 We got three left ago, Andi.
Keeping with tradition for the past episodes.
Tradition has already been last episode.
I'm going to more gyms in this video and also trying to increase my money because I go lots of things to sell.
I think we could become quite rich in this episode, which is gonna be handy.
Exacted by potions, revives hyper potions, ultra balls, all that good stuff that we need to catch Pokemon, most importantly, win battles.
Speaking of winning battles just before this episode started, we just beat the fairy gym leader, which was the old lady.
And to be honest, that was pretty difficult.
Now we've returned to a hammerlock because that's where she took us after we beat her.
And Beady is standing just over there.
I'm going to see one hour she wants.
What do you want?
Oh, no, Please don't battle me.
Please come to gawk me Now that my challenge band take it away.
Oh yeah.
I completely forgot you were disqualified.
Shameful Boo!
Boo hoo!
You okay?
What's going on?
We got two old ladies in the building.
Now Whom?
That boy.
That's the boy.
I cool.
I'm an old lady, but is really a boy.
Now, that's what I would call Big Don's Opal.
No, don't reinstate him into the poker.
Would challenge, Please, Opal, come on, Don't do it.
Ah, this is awkward.
I I didn't realize how big Opal's nose was.
My goodness, Yeah, I'm shocked too.
What is going on?
What is up for it again?
Oh, you got to say I'm glad I've done your gym already because I'll be freaked out by now.
Is she actually going to reinstate him?
Oh, my goodness.
Come with me, Childs.
I might be able to help you out.
That's which.
That's a straight up weird.
Opal, Don't go.
Actually, Beaty, Go!
Get out of here on Dhe.
There they go.
Be Do you think you're hilarious?
You just in kidnaps voluntarily kidnapped by an old lady?
That's very strange.
Way to start the episode.
Let's go and try and make some money, shall we?
Right, So I'm gonna try.
And so some stuff I've been lots of Max raids off camera because that's the only thing I can really do.
I don't wanna progress in the story without showing you guys.
And I have a lot of stuff that could be sold that has no other use apart from being treasures.
So let's have a look here.
15 mushrooms, 14 Maur, seven more star pieces, Nuggets, Pretty feathers.
Five normal nuggets.
Sure, you just settle and see what happens.
How my help you?
I am here to sell.
Let me sell some things to you.
So the 250 apiece.
If I maxed them out, that's gonna be 3750.
Get out of here.
These are 2500 each hour the 35 grand from just selling mushrooms.
I'll take it.
Let's go.
What about these bomb mushrooms?
Rare Much because there's nice fragrance.
So literally 52 grand.
52 grand.
We started on just over hundreds, and we're just about doubled our money.
Oh, man, these are 6000 each 36 thousands.
I'm gonna be a Pokemon.
Axiom Stardust, A 1500 each cell.
How much?
These bones in 2500 to make 12,500 cell.
I think nuggets of 5000 each, 20,000 each three of those for 60 grand.
Oh, my goodness, I don't worry.
There's literally nothing else you could do.
If these yellow regular feather has no effect, I'll take the $500 Thank you Nuggets.
Five of those 25 grand.
That's what I'm talking about.
Comet shards 12,500 each.
That is insane money, Paul.
So, through those for two grand, I'm the honey sweet, only crates by poke.
One has a lush.
A Roman could be sold so normally when it says they could be sold.
There's nothing else you could do with them, Honey.
You starve.
You used to the different Pokemon game, but this one does not.
On that summer, treasure sold.
I'm on 363,000 poker dollars.
I'm an absolute bowler.
I'm here to buy things.
My friends, Let's buy some ultra balls by 20 Easy modes is also buy some high proportions searches by 10 more.
I think so.
We need the we've got revives.
You got the other stuff, and that's how you get rich in Boca one.
So this is the team.
They are rocking it.
We've got a few guys that we haven't managed to use yet.
I don't actually know what the next Jim is or next to Jim's are.
Actually have no idea where they're types are.
Let's go on the bike.
Let's go!
Oh, Sonya's here.
Let's see what she's got to say now.
She's usually the story bearer, to be honest, Never mind.
Well, what was it?
This old guy in the background?
He's looking pretty shifty.
Please be team market.
Please be team market.
Please be teamwork it Chairman Roses Power plant.
Oh, no!
The evil plan is starting to happen.
The darkest days coming.
Leone's arrived early on.
Seems Chairman Rose's test in something again.
Evil scheme.
I'm telling you, this is bad.
Pokemon might start Dina maxing right in the middle of Hammel.
Okay, That's not a good look.
You should leave the investigation on the quaking.
Sue the adults.
How old are we supposed to be?
I'm confused now.
Oh, no, The way he creeps around the corner.
That was so weird.
Hop is here.
But you happy now?
He's been pretty depressed over the past two videos Hello, Friends.
Come with me to root seven.
I could use a bit more competition to motivate me.
Looks like he's happy again.
Happy Hope.
That's what I like to see through.
Seven is this way.
Let's get out of here.
Maybe catch from new Pokemon as well.
Most importantly, head to the new gym.
Change the next Jim.
Sir Chester.
That's what we have to do.
Man, This game is so good to see.
Oh, geez.
I was riding my bike cop.
Is he gonna try to me to a fight?
Okay, here we go.
Let's fight up.
I tell you what is not a quitter.
Receipt is always up to something.
Five Pokemon between Trevon.
I like traveling, but I'm gonna have to take it down.
Actually, Rivers got dark moves.
This should be fine.
Trevor, it's tidy.
Wait a second.
We've got knock off.
Let's see how much damage this does.
Okay, They did a lot damage.
I've got to turn on my battle animations.
I don't really I'm taking him out.
Goodbye, Revenant, right?
Show me out the pope when you call, buddy next is heat.
More issues more grim is the new pope.
When that haven't adds to use that much, so let's use them.
That's not to you about over here, Auntie Flinch.
That's amazing.
I'm gonna keep doing this over and over again by him, or you were no problem for me.
Snow, Relax.
There is the wax to one of my favorite poker, Man.
I love him.
He's like a classic on O G.
There's the correct quit in.
Telly on is up next.
That is the final evolution for Sabu, which is great.
We haven't seen that yet.
So meet my Rhea Boom.
Do I really don't enjoy that much?
So over everyone's little let down.
But there's intel.
Eon looking kind of slim.
I respect it, but I'm gonna put a grass move right in your face.
What do you know?
He must be faster than me.
Snipe shot That wasn't that good with it, But he comes to grass Pledge.
Oh, I thought I was gonna get everyone.
One more attack.
When you're out of here, you go anymore.
Poke one.
I feel like he does 103.
Sport will new back, have you?
Let's see what he's got.
It better be a fire type is saying fired up.
What is it?
Oh, well, that's what young for Revolves in Ju.
I'm just letting this move Uproar.
So I'm gonna try out, see what happens.
Never mind.
I've just been killed.
Let's just use surface.
I feel like he's fit for this.
There we go.
Bolt under is done.
Well, there you go.
The ample goes from a fat, small little dog to a skinny beast.
And that is it.
Hot defeated.
That's got to be, like, six new now, right?
Let's go call.
The squad is evolving into Korver night.
Corbin is a beast.
I think it also changed Piper's.
Well, it's so cool.
This is one of the coolest bird poke one ever.
And I'm pretty sure it now is a flying and steel type as well.
Welcome, Corp night to the crew.
Yeah, there we go.
Fly in steel seven foot three is huge.
You want Sloan stealing as well?
It's carried up pluck.
We don't need pluck.
Home clothes is still pretty good.
Now, if any fairy Pokemon come ass God answer.
Do you buy?
We've already done the very Jim, huh?
He's gonna heal our team as well.
Hope You're a legend.
I like this new positive outlook on life you have.
I was a little bit worried about him, but good bye.
See you later.
Let's see what Route seven has gone for us.
What is this?
Hold on.
A second book is There's that me out, circa.
Is that the evolution to kill Ari Mouth?
That's awesome.
I want to catch it.
If you want to catch it, Let's go.
It's better stay in.
This is a great poker one.
I love it and it's steel type is Well, I think that's two.
That's three you're staying in, bro.
That's what I'm talking about.
Her sucker has been caught.
You're still a type still and has actually not got a helmet on.
That's this hard and hair nice.
Oh, no.
Great team.
Yellow here.
What do you want?
You just can't silent steam yell Armani.
She's our money.
Are you blocking me?
So it looks like we just go straight onto Route eight, which is like ruins do.
This looks cool Way.
Is this a maze?
It's a maze full of ladders.
You know, I hate mazes.
Add ladders and it gets 10 times worse.
or I'm gonna try and get through this.
I'll see you if we find any new Pokemon.
Oh, you know what I learned the other day?
There's a G Max getting Gar.
It is phenomenal.
Unfortunately, I think you have the catcher as a gang are not 100% sure cause G.
Mack spoke.
One can evolve.
I'm not 100% sure.
That's true, though, but in the shield version of the game, you face the gym leader, which I've been talking about quite a bit.
Spooky guy.
I'll see if my editor could throw an image of him on the screen.
But you see a D Max gang guard instead off the MMA champ.
And I wish we saw that instead because G.
Max Ganga is a beauty.
He's amazing.
What is that down there?
That's a caterpillar.
What is?
What is that?
That's a new poke when I think I'm gonna go get it.
It is.
That's new Poke one, right?
It is.
What is it?
Sal inks.
It's like a group of folk.
One that's cool.
I need to catch this.
It's like disguises this entity.
I'm not sure which attacks could be good again.
I don't know what type it is.
I'm gonna get fire.
Okay, That was pretty powerful, Mr.
Mind, Can you calm down, please?
Oh, no.
Let's try and catch it in a notable right now.
Because what more tight you have to be gonna kill it.
I wanna find Okay?
Uh, okay.
We're gonna have to try this a different way.
I definitely don't want to kill it.
I think Sai Beam shouldn't kill it.
Don't get it.
Don't get I don't get it, okay?
You killed it, Mr Mine.
That wasn't part of the plan.
Never gonna find another one.
It's so cute.
So what would be down there?
Years down there.
Look it Run!
It's so cute.
Oh, there it is.
Jump me.
I'm gonna catch this one Balance.
It's o que their legs like prints of sushi.
Let's use rocks.
This is good.
There's not very effective.
Yeah, I need to catch the spokeswoman for bad.
Things happen.
There we go.
There we go.
That's that's red health.
Let's go straight for the notable.
I wonder if this guy's hard to catch you catching my six spokesman in one pro kable staying one, two, three teens me now far fetched is dead.
Look a cool when I do.
He's massive, but I don't want you to do any damage.
I just want you to capture this guy for me.
What's gonna keep on throwing them?
Keep on throwing him to be.
Stays in.
Oh, my goodness.
Let's send him to sleep.
Set him night nights.
Do your work.
Miami sent a LL six of them to sleep.
Well done, friend.
You better stay in the program.
Or now I've almost wasted 10 of them on you.
Come on.
Stay in one.
I didn't find any war you woke up to.
You sleep my pretty will stay in the poker.
You will.
I was gonna keep chucking him, and I'm gonna have to restock.
Come on, Stay in one, two, three.
That's so long.
Well, that was a nightmare, okay?
It was worth it was worth.
It was worth.
I'm gonna keep telling myself that.
Oh, he's cool.
He's a fighting type.
Five of them the troopers and one is the press.
The process orders Absolute.
This food is great.
I love him.
This might actually be end.
It is Okay.
What's happening up there?
This totally looks very suspicious.
What's gonna happen to me in there?
We need to power up some of these slocum.
One brick break.
Who can learn this?
Most people gonna learn this.
I'm gonna teach it to surf.
Pitch, though.
75 over the top.
Off rocks smash.
Yeah, I think I'm gonna do that.
I'm out of here through the wod tunnel to search.
Have we made it?
Oh, it's room eight.
Okay, I need help.
I need so he'll.
But I think I'm okay.
As long as there's no trainers, we should be all There's a trainer right there.
What is this?
Oh, it's this new bloke alone.
It is.
What's this?
Oh, he's woke you?
I said about every single new poker.
He's great.
Not sure how.
Well, I'm gonna be able to capture him.
He looks pretty weak, but he's a level 40 something.
Uh, yeah.
He said, uh, can this one get in One.
He's not too weak, but he's staying in.
That's more like it's normal.
I like you.
Thank you.
So slum is an ice bug.
That is really cute.
He had terrible attacks.
Well, lots needs a stop.
I wanna attack this man.
I ran straight past him.
OK, I'm coming back in a second.
Wall is town.
His source is our hot spring.
What town in the U.
Has a hot spring?
I'm not actually sure.
Is this a rock gym?
Okay, we might be in trouble for this one, Guys, rock is very good against us.
Let's hear what really fast.
You need to buy some more vegetables as well and then see one earth we're going to do about rock types.
What is that?
That's Tarmac Prison it.
Gil Arians.
Oh, my goodness.
This guy's setting ice cream Sell me ice cream?
Yes, Go ahead.
Stylist on.
We've got clothes in this town.
We're gonna get a new outfit.
We were in the same outfit for pretty much the whole Let's play.
I think we've got our 18 grand's worth out of it.
So let's see what cozy stuff.
They're going to be all I like the two on top.
Oh, look at that.
Finally, we got some good shoes.
I'm like, in these ones.
Yeah, I'm going for these leper laden.
Unfortunately, the rest kind of suck.
I changed my talk, but like they have no socks, No trousers.
One jacket.
I think I look good as I am.
I like the combo off the new T shirt and also the ghost type outfit.
I think that's good.
Ah, wait a second.
This might be based on somewhere.
Well, I think it's a Roman town, and in ancient Roman times, they used to use box like this.
But I can't think of any other U K town that has just hot springs in it.
You case cold.
You go the ancient heroes bath.
It is said that hero is bathed here to heal and rest.
I'm pretty sure that's what the references for.
I think we should just go for the gym.
Guys, there's no much to explore around here apart from this guy.
What do you sell?
Oh, Whoa!
Fah fah fah Fob Watch are they sell food, right?
I need some food.
Welcome to Bob's.
Your uncle.
You're not leaving here without joining delicious meal for us, Except you can't actually buy food here.
That's a shame.
I think, sir, Fetched A rear boom are gonna be our best ones here.
because grass and fighting I'm pretty sure good against rock.
So let's give that a go.
Shall we think it's his rock or it's a nice type?
I'm not too sure.
Hope you just be in the gym.
You becoming depressed again.
What's happening?
Actually, Lost was joking.
He's gotta be the least skilled arrival in the history of Pokemon games.
But he's growing on me.
You know what?
He is growing on me.
I've been pretty mean to him, but I feel like me and hope could be best friends.
Welcome, House guy.
Applicable guy.
My favorite man.
I heard that a wishing star fell to you.
That means you were chosen by the wishing star.
It also means I got applicable for you.
They're talking about me.
A moon ball.
That's a great one.
We'll make it easy.
It's cats broken the convertible.
That's really unique.
But I guess you could try and catch anything in it.
Thank you.
Is he crying?
Baby crying.
It's okay.
Bull man.
Don't worry.
Make sure you receive the trap detector up ahead.
You'll need it for this Jim mission.
Hold up a trap.
You're gonna trap me.
This sounds dangerous.
I'm going in and I'm winning this.
I'm gonna go see Dan.
Okay, Maybe this isn't too bad His done well that I'm actually holding something that's like Item Finder.
If you're an O G.
Pokemon fan, you know what that is?
Don't point it.
And don't know they're invisible pitfalls everywhere in here on No, if you fall in.
So when you have to start again, a detectable vibrate when there's a pitiful in front of you.
The closest of the whole, the stronger the vibration.
Well, this is gonna be fun, Don.
Good to see you, buddy.
I guess it's at the way We're pointing, right?
There's one in front of us.
It's like a maze.
But you can see the goods.
I think we're good.
That's that's fight case a brig break off.
Steel is good as well.
Okay, brake brake is good.
Let's go see how much damage this does.
Assume is gonna be easy.
Let's go.
Go shops.
Years should be really good at YouTube.
I kind of want to know what happens if you go in a pit full.
Oh, it's like an actual hole.
That's crazy.
I made it.
I don't know how, but I made it on Is gonna show us nice.
This is a cool old challenge.
I like it.
All right.
I'm gonna complete this and I'll see you at the gym leader.
I'm ready for this.
Oh, wait a seconds.
I've done the other one, but this one you can't even see.
That's mean.
I'm just gonna go for it.
I've just been running into the pitfalls.
I just keep doing it over and over again.
You know what?
It's working out.
See how we're gonna start?
Actually made it this platform.
Hey, I made it.
Never mind.
Way we made it.
I think everyone is in good health, and I think we've got the super effective moves to do this.
So let's break this gym down back in front of my people.
Rock gym Leader.
Unfortunately, it won't be broke, and you can never be a schoolers broke.
It just isn't gonna happen.
This guy, though, he's trying it.
Wow, Look at that.
Look at that hair.
Gordy, You going down?
He thinks he's so cool as well.
You will never be broke, right?
Oh, up first.
Pretty terrifying book when he's got four.
Well, this should be okay.
I'm feeling good about this one.
Got Dina Max available as well as we gotta be Careful about that.
Let's see them with a big break break to start off with.
I think that should Oh, Brick breaker.
So powerful.
Okay, taking him straight out the critical hit, too.
I wonder what his dynamite book when it's gonna be.
I'm looking forward to it.
Stone Journal.
I haven't even heard of the spoken.
Let's stay in.
What is this?
Hey, Horace.
Seen this before in one of the previous episodes?
It was rude.
Like five, maybe four, with all the golden wheat and stuff.
This man right here, it looks like Stonehenge.
He was in one of the photo cards.
I'm pretty sure our stealth Brooke is annoying.
Get him, Chop him.
I don't know it.
White shopping.
A piece of solid stone works so well, but it does.
And I ain't complaining.
Wonder Room.
What is that?
Oh, defenses.
Special defenses switched.
That's no good for you.
Get out of here.
I'm so glad I told Brick break too far fetched.
You know, it's really well who's next chuckle.
Okay, stay in circles like you.
I call one of these the other day in the wild area.
Far fetched is so good.
He's only taken four h p of damage and this whole gym challenge.
Okay, Brick breaks gonna take him out once the G Max Pokemon gonna be.
That is the big question.
You've seen one new poke one in this gym challenge already.
What's next?
We're gonna be cold also.
All it's gonna be Ah, yeah, I think I know who this is.
Yeah, there it is.
It's like golden on steroids.
He's a beast.
I'm either with Dina.
Right, Max?
Knuckle isn't very good, though.
That's my problem.
Let's just Dina Max, Let's do it, Max Knuckle.
We're gonna punch him square in the face.
It's gonna happen.
We gotta do it Dynamics, right, Dina Max?
Does that mean the other guy as a G max form?
I want to see it.
Here we go.
Giant Mountain.
He said Gigante, Max, he's gonna drag and Timex form.
No, I haven't seen this.
Oh, my word.
What's He's a literal volcano.
Look at the lover of him.
Oh, man, that is insane because you were never rely on grass types that have been done right?
Max Knuckle.
Let's see how much damage this does.
It's not that powerful.
Okay, Never mind.
It did have.
I think we're good here.
He's gonna solo this whole thing.
Max Flare Pretty Beastie.
I think we should take that.
Not too bad.
Let's go far pitch.
Here we go, Max Knuckle for the win.
Let's see.
It is to be informally the easiest.
Soon we've done so far.
Let's go, Give me that badge.
That's badge number six.
And depending on how much story is up to this after colossal explodes, it's kind of ironic that the volcano explodes after this, depending on story, which you go straight to the next.
Jim Easy mode.
Good job, far fetched surf.
It's you know what I mean?
We got evolution as well.
I didn't realize he evolved again.
More grim is evolving.
We're gonna evolve into what you got grim.
So it's like the whole but airy and only has three like things.
Digits that's so weird.
It's very creepy.
Dark fairy.
Still, it's only four foot 11 on hair wrapped around its body to enhance its muscles is poke.
One can overwhelm even MMA champ.
I'll take that.
Give me that badge, boy.
Your hands.
A huge wait.
His whole ad is like twice the size of mine.
Right to left.
Let's do this.
Ah, Sonya.
What's kid?
She wants to go to the Bob's.
Your uncle restaurant.
They wouldn't serve me food there last time, so let's hope we can eat.
Got that gym badge?
Yeah, Better than you hop.
Oh, it's a piece of tapestry there.
How did they get that?
Hold on.
She's just figured something out.
What's up?
Errors look sad.
And where they await those air crazed Hold on.
I just said there are gravestones, but it didn't click there, were sealed away or went into some kind of sleep.
Now I'm assuming this is the legendary Pokemon.
Sword and shield.
Oh, wait.
Officers clicked on as well.
There might be the one we met all the way back in Episode one.
Now she wants us to go to the heroes both.
Dude, I've already being hit your taking the time.
Hops can excited.
So basically, she just said that we could be the two new heroes on our hearts All excited again.
He wants to battle me.
You're joking, right?
What are you gonna learn?
W wait back.
Freeze evolves.
That is a scary looking sheep.
The captain is aware, Luke, This is not gonna go the way you want it.
Shop him shopping first.
That's not talking about by word.
Should be a quick break break if we didn't teach surface move this whole world war.
Well, that's a lot of damage.
This whole effort would have been way harder.
Score street are paralysis is all you mean?
Oh, it's got a butt on its face.
What happened there?
That's Ah, what, 78 nil hasn't beaten me once is a big failure.
I still can't beat you, But I think of side to see the life.
That's that was a much better team, though.
If we want to get another gym done today, we're gonna need to quickly speed to the next location, which is Spike month.
That's such a weird town name.
Okay, let's get out of here.
I like this icy location.
This is great, though, right?
I'm gonna be down these trainers, see if there's any new poke one here if no Army with the next town, we're gonna beat down the new gym leader.
And then we get free close to the end, which is mad.
No way.
I just took out that trainer and missed.
The mime is evolving.
I'm so pleased.
Level 42 to evolve.
It's a missed arrive.
He's great.
I'm so pleased you've got him now or wait.
He's not a very tight, but it was never a very tight, was he?
Never mind.
I'm so pleased you got him.
He's awesome.
I just got to show you guys, this is a random trainer, but I want to show you Grim snow.
We haven't actually tried him yet.
You call that?
I think he's a beast.
Just looks all money.
Whips the hair out is like his armas.
Well, that's a cool po.
Come on.
There we go, Dog.
Yeah, he suits being a super like, bad off dog Poker one.
He's great.
Well, what's going on here?
Team yell again.
I didn't see them for a while.
This team yells duty to cheer on this lovely dread.
Nor these guys that hilarious.
Remember I gave you that bike.
Do you think you could do me another favor and teach these ruffians a lesson.
Yeah, I could do that.
He said something about upgrading the bike.
I need that so badly.
Let me just defeat these guys and see if we can get a nice sweet bike upgrade.
Wouldn't it be great if you could ride your rights on bike on the water too?
That's why we're at the special parts to travel along the water surface just to you.
Let's go.
That's awesome.
Let's give this a go, shall we?
I think we can go.
We're ready.
Much anywhere.
So put on.
Oh, look at this.
That's crazy.
If only these existed in real life.
That's awesome.
Thank you, Random Doctor.
Appreciate you.
What's that?
What is that?
That's new Poke One, isn't it?
What is that?
I'm gonna have to capture you, buddy.
Level 50.
Hold up.
Hold on.
I can't attack him again because of the hail.
So you have to try and grab him.
This isn't gonna work.
Oh, no.
This is bad.
Oh, with the laws over, he came out of it.
A couple more goes.
Maybe one more go, actually.
And this guy's gonna die to hail, so I really want to capture him.
Maybe not.
Maybe he doesn't want to be a print or I died.
Okay, Bye.
Grapple Locks.
I could have saved your life.
You are the book when we go ahead.
And I could try catching him again, But I think I'm gonna do it Another time, things were jumping out of the water.
Resort is so cute.
Well, MERS Oh, wow.
Is this the right way to go?
We're just about to find out where I think I see a new Pokemon here.
This is a new poke one, isn't it?
He always is at the version before cropper percent.
That makes sense.
Now that's even catch this one instead, write this so they are born.
Hope At least we're gonna catch the baby version.
This is the basic version of the one we tried to capture.
These poker you spoke with a very cheeky They don't wanna be cool One.
Okay, fine.
I don't want you Anyway.
I don't want you back with me.
I've just been attacked because I'm cold.
It's cold, It's wintry.
It's hailing on but everything.
I have many Pokemon left, which is bad.
I've managed to find my way back to the original entrance of the roots, so I need to go back to the Pope.
One center.
It's tricky.
It's a maze of ice and water.
We can boost on this.
I didn't realize you could actually boost the water.
This is great.
Let's go.
I know.
Oh, no.
One of these punks know you don't want to be caught, so I'm out of here.
We'd wept, but perfect.
That's what you get.
If you just stayed in the poker room before, it would have been fine.
I need to try and find my way out of here.
I wish you the best of luck on this island by yourself, but I have to leave now.
We'll hold up.
Where am I at?
Made it to the town yet.
There's so many battles here.
Something down here.
What's going on, punks?
The whole thing is blocked.
You live there?
That's tragic.
I can't have to spike it with, So I'm just gonna hang in here the whole time.
No one could challenge the dark type leader.
Always dark type four, which is gonna be a beast again.
Oh, it's money.
What have you done?
Oh, what?
You just go around the side.
Is that happens?
Is this gonna be a dark type town that's going to be sick?
Dude, I was born here.
So another No, no.
Another way in.
If you wanna get into the town, how about I show you the way you're My rivals have to be mean about first.
With pleasure.
Oh, wait.
Oh, goodness.
No, please, no.
Lee part.
I should be fine.
Dark types.
They should be okay with No, with, Mister.
I'm No, this is the wrong guy, but he's gonna try anyway.
Way all that.
You did it.
Let's go, mister.
I'm eyes My new pair of poker.
When I love him so much surface is gonna be able to do the gym that we've just done.
And the doctor I'm with absolute ease.
I hope you remember I said that I might have to eat my words soon.
Here is three angriest hamster on the planet.
This dazzling gleams The dazzling gleam is good against dark as well, Which is good.
All right.
You know what woman does one after a long to find out All OK, that's not fair.
Can use the same move twice.
I think we've done three rival battles today, too.
Hot battles on one of one of Marnie's.
That's more than like I was expecting my partner.
More Pecker has been interested in you and your strength, and I think I get it now.
Thanks more Peco zero G.
Let's have a look.
A spike month.
Here we go.
Dark type looks a bit dingy.
Exhibit grungy.
I like you.
And she is like a dark alleyway with neon lights.
It's great.
And this is exactly what I want to see Pokemon center straightaway.
This TV yell everywhere as well.
That's gotta cool.
This is their home town, huh?
Right, guys, I've made the executive decision.
I've been playing for, like, two hours now, and unfortunately, I don't think we're gonna be able to fit in a second gym today because we've been doing all of the rival battles.
As I said, we don't to hops and then one of Marnie, but we're here, and that means for sure.
I'm gonna take on the gym straight away in the next episode, then finished off the eighth Jim and then we can do our whole episode on the Champions Cup because Gems got there already.
She's beating the game and she says the ads long enough for a whole episode by itself.
So I'm gonna leave it here.
Thank you so much for watching guys.
I hope you enjoy it.
If you don't leave it like that Great appreciated subscriber fuel.
Brian knew as well.
If you want to see the rest of this Siri's Andi, if you want to check out other videos from me almost every single day, see you in the next one.
Give up Backing Candle Camp four Rubber Band.
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Getting RICH in Pokemon Sword!

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林宜悉 published on March 31, 2020
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