B2 High-Intermediate 8 Folder Collection
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My name is Dr Ryan.
You know what?
We're going to run with it.
Ever gonna leave walking back to Tab?
I just didn't work out.
You got my gains on and I'm drinking protein drink.
My school are fucking around, though.
We're getting into some of these sandboxes because I have some secret units to get that I have not gotten yet.
Their secret units in every level that I have not got.
I think this one's this.
Hey, it looks like dirt on my screen all the way up in the air is a balloon, man.
I got him.
He was way up there, you know?
Locked balloon.
All right.
The next one is bomb on a stick.
It's found on the pirate map on a table.
The tables on an island near the ships.
It emits a fire on an island near the ships.
This Oh, snaky, snaky little man oiled in on the table or way underwater cave left side of the map because see anything, Captain YSL dark down here.
Uh 00 it's a clam.
I can sniff a wrote some units.
There's something here.
I can feel it.
There's something going on is a D, is it?
This is it.
Is that you?
It's you look atyou.
Your secret little Bombay buddy boy.
That's my bomb boy.
Oh, we confine Black beard.
You look straight ahead on the pirate map.
You will see a mountain if you look around and you'll find a waterfall, which is the secret cave behind it.
Shiki Black bear's been hiding in here all along.
That's really cool.
Damn ways.
That's not how I get him.
Oh, wait.
Oh, anchor!
Hey, look, Pipe your man There was a lot on this level.
Let's send some of her new boy.
He's in Secret units.
Let's send some clams versus some bombs on a stick.
Oh, my God.
That's so many clams.
I did not realize the clams are going to be completely overpowered.
Let's, like, put their numbers in more than half.
So these guys just run in and blow things up and kill themselves?
How does that help?
I love the clam dudes.
I mean, don't get me wrong.
There's something very nice about a bomb on a stick.
But these guys are so cute.
There's no secret units on the spooky levels.
I was really hoping to find some ghosts or something.
I guess these guys will do.
Let's let's try out some other ones.
What else did mean we got clams?
Black beards?
Oh, my God, He is anchors for arms.
What a badass!
Bomb cannons!
Those are big visitors, every bomb cannons and regular cannon's.
Oh, all of that.
That's what he's going.
No, you can't lock it down.
It's this Christ, He's a madman.
Holy crab, black beard.
You're a legend, all right?
We all know what needs to happen is to see Black Beard go up against a Reaper clash of the Titans.
Who's going to win?
Place your bets now, folks.
Oh, he is menacing looking.
He's still my favorite by absolute, for he's so absolutely badass is gonna come and take you in your sleep.
Who's got it?
Who's got the victory?
Who's got the win?
E think Black Beard's probably actually gonna annihilate.
Wait, I want to see how much healthy would have this is.
Say how much health they have.
Okay, Wait In space.
Your jump.
A tec pool.
Jesus Christ.
Sure is like your get up.
What is happening I broke that.
He's fine.
He's asleep.
Okay, Let's see if we could beat Black.
Weird as the Reaper.
Jesus, that doesn't count.
He fell off them like an idiot, but a goddamn shame you could stand there looking all smart while floating there.
Look, all that smoke about your win, but we all know did.
You didn't deserve that.
Black beard versus five pumpkin catapults.
Here they come.
Black beard.
You better watch.
Oh, Black beard.
Where you going to do?
Jesus Christ.
Those are some extra special pumpkins.
All right, You guys are gonna wanna fire again pretty fast.
That's actually not bad.
You're actually winning right now.
Aren't you?
Getting a little lower, Okay.
All right.
You can still fire from there.
You can still do it.
Never mind.
I'm actually surprised at how well you guys did it all the first time.
That's good.
That's a lot of health taken.
Wait, hold.
Hold him back a little for you.
You give you give you a fair chance, okay?
When you're gonna want to have to hit him to win that he fall off again.
He's so hold on.
Black beard.
You see the anchors are weighing on down.
All he wants to do is get into the water and float to the bottom.
There you go.
So many other ways.
I could have gone so many other directions he could have gone to get back off.
What's he do?
Straight out of the water like a fucking gun bean.
I need to fight them in open battle in an orphan feed.
Where would be a good place for that?
The driver was actually pretty good.
It's just like a big giant arena.
But I want to do is put in, uh, black beard.
Off course of arses.
35 clam boys.
Who's gonna win one big black bearded chin weirdo vs 50 clam boys.
Wait, Was 35 50?
My army of clams fight for New England fight for See people all around the world.
You should be well able for this tree of eating a lot of clams.
Oh, my Holy guides.
It's a tornado of shellfish.
Jesus, you guys a ruthless?
Okay, what's the amount that I have to reduce by to make this a fair fight?
Because I know ain't nothing fair about this.
I can be a single clam.
He's surviving a lot longer.
This time.
He's not doing too well.
He's just spinning around in circles and hoping that people will give America nice moves.
All right, now it's 12.
That's way less than half of what I had before.
You can do this black beard.
You could do it.
Fight the clams.
Fight the shellfish.
This is what you do out in your boat every day.
You're black Beard, for fuck's sake.
You can't even fight off a few.
Clam boys is a shameful, shameful display.
Good, Damn it.
Black Beard's beginning to wonder why the legends written about your tall It all.
All right, five fucking clams, then.
Do you think you could manage that?
I'm beginning to think the clams might be the most over power unit in this whole game.
It's five clams, five clams, five clams.
Beat one of the greatest pirates mankind has ever seen.
Oh, it's chilly.
It's called.
I want to see if a nice joint can't go up against 12 Klan boys.
Can they defeat him?
Can they win?
It seems like they can beat absolutely anything at this point.
Clever Giants.
He's not going for the clams.
He's going for the source of the problem.
No, I see.
I see.
I see.
Get it?
All right, We're gonna have to bust out more clams.
Stopping up those clams.
This is a war is a fight to the death.
Break his ankles.
Get him up!
Saw him and half.
There you go.
There you go.
Now it's working.
Chelsea have.
He is a lot of health.
He has a lot.
Ah, lot of health.
Okay, more clams.
I see what you're saying.
70 times.
One might say it's a bit of a calamity.
Oh, God.
My thegame can't even render itself.
Oh, my God.
Look of any class.
Just mourn him down.
He still has, like, 3/4 of his health left.
I can't even see if they could see the matrix of the future.
All the ones.
Come on, clammy.
Come on, fight back!
My computer's not going through this for nothing.
Jesus Christ, They they never stood a chance.
Look, this carriage Oh, for clams sake.
Do you think a Reaper could fight the clams?
Seven clans versus one.
Stab you boy.
I wonder I do like the Reaper a lot.
And he does floats.
Maybe that helps me.
They can't even get him.
Okay, they can on he stops them as well.
She's a CE Reaper.
Still Opie rapers.
Still pretty damn cool.
All right.
About 16 clams.
Me and the boys hope to kill death.
See the whoa, they form like a wall and then get up to him.
Yes, Reaper.
Don't listen up.
Your love it love it.
He's wearing one of them.
Is that this guy's just like I must go now.
My planet needs me.
My climate needs this guy.
I thought we were in some sort of like 90 sitcom where you jump at the end and freeze frame for credits.
All right, Charlie, 28 clams is enough to kill him.
I want to see how much healthy actually loses from this.
Oh, he actually loses a lot.
Oh, damn.
00 no.
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
I still want Oh, that's an epic freeze frame.
Look at that.
An emaciated, totally accurate battle simulator is my favorite anime, right?
There's something that people wanted me to try last time today did not get around you.
I want put in 20 halflings and then one Reaper.
Okay, setting down.
We've done this already.
I know.
Shut up.
We're going to do now is put in a ton of cheerleaders around him.
So the cheerleaders do, if you remember from before is boost certain characters.
So now he's faster.
Better, stronger.
Ah, sexier type of reaper.
A sexier form of death.
Jesus Christ was the last one.
Clever little hobbit.
Sneaky little Harvard.
He was about to jump in on top of everybody.
And then Reaper was, like, now denied.
Okay, well, they didn't last piss in time, so let's put in 200.
Get rid of two.
Won't be able to sleep.
Oh, Jesus.
Oh, God.
It's okay.
Fight thin.
The masses shakes is Christ.
This'd be great if I could see what was happening.
That's so fucking cool.
It's raining half people.
It's raining hobbits.
I think they get mowed down half of my cheerleaders as well as they all did to Rayburn.
I'll give a fuck.
What happens if we boost a clam?
Boy, that's something I want to see.
How many clams can he throw em?
We might need to set in a few more clams.
Oh, they're beating the clamp.
No, no.
This is not how it's supposed to go.
What the fuck is happening?
What happened here, You fuck My clam Blue Victory!
Boo boo for blue goo.
Good idea.
Sword castors.
These guys be able to throw swords faster.
Better, stronger, daft punk!
Holy shit!
How are half of you still alive?
There were so many supports.
Shakes his Christ.
What is even happening?
I need to see this in slow motion.
It's a nasty looking when you just see the sort to fly into them.
That's so cool.
Gonna come up.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
What about Ice Giant versus them?
I think they're probably going to die, But I want to see an ice giant.
Absolutely full of swords.
That was insane.
Holy shit with swords!
Don't stop for nobody.
Me and the boys are to keep our virginity.
These are our chastity belts.
Can one spikey boy do it?
Oh, God, You're 100 behind you Because I made fun of them.
I'm sorry.
Oh, no.
This is the battle.
This is the battle.
Unstoppable force.
Immovable object.
Oh, you gotta You gotta hit every shot you take cat, Miss.
Oh, Well, I have now is a bunch of cheerleaders pom poms.
They don't know what to do.
You could see how much healthy head you know, from some angles, it looks like.
All right, so I think it's too sword Castor's.
That's probably the limit, right?
Take it to the limit, See if I can do it.
I want to.
Your fastest health goes down.
Oh, my God, That's fast.
Oh, sweet Jesus.
That's fast.
I am holding forward as much as I can on a a difference.
It makes straight in the belly.
The weak point of the giant.
Okay, let's finish this off with something truly magical, Shelly.
Something that the world has never seen.
Something that is probably actually gonna break my computer.
Here we go.
Here we go.
The BIS thing is gonna be awesome.
Or maybe not, because some of you don't seem to be coordinating.
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
Okay, once a couple of giant start going down, it's game over.
Oh, the cheerleaders going down.
Oh, way.
Still got they Stuart from Mama doing Mama?
Yeah, baby.
I think that was almost a fair fight, actually.
Oh, my God, So much death and destruction This place warzone Never see the battlefield like it in my life.
Pinned his hand to himself.
All right, well, that's going to do it for this episode.
Off tabs.
I wanted to get in and just try out the secret unit because people were telling me about the new levels.
Maybe I miss some.
I don't know.
I think I have all the secret units at this point.
But if you guys have any phone combinations that you want to see in the next episode, then please let me know in the comments cause I always kind of draw blank when it comes to this of like, what's cool versus what?
There's so many units that I forget.
What does what?
So no comments leave common.
Tell me what you want to see.
1000 of this versus one of dogs.
Don't forget to leave alike on the video as well.
If you enjoyed watching, it really helps out a lot.
And also don't forget to subscribe to keep up to date for all the videos coming out every single day.
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1,000 Clams Vs. Black Beard In Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

8 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 31, 2020
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