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What's up, gamers?
Now that I'm 30 I'm officially a boomer.
That's why I brought in.
Boomer expert who may be a over.
You remember when we were young and this wasn't funny?
Well, now it is funny.
Now, G field just taste so much better once you hit 30.
Stay in your lane.
October, November, December.
Oh, it's because Christmas starts earlier and earlier.
I like that.
I What?
I was young.
That this didn't happen.
Crack his music in October.
What eyes?
Those stupid, stinky in grab influencers I just wanted to post about likes and instagram.
And they want it for free.
They want everything for everyone.
Everything for free And my God, they think it's a real job.
It's weird, though.
I do agree with the whole they want everything for.
That's the thing with booze were there I care for really there.
So entitled by doing things for you Having already angry, it does piss me off like it's Halloween.
And I see people post about this Christmas I should be illegal.
Like I would love to send people to jail.
If they do, they dis Elena to jail.
Yeah, I agree.
This is a good look.
Have you seen the art style of this isn't made.
I just know it from the art style.
It's a problem for Boomer remain.
Yeah, your pops, you should get a WiFi box blocks.
I love that.
Because that's like already no one calls it a wifi box.
Yeah, that's that's pretty strange, son.
I already have a wife.
I a wife.
I I have a wife.
Oh, yeah.
Boomers hate their wife more than anything.
I'm not there yet, but I think in a couple of years you gotta work up that resentment.
You've only had a wife, like, couple months.
Yeah, I had a wife I for a long time.
Your wife's box.
Do you ever The guy next to you always looks in his pocket before he orders a shot.
Do you want another shot?
Another whisky place.
A few minutes later, it looks like I'll take another shot of whiskey.
I'm curious.
Why do you look into your pocket before ordering each shot?
I have a picture of my wife in there.
And when she starts to look good, I go home.
Oh, I think My wife wife Bad.
That's the title.
I said.
Doesn't think Boomer's hate their wives.
Where does that come from?
I feel like it's like old comic.
Do you remember what every sitcom was like about like, Yeah.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, my God.
What is that one with the AL?
Yeah, I know.
Exactly which one resent call.
National Society of Men against Amazonian Master Hood.
Why do I remember that?
No, ma'am.
It was called through everyday.
No, ma'am.
He should be the boomer ahead of Boomer.
He hates his wife.
Yeah, the whole show was based on, like him being a macho man.
And he he hated my wife.
He doesn't like women.
What is it, Boomer?
Wom woman.
I guess.
It's like just hating utes and stuff, huh?
Maybe hating your husband, Your boomer?
Why would, like, just let us know like we're we're inclusive, Brumer.
Let us know how much you hate your husband's.
I think phone bad.
It's a really, like woman saying Yeah.
Bad computer.
Video game Bad.
It's election day in Canada, my boomer on because I have a boom.
Iran's too.
I love her that.
Okay, let's see.
Uh, let's talk more action.
We can make a difference.
Youth were changed.
People change.
We could make a difference.
Making a real difference is this way.
Voting the youths, they don't just march.
It's so true, I kind of agree with like they do, though the people going those marches will be voting.
That stress is like, That's true.
But I think I feel like if you remove the vote and you just change that to be, like making a difference.
Yeah, more like would like the Facebook posturing and stuff.
Yeah, like just I'm changing my profile picture to this because I think this way the posturing.
Yeah, that's what consumers love to do more than anything next of worth, huh?
Who find a real job.
But you don't know how to screw a screw.
You you don't.
You know, obviously looking on your iPad, you know, change a light bulb.
Ha ha.
Cheating with the neighbor.
OK, Dad, what's difference between confident and confidential?
You are my son off that I am confident your friend Billy next door is also my son.
That's confidential.
Oh, I, uh how many did you catch Oh, really?
Oh, can you?
Her photo my can your duty it phone bad isn't an example of these is like when zoom er's defend the phone.
They're like, Oh, my God, the phone is an amazing device that can let you look up anything in the world.
But you can't do that with the dictionary like it's the same thing.
Well, I both for them are cringing.
Yeah, but the thing is, they're not looking up like important stuff on there.
Are you just looking at it?
Boomer humor Well written.
A structured, original joke and boomers are like not reacting right when the movie has a joke about teens not knowing what a VHS tape?
Former time boomer.
It's so true.
I mean, I can't It was funny the first time.
No, I mean no.
Okay, They take photo, baby.
They take for the baby they took for the child and he wrote me mom and Dad.
He thinks they're self.
Oh, they're not living in the moment like we did when we were kids have workers.
Do you remember me up?
Look, you remember feeling like I didn't want to be reachable.
All the time when you got a cell phone, I felt like getting a spell phone kind of sucked in the beginning because men like my dad could call me.
You're all right?
You couldn't do that.
This is a boomer moment here.
I feel like we're sharing.
Yeah, Yeah.
Is like, I don't know, because before that you can't, like, tell your parents.
You did like anything.
You just go thio everyone here, right?
And now it's a sacred holy at any time.
And you have to be like, Okay, get shut up.
And then all your friends always freaking of people.
E did that in the years ones we were firing of rockets on.
Then my mom called me and I was like, Good answer.
And then I'm like, I hope they don't like exploding fireworks.
And now she's like, Are you going get fired like no stupid self.
Foss Boo.
Don't like food bad?
Phone bad boomer.
And there's so many good things about phones now.
And also my parents have learned to not call me almost 31 years old.
So, you know, you finally figured out.
I figured out we just get old enough guys.
Then it's fine if anyone objects to this union.
Oh, I already bad Just getting married and already bad.
When are you?
Why are you getting married?
Damn it!
I told you 100 Dad.
There's no way to posit on 90.
Then she takes a computer.
Oh, boomer time.
Yeah, but you don't know what to do now.
Don't need to pause in the line game if you're not playing in a line game and my right Boomer friends, I hope you have a lot of rumors watching us.
I have someone.
Yeah, that's good.
Oh, it's much like if you're a plumber, smashed like of your Zoomer.
So we can know One thing my mom would always do when I was at the computer and I had the TV on in the back seat.
Would like one has to go.
Oh, interview parents Ever do that?
No, I never understood it because I'm like thio because I'm listening to the TV.
I don't need to watch the TV.
Sorry, Mama.
For buying our mutual friend, who we kind of like met through Anton.
He was the first guy I saw doing that and I was actually What are you doing?
How do you do the same two things at once.
Years ago.
So you're You're a boomer.
Before I was booming before it was cool.
But now it's really good.
Now it's not even that anymore.
There's a life beyond Facebook.
Please share the leg.
Thio always want links.
Sure, it's changed a lot.
Like how?
Well, for starters, singers actually used to sing.
Oh, this is for you.
Like, you know, I feel like my stands in all my bet is just like people do whatever they want.
It's like I would take your photo shop.
Your nails do?
Why don't you just take a good picture?
You just take one photo?
Yeah, just like we used.
I mean, that's a rumor thing.
I feel like I miss just being able to take one photo.
You just have to take someone enough.
Yeah, It's because we're getting uglier to vestry Boomer ugly.
We have to get the right angle.
Yeah, I find it weird.
Look, that someone printed out a bunch of tweets and then they added extra characters to older words or as I call it, a burg.
Oh, consumer got Oh, this is also like, Well, it's true.
Kids kind of without a single degree.
They built those roads that have lasted an eternity.
And then the engineers show God and near with three modern science.
Bad old stop.
That's what I'm saying.
These roads did not exist in the Roman Empire.
My God, Loki.
It is kind of impressive how they built at the same time.
Like do you think it always looked like this road like this is a drawing.
And that's a photo.
There's there's roads now that looked good to him.
Just say no.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Oh, Get own, Boomer.
I mean, that is impressive.
Yeah, I guess it hasn't been used by actual cars now.
Exactly 2000.
Back in my day, I didn't have to accept privacy policies.
Made it.
2000 year old Roman road, two year old modern.
I print this one.
You haven't shared any movement coming from Facebook.
Yeah, I don't have a face, but when washer stops remove all your clothes.
I like Sandra Abkhazia.
Cortez goes to the laundromat.
She's a liberal.
She's an idiot.
I e.
Yeah, all the wrong, bro.
I don't want any tea.
Yeah, I got so upset in the video.
I find that inheritance taxes 40%.
Generally pissed me off home.
That's Boomer.
Do you have gluten free treats, lady?
I'm lectures intolerant.
I can't eat nuts.
Do you have vegan chocolate?
Organic Only.
I have no good allergy.
Gender neutral can be gender neutral channel, huh?
I mean, you got the last one, but there s something like, Yeah, come on.
It's so individualistic.
Everyone has their own little special thing.
It gets annoying.
Why are we discussing this?
I want to do because we're boomer.
Lets this guy okay, so she shouldn't have to have all those different types of candy, but like lactose intolerant, Then you can eat like gummies.
She probably has got bees in there surely, And like, I can't eat nuts.
That's yeah.
How dare you now?
Okay, Nuts.
It's not bad annoying to get used to.
I think that's what That's why it's rumor.
Yeah, we don't want to change that.
Yeah, that is it.
Okay, you can have another spin, but only questions here.
But what I have a lot of our day.
That's an epic 30 year old brat type of drawing.
It was like Gilbert, is it so bad?
I'm sorry I have to let you all go, but you're just not freaks anymore.
Uh huh.
Because now everyone is crazy.
Everyone's like this Like a lot of girls with beard.
Girls are beards Now.
People are like, What's up with that?
I'm a boomer.
People are big now.
Yeah, people, People have fat And about people have some to choose now to crazy.
Back in my day back in my day no one had to No one looked different Everyone to save clever and original millennial humor I hate my life.
Cringe in bad rumor humor.
I had my wife So that is true.
I hate my life.
Is justice cringe?
E equals your life is your life.
That's how you know your book.
I've been separated from my parents because of Trump's Nazi border policy, right?
No, they got caught with plastic straw.
Oh, look into the camera like Oh my God, She crazy crazy.
Just like a crazy liberal guy weighs liberal with their stinky bear sings and yeah, they don't they don't understand the scar.
Don't understand anything.
Isn't alright, boomer moment.
Isn't that plastic straw thing?
Like a bit of an overreaction?
Not more important issues to solve the plastic straws like it's like people saw that one photo turtle, and everyone's like, Oh, my God, we have to stop using that.
Yeah, it's a fiscal girl thing, right?
That's old disco girl.
Think fiscal girl.
Oh, my God.
You don't know Busy.
I thought I was the only one who didn't know what a disco girl is.
What is that?
It's like one of the newest like subcultures.
It's like the girls that I like wearing.
They have like, the hydro flasks and they say they say, And night.
I heard this.
Yeah, uh, come from viscose like in photo editing.
App has become, like a subculture a a metal straws.
I've been seeing some words in my comments that I need to ask you all about.
So, um, like Visco girl?
I don't know.
That's the S e o girl or Visco girl or skits.
Kiss kiss.
No idea what the hell that is.
And there's one that says and I hope, um, I got a feeling that somehow you know, this is the way inappropriate.
So you're probably getting a really big who down to this.
Um, so let me know.
What That cilic.
Wholesome, isn't it?
Like built Boomer confirmed.
It's like I wanted to be my grandpa.
I don't get it, though.
I still don't understand what's funny about it.
It's not funny.
It's just like an actual subculture.
Like I never seen it.
This is normal white girls.
I don't get it.
It's like a white girls.
That's true.
That's what I don't understand.
Explain A I can't explain it, man.
It's too complex.
I don't get out.
Oh, is it like Ember Chamberlain?
Is that I think it's kind of emotional.
Yeah, but she did a video.
She already done a video.
No, no, no nerves.
I said, slip off his testicles.
Spectacles, spectacle.
Blond with big tits.
You can't be blonde and attractive and have any brain.
No, this is how that works.
Now, that's a boomer sentiment.
Yeah, I swear.
People try to make me think that when I was a kid, yeah, like attractive people were automatically soup or really buff people too, right?
Yeah, they are.
This is I wonder what boomer values you still have that you don't realize.
Yeah, we've been shaped by society.
I think Berman's forget that washing machines and dryers were invented during their lifetimes because all they cared about was making their own daily lives easier.
It drives the washing using the very latest technology.
A combination of shoulder and wind power cheese wasn't there.
Things were like the dishwasher was actually a really important invention for the women to get out of the kitchen.
Yeah, And hear rumors are like, uh, zero Just wind.
Oh, you can wash your dishes with your hands.
Such backward thinking technology, bad is probably the worst boomer value.
Yeah, although government cover way have all this taken, Holly, you're right.
But, like, is anyone happier from it?
I was talking to someone about this the other day.
Uh, have you thought about how much easier it it's like sleep around now?
Because, like the maps and stuff compared, like on the people who were Really I don't sleep around, Joe, I e stick around Or do I or do I guys my tender?
No, but I just thought about that like that's gotta have made it easier for people want to do that.
That's like you can argue it's a rumor about you to feel that's not a good thing.
Uh, to be like It's too easy to hook up now.
Yeah, like, is it you think you had to be, like, good in, like, clubs and stuff?
Oh, yeah.
Now you can find someone on your same page.
Yeah, Yeah.
This one was born without an umbilical cord.
It's because he's from the wireless generation.
I the police has pulled me over and said Papers.
I said, Scissors, I win and drove off.
I think he wants a rematch.
He's been Jay Z.
Oh, my English textbook is terrible.
I'm hitting a nail.
I'm hitting it again.
I'm heating it 1/3 time.
Things would move much quicker if you didn't tweet.
He's tweeting in between every nail failings were doing every stroke.
He's tweeting everything to bring everyone OK for funny Funny Oh, alone.
Alright, Boomer Millennial Dad's I have terrible d i Y skills, half of them own.
Don't own a step ladder.
What is this or Cordless drawer it corner Strel.
Half don't have a Cordless drill.
You're that?
Oh, you're right.
When you were dad, probably You're never set of screwdrivers.
You never had a screwdriver?
The wide bothers me that this gets someone to do it.
That's what I do know.
Is that time.
So you'll be that millennial dad, huh?
Proud millennial, dad.
I feel like it's so embarrassing, though, when you get someone there and it's literally, like, two seconds, and it's done because you don't know, like, the basic thing to do.
So I actually in my old flat.
I used to actually get a guy in to change the light bulb.
You're not a boomer.
That mad I'm just an old old Zoomer is like, The thing is, it was like a light over the stairs.
Oh, again, I was like, I got a call because you don't wanna step.
But then once he was there once, he was there, like, so wear their kids, learn to be so violent.
Uh um And that that was really I mean, like, that's a real comic.
Yeah, it's so Yeah, that's like one of those boomer ideas that just seems too sick.
For some reason, it's like he's been disproved, like scientifically, so many times that it just doesn't seem to stick.
No is like violence did not exist before movies have.
All this is going down, but kids are playing video games.
A video give bad read again.
Like what?
He has like a bomb in the house, I guess.
What's Yeah?
I mean, yeah, if you let your kid have a bomb in the house or like whatever that you're reading, Tonto, I don't know why it's so ugly.
Yeah, the kid looks second at all.
Yeah, it's got like a head that's like this, but I feel I got to say I feel like it's again.
It's equally cringe.
Even kids, but no violence is called video games.
You know, I don't think it's asked when you when you got signs on your side, but, yeah, I still think it's cringe e like overly trying.
You do it like really gives caused by.
Was it all you're all scientifically wrong?
Like who cares?
Could you see that like some stores stopped selling like video games after like a shooting and stuff?
Okay, Yeah, that's a that's kind of weird.
I think I think that when I read it, it was when, uh, Trump said something.
And then everyone on Twitter be like I've played very against my whole life.
I never thought of doing anything.
Violence, That's like, Yeah, like how you say it, I guess.
Yeah, that's a good thing.
Because then you're putting yourself into enemy like I'm so good.
I'm not bad.
Oh, this is so crazy.
You're a classical music.
Good, Martin.
Bay it.
Johann, you have to come with me to 2018.
We have to save the word from this awful electronic dance music box through the future.
You think it's funny?
I know.
Is music better back in the day?
Just different.
You listen to top charge.
Yeah, I do.
What's right with Come on.
Say it.
Say Say what was awesome.
Ariana Grande is suck.
Buck was awesome.
Hard on a grounded son.
People can't live without your phones.
Phone bad.
Please do not panic.
You're only required to turn off your mobile staring the movie.
Is it weird that I I always feel anxious like turning off my phone for the movie.
Oh, I didn't know that.
Yeah, man.
Did you turn yourself in?
We saw Joker.
Yeah, Yeah, but you feel anxious about doing?
I don't know.
I feel like something bad is gonna happen when I'm disconnect.
You're also one of the people who, like really bad things have happened to you.
I've never had, like, a moment.
Let's check my phone, lady A It's a legitimate fear.
I have.
You just got PTSD.
Honey, what's the password?
Our anniversary date.
She did this on purpose.
Uh, what's your anniversary date?
I think of them as shoes.
Get women buy shoes.
Oh, women buy shoes, men by important stuff.
Boomer Island.
Goodbye, son.
There's Boomer Island.
That's awesome.
Way we should go there Where boomers go to die, There's no WiFi And there's only ugly lines My generation started revolution your generation getting with e girls like a guy with a cigarette to like he's so cool.
Oh, yeah, like the very start to be fair.
Uh, I'm sexually working.
Yeah, because silver white coloring the tasteful pattern on it.
Oh, my God.
It even has embossed surface.
He's talking about this one that takes that garbage.
You're right.
Well, this has been insightful.
I learned a lot about myself.
I guess I share a lot more with the boomers than I find.
I guess it just comes from being 30.
Are you sure you're 31?
I have 31 but not married yet.
Oh, yeah.
I guess that's why I'm or Boomer anything.
I feel like you're closer to retirement.
Maybe you thought about you.
Thought about it, retire every single day.
That that.
All right.
Well, thanks for coming on, Joel.
Check out through me.
Thank you.
You makes auto tune bad, Baby.
That's my boob out.
Too bad attitude.
Bad real singing.
Good, though he Oh, since it's okay.
What, you haven't tried to per simulated citizen after 50 million Astros.
I can't do it.
My I just know it's still relevant.
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