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My name is Jackson Guy and welcome back to Would you rather it's been a really long time since I did one of these videos?
Do you miss it?
I miss it.
I miss the simpler times.
It just recording one of these.
It's it's It's been a long day.
It's been a long day.
I want something nice and easy to just sit back, kick back at some dilemmas out of the way, make ourselves feel good about situations.
Answer some ridiculous fucking questions.
I'm down here now.
I'm just going to that.
So down here, the 1st 1 is asking us, Would you rather be dangled over the edge of a cliff or be forced to public speak?
Now I have the benefit of have never having never been dangling over a cliff.
I have the benefit of having done a lot of public speaking at this point.
If you didn't know I did a little World tour, call the Jacks up the guy.
How to get your life show company World tour.
Do you have 90 minutes to go over it?
Which, by the way, the documentary is still being made.
I know a lot of you are asking about that.
It's gonna come out eventually.
I just don't have a definitive date yet, but hopefully in the earlier part of this year.
But being able to being forced to public speak is not that difficult.
Um, at least for me, public speaking has never actually been that hard.
Maybe it's because I've been speaking to a lot of people that watch the channel, so that makes it a lot easier.
But I would never like to be dangled over a cliff.
This could probably be being tased into testicles.
And I still would like it more.
This this would be horrible hate heights.
Fuck off.
And you see, a 1,000,000 people agree with me because I'm very smart, and I know what I'm talking about.
If you don't agree with that, then what do you want to do about it?
Going to the conference, right?
And angry thing at me, huh?
I see you.
40 seconds.
Video goes up in.
Someone's already disliked it.
Who is that?
Who does that I'm not even upset about?
I'm genuinely curious.
Every movie you watch replaces the lead role with Nicolas Cage.
Oh, Mama.
Every seven years performed by Nickelback.
Oh, the Nic Cage one Honda 0%.
Why would you ever want Nickelback to do all the songs?
See, one enhances I'm one D grades.
This is an upgrade.
Having every movie.
Imagine watching Jurassic Park and the T Rex at the face of Nicolas Cage on it.
Would you rather none stop peeing for the rest of your life?
Or non stop crying for the rest of your life?
What tells you that I'm not non stop crying already?
I feel like non stop peeing would be very distracting and very difficult to deal with.
Let's face it, there's a liquid quantity.
Let's let's get down to some fucking signs here, shall we?
You take a piss.
How much liquid comes out?
Uh, a lot.
When you cry, how much comes out even more?
That's sad, I hope.
I hope you are okay.
I think having tears come out of my eyes would be a lot more easy to live with than peeing all the time.
I couldn't do anything if I was being all the Damon was crying all the time.
People just look at me weird.
I think there's wind in my eyes.
I think I got a very bad phone call.
All of U P.
Love and weirdos Ping is fine, but it's very not good for most life.
Okay, sentence for badly in mouth.
Next time, make better mouth for the rest of your life.
Would you rather eat every meal?
Mixed word carbonara sauce Who?
Mamma Mia Pizzeria.
Drink every drink mixed with four Loko.
I don't know what four local is.
First of all, you spelled it wrong because apparently it's ello.
Ko Now you're making me look like a fucking fool.
Ah, so it's an alcohol drink.
An alcoholic beverage, as one might say.
Yes, quite.
I will have it.
I have a four Loko.
I'm feeling quite amorous tonight.
Is packaging, by the way, is an assault on my eyeballs.
I'm going to go at every meal mixture, carbonara, sauce.
Let's do the O spa.
Spicy meatball.
I've started to bring the blue back into a fucking contention.
He didn't say how much of it had to be mixed in.
Now I don't want to have to drink alcohol with every fucking drink that I have.
That means even if I just if I work out.
And I have a thirst for water for good out ish.
That would mean that I have to drink with four local every time.
I don't want that.
I want carbonara sauce in my veins in my blood.
I want to be half Italian.
Would you rather reach your ideal salary or reach your ideal weight?
Well, thankfully, I've gone above and far beyond what I thought my ideal salary should be.
I've been very, very fortunate in that regard, but I'm not at my ideal weight.
Christmas is hard.
Is the winter okay?
Gets very dark here in England.
Get started like four PM and I can't go inside.
Do anything, and I hate it.
What else am I supposed to do other than sit on the couch?
Shark tank on Netflix.
And have a nice beer and eat a lot of snacks.
I like it.
It's my comfort.
Leave me the fuck alone.
Trying to be better about it.
I start working out again recently.
I hope it goes well.
69% nice also.
Money of the people in the world are not at their ideal salary.
It's gonna ridiculous the sort of proportional distribution of wealth in the world.
Well, they think I read something today that 162 billionaires have the equivalent of half of humanity's wealth.
It equates to 1/2 off humanity's wealth into 162 billionaires.
That is fucking wild.
Would you rather be on jury duty?
You're gonna work for the work.
I love my job.
I have a great job.
I feel like people who don't want to go to work don't like what they do.
I love what I do.
My job is awesome.
Oh, people are out there looking for their ideal job because it does need to pay well, that that would be great if you could get the job that you love doing and it pays well.
But being about a boom, that's a mama's spaghetti.
But it seems like everyone just complains about work.
I know not everyone is fortunate enough to get to do the job that they love, but I hope that a lot of you can, because it would suck.
I mean, I remember doing some work.
I didn't even do it for very long, and I hated it.
I like the routine of it because I like getting into a routine.
And I like things going the way it should.
But I have to, like, wake up at 8 a.m. every day and goto work and so sit around and blob of club oir Hope you're gonna be rocket scientists and lab technicians.
Be a fun job.
I don't know.
Whatever you want to do in your life, I hope that you accomplish it.
If you ran a society, would you rather have your society focus on culture, art, literature, music, films or have your society focus on science?
Oh, shit.
Balls, men.
First of all, I don't think society we live in one.
I don't think society can function on each either of these exclusively.
I'm I'm more of a free spirit As much as I absolutely love science, I love the scientific method of understanding things I don't like wishy washy shit.
I like when stuff is like, quantifiable.
I like space like exploration.
I like all of the I'm not good at math, but I love the people who are and I love all the stuff that science is about.
I love discovering planets and all that kind of shit.
But I'm also more of like a freer spirit where I just I love consuming artistic things.
I love I love sound design.
I love characters.
I love stories.
I love plot.
I love music.
A lot of the stuff that I've done with my life falls way more into this aspect Off of questioning.
I'm gonna pick blue, even though oh, very, very interesting science will probably make society last longer and go further.
We've accomplished a great many things that science.
I know the absolute importance and significance of science, of course, because, like insulin and penicillin and all that kind of stuff on antibiotics, even just the medicinal site of science has done wonders for humanity.
And we're not all dead at the age of 30 anymore.
But for me personally, I absolutely love art, literature, music, films, out of all that stuff.
Whatever, man.
It's a hypothetical question.
Go off in the comments.
If you want.
No one gives a shit.
Would you rather fight Hulk Hogan or fight Dwayne?
The John Roxanne?
How do you think I would rather be beaten up by Dwayne?
Just let's fight him.
It could be play.
Fighting could be tickle.
Fight Could be a pillow fight.
I would love to have a pillow fight with Dwayne to John Rocks and a coca is just old and silly Now no one cares.
Whole Cogan don't cares about hawk mania that was in the past.
Don't cares, Hogan.
Put your shirt back on.
What you doing?
So you're so weird.
I know you know, your dancing was Dwayne Johnson isn't have some specimen of a man, and I I like him to beat me up any day.
Oh, come on.
You're looking at this and pure.
Oh, I'd be able to beat them up, regard that small brain thinking That's fucking smooth, stinky In here.
Every brands had to give you one punishment.
Would you rather I'm basically 30?
My parents don't give me punishments.
Would you rather live without your phone or live without your computer iPod and clean clothes?
This is a very disproportionate balance.
I would much rather live without my phone.
Of course, everyone picks this.
If you said your phone or your computer, it would have been better.
But you put computer iPod and clean codes.
You gotta know the stakes can't just put in any sort of bullshit.
Okay, This is serious.
Would you rather own a mini horse or regulars?
Many horse, please.
Oh, he's so cute.
It's a fucking regular horse.
Fuck off.
You had a teeny tiny, many horrors.
You could bring him inside.
He considered the couch.
Watch you go.
A shark tank with him.
He's so cute.
You could play with your cat.
I want many horse with the cat.
Much of Britain around.
He's so cute.
There's plenty of breaking her horses already.
Foot breaking a horse.
Where you going to do for Could feed it, Brush it right around Bo.
This one?
I could post que pictures on it and the agent would know of me.
It's a regular horse.
Costs a lot.
Many horse who caused half assed much would rather burp confetti or fart later.
I have said this once.
I've said it twice.
I thought he said it a dozen times.
Book Glaber.
Not literally.
Figuratively it can.
It can die.
I would be very happy if we accumulated all the glitter in society.
An artistic society, as I have deemed.
And we just shot it into the sort.
We probably couldn't do that with an artistic society because science be damned, apparently.
But get rid of all the glitter in the world.
It serves no purpose.
It's shit.
It gets everywhere.
It's like Anakin and sand.
I hated it.
Doesn't even matter if your fart in it anyway.
Because as long as you have glitter in your house, some of that is in your ass already.
It's inevitable.
It's like tha knows glitter.
It gets everywhere, especially up your ass crack.
You could put that in a shirt printed, Dad, would you rather has really upped its game since the last time I played it?
Would you rather your playing connect four against an emotionally unstable man with an explosive temper?
Would you rather take him down or let him win?
By God, this is an actual dilemma.
Well, the ones are like, Would you rather have a Penis on your hand?
Or, uh, but where your ear is?
Uh, no, Mom, I did it.
I put it up on the Internet, people.
No good people are gonna react to it.
It's still busy when your mom kicked you out of the house because you're doing nothing with your life.
You should go to college.
I let him win 50 50 right down the butthole.
Damn, that's not exactly 50 50 though.
I want decimal points in this.
I would let him win, mainly because I'm not a sore loser.
I don't care about winning all that much unless it's like a certain video game or something when it comes to Connect.
I don't care.
I mean, my goal is to win.
But if I don't win, who's he?
Who cares?
I'll go have a beer.
I'll be fine.
Well, ma'am, explosive temper.
That could be my head exploded.
I think about that.
You want?
I see the head explode to be pretty cool, but only in, like CG or something as a gentleman, would you rather paint your nails or wear high heels Way as a gentleman, You do whatever the fuck you want.
Wear high heels, paint your nails, do whatever you want.
You're not hurting anybody.
I want to do both.
I used to try on a sister's high heels when I was younger, just cause it was formed and you could walk around in them and then I was like This isn't so hard.
Why is my sister socket?
I've also painted my nails in the past, I think I'd go and paint my nails because I think that that would last longer and it would be more visually appealing.
If I just wear high heels.
They hurt your feet after a while.
I don't wanna do that.
Ah, would you rather have your name known forever for doing something terrible or never be recognized for accomplishing something wonderful?
I hope that there is quite a high percentage in this one, 2200 and 47,000 people would like to be known forever for doing something terrible.
I I don't doing doing something wonderful for the act of just doing a good thing is is basically what having a virtuous character is.
I think doing good things, even if you never get recognized for them.
If you can recognize you're doing good things, whatever.
But if you shouldn't be doing the good thing just to get recognized for it, even having a brushing up on my philosophy on listening to some America's Aurelio stuff about his meditations, he was, Ah, he was an emperor back a long, long time ago in Rome, and he it talks about, like stoicism versus cynicism and rhetoric and all that kind of stuff and stoicism is basically like it's like living in the middle.
Basically, you don't take all the praise.
You don't take all the negativity.
You just kind of go about your life.
And you do things as a virtuous man because they're worth doing.
Not because there's this other faction called the cell fists or saw fists like remember how they're pronouncing it on.
I don't know how to spell it, but they were They were doing stuff.
They were blurting out wisdom to try and make themselves sound smart and try make themselves sound great.
Where is this?
Stoics and the virtuous man would give out wisdom because he wanted to better other people on.
And they like in that, too.
Like true happiness.
True happiness is being a virtuous person where you do the good things regardless of like outside influences you just based.
I'm boiling all of this down in a very, very basic way.
I'm not flashing any of it out, and I'm not all the way through the book yet, but this is what they talk about doing the good deed for the act off doing it rather than doing it, because you want to be recognized just for doing the good deed.
Of course, all of that philosophy stuff was written back in the day in closed cultures, and not with the whole idea of social media and online culture in the whole wide world being at your fingertips.
But I still think there's some decent messages in there.
Who would you rather discover something great and spread ish or discover something evil and prevented?
I guess this matters on how evil it actually is.
If it's an evil that's going to destroy the entire planet, then yes, prevent that at all costs.
But discovering something great and spreading it, I think, has a knock on effect again.
But I think I'd rather discover something great and spread that around because I think if something great is spread than other people take it on and they spread that vibe.
But I think it has a bigger ripple effect.
Ah, yeah, that's that's That's an interesting one.
I like this one.
This is what would you rather should be about existential dread.
I want to see that you sit in bed at night and being like, Oh, God, what evil?
That I not prevent that.
The good thing I spread actually do enough.
I don't know.
Get inside my head.
Would you rather Okay.
Would you rather get inside my head?
Get inside my head, would you?
Rather a zombie apocalypse or an alien invasion?
You know, your boys all about them aliens, folks on the apocalypse.
All right, if we're talking about Oh, maybe a lot of people were dying.
An alien invasion.
You don't know that.
Maybe they come down and be like, Here's space technology.
We're gonna leave now.
I guess that's an invasion then, is it?
That's more like an alien brunch on A lot of you are gonna argue while a zombie apocalypse.
If the zombies were slow, then you'd actually survive it.
And it wouldn't be all that bad.
Society would be fine.
An alien invasion.
We probably all die more but aliens or corner than zombies.
And you can all eat Dix.
If you say otherwise.
I'm not even sorry.
It's a fact of life.
Watch the movies.
Which movies are more exciting?
Alien invasion or zombies.
I'm right.
Although Shaun of the dead is a fucking banker.
Last one.
Would you rather only have access to YouTube on the Internet or only have access to games on the Internet?
My God, this is it.
This is the existential dread I was talking about.
Would you rather is gonna make my head explode?
Which one's it gonna be?
I don't know.
Which one should we pick?
I'm gonna go.
I'm gonna go.
YouTube Gonna go YouTube Funny of access to games on the internet.
Then I can't learn as much as if I have YouTube on the Internet.
You Jew would provide me with way more very diverse entertainment, amore Immediate rapid part on.
I could look up all these d i y things on how to make my own games.
Andi Also, we'd still have games off the Internet like some really good games Microphone where you go?
No, come back.
Well, that covers my existential dread for the day I I said I wanted something nice and soft and easy to dio has been a long, hard day Now mentally dream.
Here's one for you guys.
Would you rather smash like or subscribe.
It's a joke.
Because you're supposed to do both.
Idiots were so aggressive.
I don't know.
I'm sorry.
It's all jokes, I swear.
Um, but thank you guys so much washing you.
I hope you enjoyed it.
Here's one for you.
Would you rather only ever have Twitter or Instagram as your social media?
Which one would you have?
Would you rather have a go at it in the comments?
I'm telling you, gents, it's a lovely day for cricket.
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2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 31, 2020
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