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My name is except the guy, and we're still rounding out two decades.
Still rounded up the best games that have appeared in the Jacks up the guy variety channel over the last 10 years coming into 2020.
What better game next to do then?
Terminus moment.
This one might surprise a lot of you.
A lot of your apartment.
Like what the hell is a turbo dismount for?
Some of you are probably.
Wait, This was one of the best games on the channel in the last 10 years.
And yes, shut your mouth.
It is it really captured that, like, happy wields vipers.
Well, just get in, play a few levels and just have fun.
Yes, on I love it.
And for that reason, I'm giving it my jacks up the guy stamp of approval.
Which means absolutely not one of the best things, of course, about turbo dismount is that you can pick your own face and I can't think of a better face.
Then the good old classic Jack Septic, I this'll raise appeared everywhere for years, and it was the default face that everyone used for me in every sword of publication.
Okay, don't remember how to play this game.
Oh, no, I don't.
Oh, God.
Okay, There you go.
Go Hit the wall.
Hit the wall!
It's incredibly disappointing.
Look at him in the distance.
So stupid.
No, I don't want this car.
I want a different carriage.
Is ready New cars in the game.
There's that couch was a bus.
A quad Finn fighter.
I I want to go on the couch.
This is a fucking great one.
Manual steering.
Okay, this might be bad.
Easy, easy.
Keeping all gone.
I've never I've never driven a couch before.
It's okay.
You're still You're still going.
You're still fighting.
The police are after.
You may have taken Jack, which he'll never take the couch.
Or get stuck in just the tiniest bit of a sign.
Straight line, straight line, Full speed.
Speed is Hey, that's not a street light.
Do you know what a straight plate looks like?
It's a fucking wall.
Go periods.
Care the barriers here.
The barriers.
Yes, the coach Is Steven fucking fast enough to get up this?
Where you going?
Uh, fucking dead coaches shaped coach doesn't know what's going on.
All right.
JJ Emery.
Oh, yeah.
You gave 20 Kimmie to hang 10 with me.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah, I am.
Wow, baby, I did a horrible, awful Karen.
So the fucked out okay, Jackson honey anymore.
Fuck the police cover straight from the underground.
Fuck all the trees except for team trees fighting back against global warming.
Everything was fine here.
Everything was good.
It was a I was around about here that I realized I fucked up.
I I am.
I is bad.
Ow, ow!
On the head came off by.
That's the face of a lie that knows he's dead.
You think a roadblock is going to stop trackable?
Be clearly You do not know who you're up against.
All right?
You know, speed is key.
I'm ready.
I'm gonna steer it this time.
But his head is gone, but the spirit lives.
Fucking crisis thing is too fast.
I don't think they'll ever stop it tight.
Is that a tank Barrel, Jr Pocket?
Or are you just happy to see me?
Oh, yes.
Straddle that tank beat!
Beat bitches!
Get out of the way!
You were never stopping this.
You are never stopped His Hold on, Jack.
You fucker!
Tanks going with things going to live on.
The tank's gonna finish the job.
Good job, Tank.
This is a better position.
Hold on for dear life for anything.
Rams up the iris.
Just take it Nice.
The tankan.
Take it.
What even happened to you?
Everything was good.
And then Oh, it was all over, man.
Damn it.
Look, A little CDs.
Sniff the toes.
Sniff him.
This one's going to work because nothing stops.
Turn, turn, turn, Walk in Any way Back up the hill.
Nice, gentle, strong.
A nice, gentle drive down the highway.
Police could hit you on the wall, but you're in the squatch, okay?
Fuck that train.
A lot of guys we can talk about this.
Guys, guys, you can kill me all you want, but you'll never take the boogie out of that booty.
This is absolutely safe.
This is 100% safe.
Almost full speed.
Oh, it's gonna clap right at the start.
Go, Go, Jackie boy.
Lithe front seat.
Put your seatbelt on.
It's important.
Safety first.
Even 1/2 speed.
She's She's crazy.
Still like still life.
Everything's fine.
No, no.
I'm out of the carriage.
Squatch, I'm here.
All right, let's get on.
Old, Creaky.
There you go.
You push it out yourself.
Oh, my God.
This is the slowest thing on earth.
That's what the monorail incident is.
I'm on a real just crashes.
Well, I missed the whole thing.
I can't even get up the hill.
All right, top speed, Top speed.
Here we go.
We're still too slow.
Shit is happening.
And I'm just like, Oh, what do you do?
What the hell, assistant?
Is this just a job?
Oh, the jawbone made a string cheese.
Or she's fast, though, or she too fast.
Oh, way too fast.
Oh, God!
This'll is it?
This is the one.
I can feel it.
I can feel that.
This is the one.
This is going to get us.
Come on, Come on!
Ah, so cool.
Jack, do it for me.
Do it!
Do it for me.
Do it for other Jack.
Let's see that in an instant replay.
Oh, yeah!
Oh, yeah!
Oh, yeah.
Make me nipples hired.
Oh, Oh, yes, but the place.
The turbo dismount really takes off.
Is there a fan made love?
Oh, my God.
There is literally a Jax after high level in here.
Except the adventures number five city stuff Re Bastard.
I can't believe that in 2019 there are still jacks up the guy.
Happy wheels on turbo dismount novels.
That is amazing.
All right, let's just go.
Let's just go and see what happens.
Book, right?
Maybe a little faster than that.
God almighty.
Well, you let me do you Let me go.
You never touch me alive now.
Copper's local ocean, Ocean.
I'm not gonna survive myself.
I do not like the fact that I used to steer this.
Jack's gone.
I got dammit!
Stuff that does not meet health and safety standards.
That is a terrible pose.
But my God isn't sexy.
Look at that.
Look at that!
You can survive this, Jack.
No, you can't!
All the way.
All the way!
Oh, God!
To go crushed.
Oh, my God!
This is a Star Wars one.
It's an X wing.
How fast is it though?
Oh, not fast enough.
Not fast.
Jesus fucking Christ!
I am dead Seven ways from Sunday.
All right, this was just called to space.
What better vehicle to use?
An X wing?
All right.
You okay there, Jack?
Don't look.
Don't Don't look at anything that's about to happen.
You okay?
Oh, you're missing a head.
That's unfortunate.
Oh, God.
How That's so awesome, though.
Once you hit a boost.
Oh, my God.
Now I am a star war.
I went to space on a couch.
How can you lie across Coach?
Oh, yes.
Oh, yeah.
That's what I like.
This one I like.
This is how I sit on the couch in a Sunday.
It's too fast for the carriage.
I give it a little nudge, a little knowledge.
It's just a tiny little body.
Just a tiny little on.
Oh, yes, that's no, no, no, no Creek.
He's ready to go already flashing away.
Geez, it's It's already on.
The boosters.
Go full speed.
Oh, make it.
Make it.
Oh, God.
Some of you saw that.
They don't have a DeLorean.
The Havel a Dorian.
That's very clever.
All right.
Time to go back to the future.
Oh, yes, That speed.
Oh, hey, Um what's happening?
Oh, death is happening.
We're going back in time.
That says exactly how he said it.
And what?
How he was posed for needed.
We're going.
We're going back in time.
I made a time machine married.
Get into the lorry in this one is just me a car on a bomb at the end of the road.
Oh, this is all.
Sometimes that's all you need.
All you need is for your ass to survive.
Let's see how instantaneous this is.
Jack's coming in hard, guys coming in hard and hot.
He's ready.
Don't even go up.
There it is.
Found it.
I found his head to sitting on my couch and a nice day off playing fortnight or blood board or something like that.
Okay, they're cut.
My responsibilities.
Say it is on the way back at the start.
Head's so big it crushed the ground when it landed.
Big brain artery, Miss Bumble Bee.
Oh, Miss Mama, be thick.
Hell, yeah.
Look, stop it.
All of this junk in the trunk.
You'll never do.
You'll never do it.
I'm way to think.
You did it Anyway.
You may have killed me, but my tits will go on.
Where am I?
In space and time with this character right now, Right?
They break the game.
I broke the game.
I am outside the boundaries.
My tits and ass have gone further than any man before.
If you see here, you can see the exact moment that my ass has ejected the orbit.
Right there, right there.
Can't even keep up with how thick and fast I am what we have here.
Ooh, boop, boop!
Watch out!
Next stop, my thighs Go thick, Jack.
Go think, Jack.
Yeah, All I got for Christmas was disappointment.
Trains will good trains to big.
Let's let's do the whiplash listing a flyover.
Oh, full speed.
I had a little boost.
IPod as well.
Just give it a little extra course.
Yeah, I'm again.
Never mind.
Oh, I believe in you.
I believe in you more than anybody's.
Ever believe in anything?
Fuck, yeah.
This is gonna be a good one.
And meeting nice and meeting.
Yeah, Go again.
Go again.
You're only missing a head.
You don't need a head.
Guys, guys, I can't feel my legs.
Oh, they're They're, uh what is This is this entire thing.
Boost pads.
Oh, my God, it is.
Oh, shit.
Oh, Lord above.
Oh, my God.
We need something with obnoxious speed to go down this way.
I'm shooting as well.
I'm sure things out of the way.
Okay, Turn, turn.
No, no, no.
All right.
I can steer it because you avoid everything.
I've read every food.
Jesus lost.
God, no, no, no, no, Not safe.
They'll never stop the coach.
The couch is gonna go on forever.
Mark my words.
The couch is the ultimate in comfort and style.
Who gets in the end of the highway at the end of time?
The couch is the best.
Jesus, this is Michael Bay movie.
Around out of boosts.
I just fell off.
It was like, How does me doing it?
Hey, this is this is a terrible idea.
Are you really faster?
You breaking?
I don't know.
Oh, yes.
Oh, yes.
I have been separated from my ass.
How does that ground taste, bud?
It's so much fun.
Mm mm.
I don't hit the ramp.
I want hit the ramp.
Damn it!
Oh, that's gonna do it for this video on Turbo Dismount.
Still an amazing game.
Still just so much fun.
There's not a whole lot to it, But my God, is that really fun to play?
I love just smashing stuff with sound effects is so good, it's It's hilarious.
Don't none of you ever doubt my ass again?
My ass is the strongest entity in the universe, but playing turbo dismount again reminded me of how fun it can be.
I had so much fun just putting different faces on characters.
I had a bunch of different catchphrases and everything in this series and that.
That to me, is why it's in this week because I have extremely fun memories off playing this game.
Not only that, but this This game was the 1st 60 f.
S video I uploaded to the channel.
They back back years ago.
You Jim didn't have 60 FBs.
Everything had to be 30.
They didn't allow for 60 f B s on the platform and then when they finally introduced it, this is the first game I played on uploaded to show off what 60 FBS was because I thought the sheer manic nous and the sheer speed and ferocity off this game.
It was a really great way to show it off.
Closes the chapter on another game from this college week.
I hope you guys had fun.
Don't forget to leave it like in the video if you did.
And don't forget to subscribe.
If you are new here we upload videos every single day.
Not all of them are a throwback to the old times that my God, is it fun to do?
But until next time I am going to wish you all a merry, merry great backfield, so supportive.
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Turbo Dismount Is Still HILARIOUS

1 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 31, 2020
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