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the blue House on the door.
Why is my dad talking about farting and Yikes?
Yeah, you little cop.
There's a guy.
It's good to see you're here.
Don't Your feet.
They are freaking gingerbread, man.
I understand.
There's a guy below us.
Just he's on top of the house, You know?
I'm going down there.
I don't think there's anyone down.
There's a manages place.
Look again.
I Yeah.
Guys behind Blue House on the roof.
Yeah, I'm yellow.
Just shocking yet.
I believe Ugo bandages down here for you.
What did you call them?
Yes, but you should have seen me.
I was literally I was praying that way.
You're still alive.
Wait, Clutch!
Oh, gosh.
What a time!
All right.
Another taco.
You deserve it, bro.
And before I made it, there's more guys here.
I got him going the fourth skin on top of the roof.
My roof.
You don't loan.
You are?
Yeah, he would get a shot at.
There's two different teams here.
That's a deep pocket above us.
And there's a guy east.
You're so weak.
Dude, there's still more guys.
I don't know what they are not here.
Yep, I don't even know what I don't know.
Remember when we had shields wait south to shock of bullets left?
Dude, here's a sniper.
There's at least two and these guys were directly, uh south of us.
There's a guy I think that that tree Hill close They both have snipers.
It's on the back.
You, uh, talk?
All must be really good.
Did I don't think you have said a word all game home do so good.
Crunchy onion like crispy onion rings, fried onion rings and chicken with some cheese on the sauce is amazing from like a local place are just make it It's not from uber eats maybe uber each.
Dude, I'm eight rockets.
If you wanna want them do alongside to I'm accused of I'm slated him.
Don't die, Wayman, that we've been in this position before.
I have no skills.
I can't question Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
That I tell you, you were popping up.
Thank you.
Die that I'm unwilling.
I dive.
Get sniped.
No shields, no nothing.
I'm a long bed and I'm gonna go going on top of here.
Starting up the launchpad.
Open up a coke!
A red Bull, bro.
Wow, I'm I'm a new.
But I have known that I don't really know what to say to that.
You think this camera 100.
Be a good concept.
Skin from the last time, Don't you going on or I'll play.
There's five other older something The shops 1 20 All right, I'm gonna test on me starts.
And why?
I think the weight of it.
I thought everyone in my dream and the great wonderful holiday and good luck in the final.
Oh, there's a big fight north.
But get this drop down to go up in a minute, and then I'll come right to you.
I'm pretty sure that's rad.
Kind of Yemen.
Some like that.
That doesn't mean homely.
You're really far so bad.
3/2 pots.
Give me one.
And I got bandages for you.
And they were looking real pretty.
I'm going above us.
Um, I'm going up.
Up some three left in the frame.
Joker, Think three years here T o our good.
Now I have no excuse.
If I die, then I just your prize.
They're actually drive, but we gotta get to year.
Thank you.
Actually, I have a lot of match to all those guys flying.
Wait, What?
Did you get the hell out?
Okay, that's two extra guys flying in.
Industy, guys fighting industy.
Thomas the egg!
Right, Right.
You're right.
Going, people go down!
Mike, He's Ah!
He's west on one by one, Super Week.
I've Rockets!
Bring the gun back.
Oh, my God.
I have a launch pad.
I'm good.
I'll be good to get out.
Save it.
I used it.
Just one guy up.
I have no more fields.
You've launched about her now I do.
Three to carry to make it.
I'm counting on this mountain bounce.
I'm a seat.
This is Luna.
I'm going in alloted.
I'm going.
Well, yeah.
Yes, I see that.
You're beyond I got right.
Oh, yeah.
Are you running way with the Oh, my God.
So guys are southeast of you.
At least.
You guys you guys flying?
The only thing you got your rockets field, your friend One thing.
It I'm gonna win.
Oh, my God.
These guys like right here.
I got a kid.
Yeah, there's like they're super close.
He was like looting.
God, I'm actually dropping frames.
Internet hasn't even forever.
Three slowing down.
I'm popping this one more and I'll give you one rockets from here.
Nine, are there?
I'm not rocket too.
No, not that one or two.
Why 70.
Okay, um, game.
Maybe you're there.
West in the water.
It's a rocket ride.
Yeah, already.
You wanna rock it on me?
All right.
You know, for one thing.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
If I got both.
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5 Folder Collection
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