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rules in this battle are simple.
Each guy will spend to see how they've old after two rounds, two dudes with the most pens Move on to the finale.
Welcome to our all sports wheel, where you will spin this to figure out what item you will be using the bowl.
Cody is starting us off.
Good luck to you, sir.
All right, gang.
It was, unfortunately, spun goal.
What he's trying to say is his golf game.
It's not a great way you would assume there was a gutter ball involved.
We have three pin head back to the way our guys about go marble.
But first let me address the elephant in the room is a trick shot injury.
The doctor described it as a Drew Brees injury.
Man Drew were the same.
A couple of elite athletes.
Wayne is injured hand because he's using the other way.
I really can't blame it.
All right, this is big waste on the 1st 1 here for a 2nd 0 my good day, please.
Now it's not nothing.
It's just middle of road.
Give me baby weight.
Makes it up here.
Must've been in the opposite direction.
Wait not a great billiards player.
I'm gonna shoot you guys straight.
Straight gets seven total.
Let's go.
We owe you guys here with bone marrow.
Feel pretty good place to my strengths game.
You know what?
I'm gonna dial it in.
Bold number two.
Not a big deal.
I think he's gonna get the other 1 10 Probably not.
I turn and shoot it.
Cody, will you guys agree to give me another attempt with you?
Spare here.
Thing plays to my strengths.
I feel pretty good place to my strengths.
Plays to my strengths.
I truly am a better archer than I just represented today, Chad.
Show him some of my better our tree shots.
I apologize.
Guys, enjoy these.
And maybe I'll see in the finale, but it's not looking good for me.
After round one, Garrett is in the lead with nine pins, followed by Kobe with seven.
Cory, Cody and Ty are all on the chopping block.
Time to spend the wheel around too.
And for my second spin, I want the hamster.
Give me the hamster.
Great sport.
Most popular sport in the world.
I did it!
I got a hamster Polo got a polo goal floors.
I definitely don't know what hamster is.
You don't know what a hamster.
It's faster if I don't know what Hamster and tails, guys.
Welcome around.
Two kids, huh?
How, unlike the others for the Giants or by get one bowl.
But I double the score.
Wait, I'm not gonna lie.
That played out differently in my head.
I thought the old hill here was gonna curve it on down.
First round, four, second round total of nine.
I think I'm eliminated.
Love you guys.
I've never really onside kick before is gonna be really hard.
All right, Got four.
Got one more kick, lad.
Let's do it.
Second kick.
First awful one.
Apologize to every NFL kicker for making fun of your own on psychics.
That is extremely difficult.
I feel pretty good about it.
At least I don't have to put my hopes in a hamster hands.
Do they even have I'm trying to hold it together here.
My competitive fate is now in the hands of strike here.
Right here, calling your strike.
Listen, buddy, I need a good ball out of hell.
Beat nine and we'll be in a good spot.
Forward stop.
Not a bad ball.
Everybody spooked him and then all coax spooking coast.
I say you outperform me today, right?
You are an unbelievable athlete and I have no problem giving credit where credit is due.
It's still who's spot in the finale with 30.
So well done back, baby.
Five pence is all I need out of two bowls to secure my spot in the finale.
I gotta be honest.
I expected a little bit more.
Knock down three pins.
I just eliminated Cory and Cody.
I'm currently in second place with 10.
Would be nice to seal the deal with a couple more.
So here we go.
Gets too.
He's automatically in the finale.
If he gets one or less.
Tie still has a chance.
Oh, I don't want it.
I want our curry needs an incredible performance in Polo.
Polo we go 99 10 And where's my Mustang?
Let's do this.
Come on, Come on, Come on.
Mustang came to an abrupt halt.
Tie power through Mustang.
You go faster in this.
I mean, I'm sure you do, but are we supposed to when we hit the way, I hope you're Wait.
Don't clap don't clap.
I've already talked too much.
He took full responsibility for that.
Loss was unbelievable.
That's on you, is it?
Why are we still talking?
Let's do it.
Welcome to you all.
Sports bowling finale.
We've got 120 pen set up behind us.
Quite the visual there.
You guys will have four throws baseball out of a Juggs machine.
Regular football.
Throw soccer kick in a basketball hook shot.
You can do them in any order you choose.
Most pens down is the winner.
I like to go first.
As always, start with baseball.
Look there.
Godspeed turned out better than I thought it would.
Oh my gosh, it seems impossible.
Oh, that's a good bowl.
Oh, no, that hurts football.
I overshot it by about a foot.
I feel pretty good about it.
I mean, I am going up against the two time battle winner.
Not a 19 time battle winner will get you left the door open, but it is by no means guaranteed.
Sometimes I feel like it's just better downplay it, you know, like they say in the Super Bowl had just treat it like any other game.
I just go out there and, you know, play football in this case by bowling with other sports.
So you guys heard enough Interesting strategy.
I'm gonna use the basketball and try to launch it over.
Hit dead center.
Boom, shockwaves.
That might knock it all down with basketball.
High risk, high reward.
Let's do it in 321 Lucky man.
He got it Buying it.
I almost missed him all.
I thought it was dead center.
I feel nervous for Kobe.
I could see him.
He's over there like this right now.
I have to go baseball Have good luck.
We're fine.
Mountain gonna dictate going soccer.
It's not looking good.
I'm gonna be honest.
It would take a miracle to hit as hard as you can.
And he needs 47 48.
Tow win.
Ladies and gentlemen, it all comes down to this thorough way.
Wait, I don't know.
E was Hey, remember that thing I wanted to talk to you about is now the best Doesn't walk over here and tell you that, So I'm gonna I'm gonna have to move you are you have toe?
I have to go find another team.
I think at this point, it's best for both of us.
Copes again.
Sorry about leaving team, guys.
I'm a free agent.
Hardy was looking to join a team, so let me know.
Congratulations to care.
It's not my honor, but it is my duty.
He's not even I don't even want it.
I Thanks for watching guys.
If you're not already do perfect subscriber click down here so you don't miss out on any new videos special Thanks to our friends Amazon For making this video possible, click here to see all the sports and fitness equipment that we used in this video on the Amazon active lifestyle guy, You want to see the last video right here, signing off for now pounding.
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All Sports Bowling Battle | Dude Perfect

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 31, 2020
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