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  • All of the stuff that I've read about in the press. I mean, I haven't spoken to these people.

  • So Cheryl's back. Simon's back. Louis, well, he'll probably be back. So the question on

  • everyone's lips is who will take fourth seat on The X Factor judging panel? Well, we're

  • here in central London for the launch of the X Factor musical I Can't Sing! to find out just that.

  • I think Rihanna would absolutely smash it apart, but it's whether she's got the time

  • to do it or not. If she has, fantastic.

  • If I was booking it, I'd put like a rock star in that seat, just to give it a totally different

  • angle. Like Cheryl came through Pop Stars. You know, Simon and Louis are obviously managers.

  • To have someone that's come and built a band from a practice room to an arena or stadium,

  • I think that would be such an interesting perspective to have on the show.

  • -We should do a week each, should we? -That'd be good.

  • A rotation for Union J.

  • Guest judges. I can see that.

  • I would like to see Rihanna on there. That would be really cool. I don't know. Anyone.

  • Beyonce. Imagine? Imagine Beyonce on there. Imagine what she'd be wearing.

  • Ollie would be good. Ollie would be really good. Ollie would be good because it'd be

  • a real like sort of the show would eat itself in a way. Someone who's been through everything,

  • and it shows they can now be a judge. Ollie would be a great judge. He works very hard.

  • So the celebs had their say, but boss Simon Cowell wasn't giving anything away. However,

  • he said he's more than happy to have our favourite Geordie back on the panel.

  • Simon, obviously Cheryl's back. We're so happy. How did you do it? What did you do?

  • I charmed her.

  • Was there anything in particular that made her change her mind?

  • You know why she came back? When we had a conversation at my house and we were talking

  • about the talent in that final year, 2010 - One Direction, Rebecca Ferguson, Cher Lloyd,

  • Matt Cardle - we just had great people. And we just suddenly thought 'we want to do the

  • same thing all over again.' And that was the incentive to do it - the belief that there

  • are still great people in this country left.

  • So who will take that last remaining seat of the judging panel? Well, we'll just have

  • to wait and see.

All of the stuff that I've read about in the press. I mean, I haven't spoken to these people.

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