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We askedseven different questions, and if you get all seven of our questions right, we'll give you a brand new iPhone 11.
Whoa, there is no way.
Ooh, shit!
-No, no, stop, I'll cry. - We need it, we need it.
No, that's fake.
No, that's real, 100 percent.
This is the guy who won our phone.
I still have it.
It's a super nice phone, iPhone XS.
Some people think it's fake.
-No, it's real stuff. -Yeah, no, for everyone saying it's fake.
It's real stuff, it's for real, for real.
Are you for real?
I'm for real.
It's not a prank.
Can I use Google first and then get back?
You do know I'm the YouTube expert.
I'm so excited for an opportunity to win an iPhone right now.
So I don't know if you like the color.
Oh, it's so red, that's very red.
I'm gonna be embarrassed if I don't answer these properly.
Oh my God, yes, okay, let's go.
Shut up, bro.
No for real, yeah, for real 100 percent, 100 percent.
Do you know much about YouTube?
Do you think you're confident you'll get some of these questions right?
Not really.
Question number one: Which country is the most subscribed YouTube channel from?
Are you serious?
Come on, come on.
PewDiePie lives in the United States, right?
Do you know who the most subscribed channel is?
Apparently he's like, I'm gonna go ahead and say, hmm.
Do you know who the most subscribed YouTube channel is?
No, do you have any guesses?
I don't know.
Which country is the most subscribed YouTube channel from?
Los Angeles.
The United States.
Do you know who the most subscribed YouTube channel is?
I don't even know my countries like that.
Let's just say, is Australia a country?
United States?
I'm gonna say Germany.
Like America?
Is it the U.K.?
Do you know what the most subscribed YouTube channel is?
You think PewDiePie's from Canada?
The U.K.?
His friends are not very confident.
I'll come win it for him.
Come on.
Is it the United States of America?
Is that your final answer?
The most subscribed YouTube channel is actually T-Series, and they're from India.
There ain't no way anyone would know that, but, like, it's fine.
That is correct.
You got it, you got it.
That is correct, nicely done.
T-Series, baby.
India and it's T-Series.
India's the correct answer.
You want to swap out with your friend here?
Yeah, yeah.
So you guys got it right.
India is the correct answer.
Well see, it used to be PewDiePie, but it's not anymore 'cause it's T-Series, and I believe that is...
Where's T-Series from?
That's correct.
India, T-Series.
It's India.
Are you serious?
See, that was my second guess, you know.
Right, right, of course, of course.
That's my second guess.
Question number two: What giant Internet company owns Instagram?
Why is the first question the only one I don't know the answer to?
Oh no.
Dude, easy.
Final answer?
That's correct, nicely done, you got it.
You're making me nervous.
I know.
Question number two: What giant Internet company owns Instagram?
Yes, this is easy.
He knows, he knows.
Let's go, come on, iPhone.
Where is it again?
You're off to a great start, great start.
Can I just like touch it real quick?
Oh yeah.
Okay, it's warm, it's hot.
Is that your final answer, Facebook?
Yes, sir.
Dude, you're killing it.
They don't get harder, eh, so you might actually win this.
What phone do you have?
An iPhone 11 Pro Max.
iPhone 11 Pro?
You can sell this, you can give it away.
Oh, oh, Mark Zuckerberg.
That's not–
We'll give that to you, but if you guys give another hint, he's disqualified.
We're trying to be helpful, but that was a lot of hints, all right?
All right.
Facebook, Facebook.
That is correct, okay.
Google is your final answer?
It's actually Facebook.
I said it, I knew it.
Final answer?
Dude, yes, nicely done, dude.
If this is real, that would be cool.
No, it is real, it's legit real.
Don't jinx it though, don't jinx it though.
This is facts real.
Question number three: What is the name of YouTube's premium streaming service?
Oh, it's a hard one, this is a hard one.
Their streaming service?
So basically, YouTube has a service in which you can pay for in order to get no ads on YouTube, download YouTube videos, play videos in the background.
YouTube Red.
Is that your final answer?
Don't do that to me, bro.
YouTube Red.
You think it's called YouTube Red?
Final answer?
It's called YouTube Premium.
It used to be called YouTube Red.
It was YouTube Red?
It was called YouTube Red.
They changed it to YouTube Premium.
Dude, I have it on my phone right now.
YouTube Premium.
Dude, nicely done, dude.
He doesn't even have to think.
It's not Red anymore.
Exactly, exactly.
It's not YouTube Plus or YouTube Premium.
Yeah, it has to be YouTube Red 'cause that's the one that we get no ads and stuff.
Is that your final answer?
It's called YouTube Premium.
Oh, so it was YouTube Premium, I knew it.
It's called YouTube Premium.
Son of a...
YouTube Red.
No, it's called YouTube Premium.
Oh, God, that's a trick question.
I mean...
That's totally a trick question.
Hold on, okay.
If you think about it, you'll get it.
Just you'll get it, think about it.
If YouTube had a premium streaming service, what would it be called?
YouTube Premium.
Yes, yes, you knew it, didn't you?
You were like.
YouTube Red.
Final answer?
It's called YouTube Premium, it's called YouTube Premium.
Which one?
YouTube TV or YouTube Red?
-YouTube Premium service. -Not YouTube TV.
Okay, so YouTube Red.
Is that your final answer?
It's called YouTube Premium.
No, it's YouTube Red.
They changed it from YouTube Red to YouTube Premium.
Okay, well, that's fake news, let's redo this.
Come on, reshoot this.
It's rigged.
I just want to say that to the video, it's rigged.
YouTube's premium streaming service.
YouTube Premium.
That's right.
You got it.
Final answer, YouTube Red.
It's called YouTube Premium.
There's a few things running through my mind.
I know there's YouTube TV, I know there's YouTube Premium.
So okay, I'm gonna give you some hints here.
It's the one that allows you to download YouTube videos, have no ads on YouTube, you know, play music in the background, that one.
YouTube Premium.
That's correct, nice job.
You got it.
Let's go, how many more questions do I have?
You are...
Four more questions.
Yeah, four more questions.
Do you have YouTube Premium?
Okay, good, okay, good.
Good man, good man.
That was the fourth question, you got it, no dude.
All right, you're halfway through now.
What company makes more revenue, YouTube or Instagram?
It's an interview that's supposed to make YouTube look good.
Does Facebook count as Instagram or no?
No, it's just Instagram.
You think? Are you confident?
What, Instagram makes more money?
Instagram makes more ad revenue than YouTube.
There's no way.
Where are the ads on Instagram?
They're everywhere, what do you mean?
Have you never bought something from an Instagram ad?
Did you know that?
How did you not know that?
They're lying to you, they don't know.
I feel like I'm on Deal or No Deal right now.
I'm going to have to go with Instagram because of Facebook, because it's run by Facebook.
Is that your final answer?
Yes, sir.
That is correct, dude.
I got that wrong too.
-I'm so glad I didn't do this. - You are absolutely killing it right now.
The statistic were just released recently on this.
We actually talked about it on our podcast so, you know, if you want to watch our podcast to find the answer.
I know YouTube has a larger user base, I'm pretty sure.
Have you ever bought anything from Instagram or YouTube from an ad?
I have, from an Instagram ad.
I'll just go with Instagram.
Final answer Instagram?
Final answer.
That is correct, that is correct, that is correct.
We were trying to help you out as much as possible we're like.
Okay, I'm nervous.
Um... Instagram.
Final answer?
That's correct, yes, yes.
All right, you're doing great.
Only three more questions.
Question number five: What country is TikTok from?
Easy, China, nicely done.
Do you do TikTok?
I dabble.
China 'cause it's run by ByteDance.
This guy knows what he's talking about.
Do you have a YouTube channel?
Yes, I do.
Do you have a TikTok as well?
I do, Henry Boat on both.
I feel like it's China 'cause I think that's where Musically was from.
Final answer?
So China, final answer.
That's correct.
You're on your way, only two more questions left and you could win this phone.
Do you have an iPhone already?
I have this janky-looking... piece of...
And the screen's cracked.
It's a piece of work, yeah.
Dude, this is gonna be great.
It's gonna be a brand-new.
This will change my life.
Yeah, okay.
So these final couple questions are some throwback questions.
If you get these right, you're gonna win the iPhone 11.
What phone do you have right now?
I have an iPhone 8.
An iPhone 8, so this'll be a little upgrade.
A little bit of an upgrade for you, it'll be awesome.
It's red, I hope you like the color red.
Question number six: Which of these YouTubers is Tobuscus?
He didn't even have to think for a second, he knew.
Oh yeah.
You might be winning this phone right now.
Question number six: Which of these YouTubers is Tobuscus?
Do you know who Tobuscus is?
That's Ryan Higa, that's not him.
This dude looks familiar, but like, and then this guy also have never seen him.
Tobuscus, Tobuscus, Tobscus.
This is Tobuscus.
That's your final answer?
No, that's ShayCarl, no!
Damn, see, I wouldn't know that.
Ahh, no.
Aw, you were so close.
But that was fun though.
So close, dude.
Awesome, dude, you did great, you did great.
That's hard.
Dude, thank you so much for playing.
-Yo, keep doing that shit. - I really appreciate it dude.
You killed it.
All right, all right, thank you.
So I know he had a scandal-type thing, so this one would be Tobuscus.
You think that's Tobuscus, final answer?
Correct, nicely done, nicely done.
How long have you been watching YouTube for?
Probably 2010, which is more than half of my life.
I'm kind of jealous because I think I need the phone more than he does.
Oh, oh.
-She's a YouTuber, so she would need it more than me, but... -If you get this question right and you win the phone, you know, you can always give her the phone.
Final question: Which of these YouTubers was the first to reach 10,000,000 subscribers?
Okay, I know it's not PewDiePie.
Ray William Johnson was pretty big.
I know Smosh was the most subscribed YouTube channel for a while.
I have a strong inkling that it's Ray William Johnson, but...
It's either Smosh or Ray William Johnson, and I want to say Ray William Johnson so Ray William Johnson.
Is that your final answer?
Oh wait, it might be Smosh.
I know PewDiePie got big quick, but I don't think he was first.
Yeah, who was the first, you think?
Ray William Johnson, I know he was really, really big, and then he fell off, and I feel like after he fell off that's when Smosh took over.
Not giving any hints.
It's all you, dude, it's all you.
Oh no.
No pressure, it's just the final question, and you could win an iPhone if you get this right.
I'm gonna say Ray William Johnson.
Final answer Ray William Johnson, for sure, 100 percent?
It was Smosh, it was Smosh.
I would say Smosh.
Final answer, Smosh?
Final answer.
That is correct.
Yes, congratulations.
Thank you, I'd like to thank Steve Jobs, Tim Cook, everyone who made this iPhone possible, thank you very much.
God bless America.
I was gonna buy a new one next week so this saved me1,000 bucks, thank you.
Yes, you're welcome, dude.
I was surprised at how many people didn't know a lot of the questions.
That's 'cause there's so many TikTokers around here.
There's so many TikTokers around here these days.
If you want to win these in the future, you should watch our podcast.
That's where we give away all of the YouTube knowledge.
It's a podcast about YouTube, about behind the scenes stuff, and yeah, you should check it out and subscribe.
Link's in the description.
We're asking seven different questions about YouTube, and if you get all of them right, we give you a brand new iPhone 10.
Oh yeah.
Whoa, okay.
It's a real iPhone 10, I can confirm.
Oh my God.
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Teenagers Try Answering Simple Questions for an iPhone

135 Folder Collection
nanako.kamiya published on March 30, 2020
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