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- Your next door neighbor may not be exactly
who you think they are.
You might think serial killers are lower intelligence
individuals who are not smart enough to know the difference
between right and wrong,
but the terrifying reality is quite the opposite.
These are the 10 smartest serial killers of all time.
Number one is Ted Kaczynski.
Ted Kaczynski, better known as the Unabomber,
was born in Chicago, Illinois, on May 22nd, 1942.
As a child, Kaczynski was academically gifted,
and in the fifth grade he received an IQ score of 167.
His high intelligence got him accepted to Harvard
at only 16 years old.
During his time there, he took part in brutal psychological
testing that was meant to study stress.
This experience and his young age are believed to have
contributed to him becoming socially isolated.
He went on to earn his Ph.D and was a professor
at Berkeley, but his belief that humanity was becoming
immoral and controlled by technology led him to go
off the grid.
For 18 years, he lived in a cabin in the woods of Montana
where he built small bombs, sending them to targets
across the United States.
The bombs, which were impossible to trace back to Kaczynski,
killed three people and injured 23 more.
It was only because his own brother recognized
his handwriting on a published copy of his manifesto
that the FBI captured Kaczynski on April 3rd, 1996.
He is still in prison serving a life sentence.
Number two is Carroll Cole.
Born on May 9th, 1938, in Iowa, Carroll Cole was considered
to be extremely intelligent with an IQ of 152.
But his terrible home life and developing mental issues
eventually turned him into a coldblooded serial killer.
Cole's mother was incredibly abusive.
She would make him watch her entertain men
and would beat him constantly.
Cole committed his first murder as a child
when he drowned one of his classmates.
As an adult, he would commit his crimes while in
a violent rage, including strangling an 11-year-old girl.
He spent time in and out of prison and mental hospitals,
but once he was released he started drinking
and would kill women that he met that reminded him
of his mother.
In November of 1980, Cole was finally caught and confessed
to 14 murders, but there are possibly even more
that he couldn't remember.
He was given the death penalty and died by lethal injection
on December 6th, 1985.
Number three is Jack the Ripper.
There are tons of theories as to who Jack the Ripper
really was.
From a local surgeon to possibly Queen Victoria's grandson
Prince Albert, nobody knows.
But one thing is for sure, he was highly skilled
and knowledgeable in human anatomy.
The infamous, anonymous serial killer murdered at least
five women in the Whitechapel district of London, England,
between 1888 and 1881.
The murders were often extremely gruesome
with the bodies left horrifically mutilated,
complete with organs missing.
The state the bodies were found in convinced many
that he could have been a surgeon or even a butcher.
During the time of the murders, hundreds of letters,
supposedly from the killer, were sent to the press.
Most of them turned out to be fakes, but a few very likely
were sent from the man himself,
including one signed Jack the Ripper.
One even correctly promised details of the next murder.
Jack the Ripper seemed to disappear after his final murder
of Mary Kelly, and despite developments in forensic
technology, he evaded police and was never identified.
Number four is H.H. Holmes.
Herman Mudgett, also known as Dr. Henry Howard Holmes
or H.H. Holmes, was born on May 16th, 1861,
in Gilmanton, New Hampshire.
Holmes moved to Chicago in 1886 and purchased a lot
where he started to build a large hotel
dubbed by locals The Castle.
During the contruction process, Holmes would frequently
hire and then quickly fire entire teams
of construction workers after sections of the hotel
were completed.
This was all part of his grand plot,
because he didn't want any of the workers knowing
the full picture of the building plans,
which in reality was that the second floor was to become
a massive murder complex.
This true house of horrors was basically a murder maze,
complete with soundproof rooms, doors that led to nowhere,
bedrooms linked with gas lines, and torture chambers.
The hotel was up and running during the 1893 World's Fair
which was ideal since people were less likely to notice
a few tourists amongst thousands going missing.
He was eventually caught and hanged in 1894,
but not before he killed an estimated 200 guests.
Number five is Andrew Cunanan.
Andrew Cunanan was born in National City, California,
on August 31st, 1969.
He was a gifted young man with an IQ of 147
and was apparently fluent in seven different languages,
but he also had a passion for the high class lifestyle
and was obsessed with fame.
During the 1990s, he would frequent gay clubs
in San Francisco and eventually began prostituting himself
to wealthy, older men and began using hard drugs.
Then, on April 25th, 1997, he began a three-month
murder spree that took the lives of five men.
However, he taunted police,
taking them on a cross country manhunt.
Cunanan was quickly put on the FBI's 10 most wanted list
before returning to Miami and reentering the party scene.
Then, on the morning of July 15th, 1997,
Cunanan shot and killed famous fashion designer
Gianni Versace outside his home without any clear motive.
And eight days later on July 23rd, the FBI finally
tracked him to a houseboat, but he committed suicide,
shooting himself before he could be arrested.
Number six is the Zodiac Killer.
During the late 1960s, the Zodiac Killer
had the citizens of northern California living in terror.
Between December 1968 and October 1969,
the Zodiac completely baffled law enforcement
with a series of five confirmed murders though it's believed
he could've been responsible for many more.
Between 1969 and 1974, the Zodiac Killer began to contact
the media and investigators.
He sent a series of letters over the years,
including four ciphers, but despite attempts from some of
the smartest people in the world,
only one has ever been solved.
The Zodiac claimed if the ciphers were ever solved,
he would reveal his identity and would help police find him.
The one decoded cipher revealed his motive for the murders
was simply fun.
It also revealed that the victims would become his slaves
in the afterlife.
No suspect has ever been named,
and no one has ever been charged.
The case remains open to this day.
Number seven is Israel Keyes.
Israel Keyes, born January 7th, 1978, in Richmond, Utah,
was a former soldier in the U.S. Army honorably discharged
in 2001.
However it was later discovered he was linked to the murders
of at least 11 people with more killings possibly committed
outside of the United States.
He spent years studying famous serial killers,
including Ted Bundy, all in an effort to perfect
his own murderous methods and avoid detection.
Unlike most killers, investigators were unable
to profile him because he never murdered close to home
or even in the same area twice.
He would fly all over the country and drive
for thousands of miles to collect his so-called murder kits
that he had hidden years earlier.
The kit consisted of things like plastic bags, shovels,
and cleaning chemicals.
He would choose his victims at random to avoid falling into
any predictable patterns and would rob banks to fund
his jet-setting murder sprees.
When he was caught in Texas on March 13th, 2012,
he confessed to some of the killings,
but on December 12th of that year, he killed himself
while in his prison cell awaiting trial.
It would appear justice was never served on this monster.
Number eight is Edmund Kemper.
Edmund Kemper was born in Burbank, California,
on December 18th, 1948, and was diagnosed
as a criminally insane juvenile after he murdered
his grandparents at the age of only 15 years old.
While serving time in an institution, he received a score
of 145 on an IQ test but was also diagnosed
with paranoid schizophrenia and psychosis.
He put his intellect to use when he managed to study
the psychological evaluation tests at the institution
and memorized the correct answers.
This allowed him to fake his sanity and earn
an early release into society when he was only 21 years old.
However only a couple years later,
he began a horrifying killing spree.
Kemper, who was six foot two and 250 pounds,
got the nickname the Co-Ed Killer after he kidnapped
and murdered six young women between May of 1972
and April of 1973.
His spree ended on April 20th, 1973, when he murdered
his mother and her best friend,
after which he phoned the police and calmly confessed.
He was sentenced to life in prison on November 3rd, 1973.
Number nine is Rodney Alcala.
Born in San Antonia, Texas, on August 23rd, 1943,
Alcala is a convicted serial killer who murdered
at least eight women and potentially up to 120 more.
Early on, Alcala was recognized for
his exceptional intelligence with an IQ score of 160.
In 1978, during his crime spree, he was a contestant
on the show The Dating Game and was chosen as the winner.
Luckily his date decided not to go out with him
after she met him and thought he was different.
Alcala told his victims he was a photographer
and would lure them to remote locations promising
to make them famous.
When he was caught on July 24th, 1979, police found
over 1,000 photos of young women and boys,
many of whom have never been identified.
Alcala's attorneys managed to overturn guilty verdicts
and death sentences twice, but during his third trial
in 2010, Alcala defended himself and he was finally
found guilty on all charges.
And number 10 is Ted Bundy.
Born in Burlington, Vermont, on November 24th, 1949,
Ted Bundy was a psychopathic serial killer
with a high IQ of 136.
Bundy spent time studying criminal investigators
and psychology in order to perfect his methods,
becoming one of the most infamous killers of all time.
He was extremely adept at using his good looks
and natural charisma to lure in unsuspecting victims.
He would often pretend he was injured or an authority figure
to gain a woman's trust before he would attack them.
Bundy would take care to hide or change distinct features
of his appearance, making it difficult for witnesses
to recognize him.
He also never left any fingerprints or conclusive
physical evidence at crime scenes and never used guns.
He murdered a total of 36 women, though possibly many more,
until he was finally caught on August 16th, 1975.
He even acted as his own attorney and made two escapes
while in custody, one from the prison library
during a recess in his own trial.
But ultimately he was caught and given the electric chair
on January 24th, 1989.
This finally putting an end to one of the Earth's
most notorious killers.
So those are the 10 smartest serial killers of all time.
Do you still feel comfortable talking to strangers?
Thank you guys very much for coming by today.
Remember to come back tomorrow and every weekday
at exactly 3:00 p.m. eastern standard time
because I'll have a brand new video for you.
I'll see you then.
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The 10 Smartest Serial Killers of All Time

14 Folder Collection
jeremy.wang published on March 30, 2020
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