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  • 8 a.m. This morning.

  • Small Crumble in Dispute Court in Cyprus Overwhelmed with protesters who had flown into support of British woman in court today, the 19 year old supported by her mom she's already spent a month in prison and hopes today she won't have to go back.

  • It all started in July when she reported being raped by as many as 12 Israeli men while on a working holiday in iron.

  • But she ended up in court herself, was found guilty of public mischief after retracted her accusations.

  • She says the police pressure her into doing it.

  • It's a case that split public opinion but united women's rights movements across the world.

  • I think it's terrible that she's the one being put on.

  • Try a while.

  • They're free.

  • In Israel, the protesters were blocked from coming into the tiny court.

  • For as the sentencing begins, they gather around the open window of the courtroom, chanting their indignation directly to the powers they say failed the woman guys.

  • Adding to the pressure after weeks of diplomatic wrangling and scathing reports about the secret justice system, 60 people travel from Israel to protest against the teenagers treatment.

  • This conviction today the conviction that happened already and now the sentence is shameful.

  • It's a disgrace and there is a huge support for her in the feminist circles in Israel and they're huge, but also a lot of people in Israel and especially the media.

  • They side with the boys, they side with our people and I can tell for sure they are not our people.

  • They are not my brothers or sisters.

  • The British teenager was given a suspended for month prison sentence, which her team says they'll appeal.

  • There was anger that soon after the 12 Israelis were released from Christine July, they were greeted with champagne at the airport.

  • The lawyer for the Israeli men says justice has been served today and his clients are innocent way respect the court's decision.

  • What was important to us was that the woman would be convicted on the version told by the clients.

  • I represented would be accepted version that my client's told was entirely accepted and I will oppose any request for a pardon that will be submitted by the woman's lawyers until she expresses full on honest remorse for the nefarious acts she committed in July last year, the streets and iron Apple would have been heaving at night.

  • It was meant to be the summer of a lifetime for the 19 year old before she started university.

  • Since then, the season has ended, but until today, she's been unable to leave the island and so lost her place at university.

  • Her lawyers say she's faced the double injustice of not having her rape claims heard in court.

  • But facing prosecution herself is lifted the veil of what women say they face three years from both the police and the judiciary here.

  • Are you surprised about everything that's happened in this case?

  • We are not surprised, actually, because a separate women this'd is the reason we have recently formed the network against violence against women because we're facing a lot off cases, is not being handled in a proper way and with respect and protecting the victim.

  • Although the 19 year old at the center of this case is now going home, there's still a long road ahead.

  • Her barrister says she needs urgent support for her.

  • PTSD has been very traumatic for her, she said.

  • A very, very difficult time.

  • Of course, she's had the support of her friend.

  • She's going to have medical intervention when she goes back home.

  • On her present intention is that once she settles, dine by comb, that she wants to attend university and she wants to get on with her life.

  • Before they left to return to the UK, the teenagers mothers came out to thank the crowds for their support, trying you use of sliding home If Cyprus hope the focus on the island would go away when the rape case was dropped, it's done anything but well.

  • Enjoy now from Nicosia by Susanna Pablo, director of the Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies season are probably the sentence Waas a lot lighter than her supporters feared at one point.

  • Is she right?

  • Do you think to continue to challenge this verdict?

  • Well, I think absolutely.

  • She's right to continue to challenge this verdict.

  • As we have been saying from Day one, this case should never have been prosecuted.

  • It never should have gotten as far as this.

  • There are serious questions around the police investigation of the case, how the legal system handled this case.

  • It's clearly fallen well below international human rights standards, and what this case has highlighted are the systemic floors in how the police and the criminal justice system handle cases of violence against women in Cyprus.

  • What would do women in Cyprus face a much tougher battle to get justice in these kind of cases?

  • Do, in your view, what's the evidence for that?

  • Well, we do know that, for example, is there was 61 cases of rape reported to the police in 2018 and unfortunately, we don't have data.

  • We don't have a system in Cyprus where we can track wth e.

  • We contract cases in the same way that can be done, for example, in the UK But I think that the systemic flaws that we have in Cyprus and the justice gap that we have in terms off violence against women and sexual violence and rape in particular are similar to those justice gaps that exist elsewhere in Europe.

  • So it's no woman is inside in this particular when your view is it, I I don't think I mean, we have reports from the UK that only 1.4% of reported cases end up in a conviction, So I think that the justice cap eggs in particular for four cases of sexual violence and rape exist across Europe.

  • However, this case has highlighted systemic floors in how police handle cases in Cyprus.

  • And I would say in particular whether the rights of the victim were upheld from day one.

  • And what I mean is from the moment that she made contact with the police and reported the rape.

  • So we understand that I just wanted our story.

  • We don't have much time left, I'm afraid.

  • But what needs to change?

  • And is there any sign that this case is changing attitudes on might in future change?

  • Police Attitudes River What we would we What would we like?

  • What we would like to see is a full review of police protocols and procedures around sexual violence and rape claims.

  • We feel that they fall short, as I said before of international standards and particularly the Istanbul Convention and the Victim's Rights Directive, which will see a number of rights for people that claim violent crimes and report violent crimes.

  • We feel that these rights were not upheld in this case and we would like to see a full review of of police protocols and procedures around crimes related to gender based violence.

8 a.m. This morning.

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British teenager in Cyprus rape claim case given suspended sentence

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