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  • so.

  • March 14th 2015 31415 I know some of you are excited about this so called super Pi day, five whole digits.

  • That hasn't happened in a century.

  • It's the pi day of a lifetime.

  • Now I'm an ardent believer.

  • That pie being only half a turn around a circle, is the wrong choice for Circle Constant.

  • We should have used Tao all along, but still five digits.

  • I see the appeal that's much closer to infinity than the usual three digits.

  • We haven't had more digits than this since the Renaissance March 14th of 15 92 and we won't seem more than five digits again until year 15,926.

  • Unless you know, you decide that writing the last three digits of the year rather than the last two is okay.

  • In which case March 14th 2159.

  • The whole thing is a little arbitrary.

  • I mean, 314 to 015 is not a very good way to begin the digits of pi.

  • And those in other countries will be wondering why 140315 has anything to do with pie whatsoever But beneath the arbitrariness of date reading conventions lies a deeper problem with this pie day, the arbitrariness of dates themselves.

  • It's only 2015 by the calendar of one particular religion and culture that we happen to adopt a standard.

  • And then there's a month find.

  • We celebrate a number that starts with three in the third month of the year, but we're using digits of pi in based 10 and signifying them using a 12 month calendar.

  • Doesn't that deeply bother you right down to the core of your very being months are all sorts of weird lengths.

  • Days at least really follow an astronomical event.

  • I mean, it's not like the spinning of the Earth and space happens at a fundamentally non arbitrary speed, But at least it's a global constant, basically.

  • So maybe Pi Day should have been the 314th day, the on November 10th or sometimes ninth.

  • But instead of representing pies did, it's in an arbitrary base in an arbitrary calendar with arbitrary conventions.

  • Maybe Pi Day really should be on a day that actually represents what pie is pie is the number of radiance that gets you halfway around a circle pie is halfway through.

  • A sine wave pie is 100 and 80 degrees.

  • Pie is, at its essence, 1/2 cycle, whether you write in decimal and get 3.1415 etcetera or in any other base, whether a year has 12 months or 10 months, and whether we decide to give him on 30 days or 31 a year is still based on a turn of the earth around the sun.

  • And if there were any reason in the world than Pi Day would be celebrated when the Earth has turned halfway around the sun, right in the middle of the year on July 2nd.

  • No, it's not July 1st because we, as a culture, decided that February, of course, better than Pi Day on July 2nd would be Tau Day Tau being 6.28 et cetera.

  • Radiance.

  • A full turn around a circle.

  • Wouldn't it be nice to celebrate every full turn of the earth around the sun on a special holiday?

  • Oh, wait, we d'oh!

  • Of course, the placement of New Year's is also arbitrary and based on just one convention, really the only fundamentally mathematically, universally non arbitrary choice when it comes to picking a day out of the year is to day right now.

  • Today is the only day fundamentally different from all the rest.

  • Which means Pied A is 1/2 a year from now and will always be half a year from now, no matter what day it is, Which means today, rather than being your precious Super Pi day is actually tau day one full turn around the sun from itself.

  • That's what you're really celebrating.

  • Every time you have an anniversary, every birthday, every holiday you're celebrating complete turns.

  • You've been choosing towel over pie all along.

  • Today is touting Every day is today and I'll see you again.


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