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first evident here.
So I just thought, You know, like So just tell us about the heads up campaign and and it seems Sure, John.
So I mean, hopefully a few people have seen better heads up by now.
But effectively, it's been a season long campaign on the idea being that we get people to talk about meself, kick off a conversation, I think way built a little bit of a platform with heads together a few years ago, where we just tryingto chip away at the taboo and the stigma around men's health on one of those sort of last bastions of male nous that seemed to be quite difficult to reach.
Felt like the football community on.
We felt that there was a new, awful lot of opportunity here with football $60.
1,000,000 people around the country follow football, so we thought we could use the power of the sport and really elevate mental health to another level on allowing people to have that conversation alive.
People to understand and be educated a bit more that it's okay to talk, and also it's OK to not be okay on.
I think those sorts of conversations started and I'm hoping, culminating with the F A Cup final being renamed Effectively heads up, pick up.
I think that's gonna be quite a nice sort of thing.
Hang the campaign on for the year.
We'll talk about that car going that soon, but that how can a partnership with every premiere week in the year feel Can I help promoter that I mean in for you?
I think having all the leads come together.
It's a pan football kind of statement pan for project.
I think that's very powerful, I think.
Uniting football behind one core message.
Be able to reach fans from your fan Who wants to live EBRI football player every day loves it, knows everyone inside out to the kind of person who's on the so for playing FIFA everyday.
I think we've got to get that full spectrum of fan, but I think also it's about getting role models within football to speak out, eh?
So that it gives permission and approval to those fans to go.
Do you know what my my heroes, they're talking about their great role models?
I could do that to you.
I could go to my teacher my family, my friends and say, You know, I'm not feeling so good today.
I'm struggling with this.
All this happened at work or home.
I think it's just generally building that conversation up so people feel they have the ability and the permission.
Thio speak more openly about it.
So you're talking about physical fitness, mental fitness.
It kind of once you start speaking like that, it's suddenly resonates a lot of professional people as well as it does people who don't I want to think about them and self.
Maybe haven't thought about it when she started being a fitness.
We want to go the gym.
We want to fit well, Why don't we do the same with our heads?
Keep mentally fit as well.
We know you don't like football.
Fun way saw your way and blame.
And when asked it from what it way met 200 yards give you an orca, believe so why I lost in Value Club.
Oh, is that so?
It's a long story, I think.
Growing up at school, there were a lot of people around me who had Manu fans and Chelsea fans and the woman 60 fans about that in Italy, but it's a few hours.
I think I didn't want to be like the rest of criers.
And I had a friend of mine.
He took me to Vienna Bolton game, and it was the likes.
When people like almost playing, I thought people like him can play as well as he does on knowing the struggles that he was under the time.
I thought, This is a This is a club that, like it's a pool was also born 82.
You wanna cut?
So I feel that the history of the pedigree around villains always bean quite close is a big game Coming up in a couple weeks, man set in a kind of broke up.
You know, I just think we're gone.
Are you gonna be back in for Don't watch a seat of the doctor?
That is very unlikely, but 11 belief for these games.
So I'm gonna give it my best shot.
You know, we need you for the season as well.
Fatal question.
When it's a little bit, who's your favorite?
Cut an ass to develop where John, You cut off.
That's a Hobbs.
A horrible question.
I don't see Jack because everyone, says John, even though he is amazing.
And I love Jax is playing really well.
But everyone says Jack, So I'm gonna go with someone else.
Lies your high up there John said.
Don't worry, you get a mention, but I want to say I want to see Tyrone in the moment.
You know why?
Because again, Tyrone, the story of Tyrone, where he's come from and what he's now achieving.
I'm so proud of him on.
He's been very vocal about his challenges, and you know what he's done.
He's also very alive in the community.
I see his tweets, and I see how kind of inclusivity is to everybody.
I think he's a really, really great role model I picked around this time.
Thanks for trusting and put my baby.
It's all right for breathing.
Thank you.
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John McGinn interviews the Duke of Cambridge on mental health and why he supports Aston Villa

1 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 30, 2020
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