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>> Hilah: Hey dudes.
I'm Hilah and welcome to the first episode of 2013!
Congratulations for not all dying.
I think in honor of not all like burning up in a firey blaze at the end of the apocalypse
or something, we should try to eat healthier.
So at least for like January, I'm going to do some healthy meals.
So today is a turkey taco salad AKA turkey taco salad.
It's low fat.
It's really quick to make and should appeal to those of you who decided to eat lower fat
and more vegetables and less red meat this year.
So let's do it.
[Turkey Taco Salad Recipe]
>> Hilah: All right.
So we're just going to make a really basic taco seasoning thing.
I've got some ground turkey here.
I'm using turkey breast.
It's really lean.
If you want to use lean ground beef, that would totally work too.
So we're just going to turn to our stove and start sautéing up some stuff.
First we're going to put just a teeny tiny little smidgen of oil in our hot skillet,
like half a teaspoon.
Well we don't need to go crazy and then I got some onion and fresh tomatillos here
that we're just going to get a little bit soft.
Just start to get them to release some moisture and while that's happening, we can add in
some jalapeno too.
If you wanted to like – if you were serving this for kids and adults, you can totally
leave out the jalapeno and just use a spicier salsa at the end for the grown-ups versus
the kids.
So just about a minute to get everything kind of softened and looking juicy.
So the onions are starting to look a little translucent here.
The tomatillos are softening up.
I'm going to go ahead and add my spices and this is just salt and cumin, chili powder
and like literally just a little tiny smudge of cocaine.
I mean cinnamon.
I'm not doing cocaine this year.
I promised myself that.
We're just going to sort of like keep rolling.
OK, we're just going to toss this around.
We're going to get the spices kind of toasted up here and they will start to release their
fragrances and then we can add some garlic.
I'm not going to add all this, but about two teaspoons and then sort of scoot all your
vegetables and everything to the outside so we can make some room for the turkeys.
Get in here, you turkey!
And just start to break it up and I'm going to add a little bit of chicken stock.
Turkey, lean turkey, or any lean meat because it is so lean has a lot – not very much
It has a tendency to dry out.
So the tomatillos and the onions are going to help keep it moist and then just for a
little extra assurance, we will add some chicken stock and this will help it sort of help the
turkey break up into smaller bits too, like we did in the crispy beef taco video.
I'm just going to start to keep moving this around until it's no longer pink.
That will probably take about five minutes or so.
All right.
Just about five minutes later, we're looking like this.
Just break up the bigger chunks and make sure that they're not pink inside.
It's obviously not going to look as dark as like beef would look when it's cooked
but you can still tell that it's raw or not.
This all looks good actually.
I'm ready to serve.
Just going to turn that off.
So I've just got some lettuce and radishes and little cherry tomatoes and avocado because
you have some fat in your diet, so no sense in doing totally fat-free.
Let's not be crazy and then I'm just going to top it with salsa.
Some people like to put ranch dressing on their taco salad and you can also serve this
with tortilla chips and then it would actually be more of like a taco-ey salad but whatever.
I think it's just as satisfying with just like the meat and the vegetables.
So just get a little bite with some turkey and some avocado, some lettuce.
You're going to listen to me chew forever.
Turkey taco salad, it's one of my favorite like go-to meals.
It's so quick and easy.
I mean this whole thing took me like less than two minutes to put together.
It's really healthy and whatever.
It's OK to eat salads for dinner sometimes guys.
In fact, I had a request the other day for a salad that was like a meal salad.
So there you go, friend.
Take it.
Thank you for watching.
I hope you try this recipe.
If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below and I will get to them as soon
as I can and happy 2013 everybody!
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How to Make Turkey Taco Salad Recipe | Hilah Cooking

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 30, 2020
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