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or Good Morning, John.
It's that space between Christmas and New Year's where no one knows what's going on.
And I almost forgot to make a video.
I have reminded you three times just texted me and she said, Should I come down?
And I was like, I'm doing the puzzle.
I could use another set of hands.
It's too bad you can't see.
It looks great Rape in this direction.
Layer of yeah cars.
The first question is for Mandy, who asks if you fart in space, Could the sound propagate through its gas?
Go ahead.
Thank you.
Would both have to be out of space suits and dying.
And you're here would have to be very close to that person's.
But But I bet you could.
Yeah, well, the nice thing is, you don't have to be alive to fart.
You do have to be alive to hear things.
That's the nice thing.
You can still fart when you're dead.
You call it the lords to the last one you have.
No, they don't.
A You got a G.
Are you excited too?
Be a Pa County Excited to do a live to eat this?
Catherine decided to do a live.
Delete this, Hank.
You nervous?
You're gonna be fine.
What holiday music do you guys like to listen to Skin And also Handel's Messiah.
It's a mix in this household.
Julian would like to know what?
The sequel to an absolutely remarkable thing.
I have a name that I'm calling it.
I've been told that it's bad by my publisher and editor and agent is Gavin's reaction.
I told her what it wa ce I mean, no rental wants to know.
Do we remind each other of anybody from characters from books or movies?
Like the kid from the Christmas Story?
You'll shoot your eye out.
Oh, great.
Because I look like I looked like Ralph.
I mean, Mr Darcy Ha.
Mr Darcy Fitzwilliam.
I was thinking, Dwayne D'oh!
Baby wants to know.
What's your favorite thing about my twitter?
What's my favorite thing about your Twitter?
My favorite believes that I have weaved.
Oh, um, you don't know what we're talking about.
Listen to our podcast.
Delete this sweet.
This, um it's free recorded right here in this room right here.
Right on that couch over there.
Usually usually sometimes from our bed.
So you have any New Year's resolutions?
I would like to use my phone less.
In my bed.
Smith mingling.
I want to do a month meat free to start out the year.
Oz have never tried to go vegetarian.
I've always thought that I should have never done it.
I just want to try it out.
You have to get those.
Fresh is pretty quick.
Wants to know what our favorite inside couple joke is.
We're not gonna tell you that's our scavenge e like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain.
No, I don't like either of those things.
What's the cutest thing Orin has ever done in time?
I get left him in his crib after he got him up from his nap.
Because he likes to just spend a little time in there by himself.
And I gave him a book to look at.
He and then I went out into his room, saw him like it hiss hippo, which is his lovey, and, like, put it on his lap and say, hippo Redbook counter for so you for when your child starts watching YouTube.
Oh, very.
Do you have any New Year's.
Well, wishes for people.
Hip, huh?
I was gonna say something.
Hey, did you just don't understand?
Look, record.
Whatever you need to hear is what this Nutcrackers say.
John, I'll see you on Tuesday.
I think having a year tickets are available.
Pod calm right now.
January 19th and 20th in Seattle, Washington.
There's also digital attendance available.
Ever got into your podcast out.
Everything that happens.
A pod.
Khan is a podcast.
It's true.
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The Cutest Thing My Son Has Done and More (With Katherine)

1 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 30, 2020
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