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Just you know, it's hard to keep another friend to tell you this, but I love story.
Maybe will cause chaos.
You nose say sit on your shoulder for Marco Pantelleria.
Caroline for me?
Because you're seeing 3 p.m. Also say already.
Don't you welcome a man?
Not a different me Aster make our bodies show CIA contact some romance a Somali soon as Solomonyan.
As you told us A secret panel Show me Lamento Yeah, Commitment's hard alert on a persona gave very Carioca in a moment I Maybe that's your time.
Barrica he commits a levy is a big can you read?
Well, the LaMunyon I consider this a shoe.
No, in Calabria.
Paid your nose and restrain yourself, Vanya.
Gondola roti.
And what about the car will continue its Julia show McLaren Kasa, you go condo The embassy tratar isso momentos setanta several embassy suites.
L'm at the cafe is a funeral Akama total Yugo sedan pulled this yellow polo persona comenta in Rwanda Way to get Dando otra persona The Honolulu India Company portal you Amanda Ray's socialise force.
Implement that America that Deanna, I can't cancel it, but I don't know Soto's if democracy and a trailer, you know, struggle, Deano in return.
So that is one way, Busa.
You are Mr Savarin with Casas Lemonis.
Olympia Syrian.
In which, of course, what do you want personally, Inc.
So Quotidiano.
I laid a trustee on here amid the shop.
Until you intend on also, Tommy.
Today, Lena.
You know, Listen.
Loss indeed.
Caskets, ASEAN Telecom Ocean on the Let me.
Actually, in the Alamo, you will be no talking about the canyon which says that the show's local economy continue.
Lando dentro.
So what?
You see?
Only what?
Only so saying much.
Because I mean, come on.
Meat and mead you say you are, the more they can attack a medical data.
Loki Seed only, sir.
You lady may last opportunity six.
So I assume you are totally unknown.
A total stuck under the warlord CEO syndrome, a quarterback and meat tomatoes.
He will cause a mature person.
I could see him.
Apollo's see Embry Livonia, Mutually forgoing no money.
Poured away.
Probably with Maggie, Room B and D and Barbarella.
He said to you equal been if you notice if the bus every morning me own army When we say Taylor, trust young physical resemblance.
We our favorite up Yoko forces back in a Sarah I'll Australia on the auto bailout Winter boil a Swede Good enough for a saga, Barbara, in that case, CSL were really a ghetto person.
I don't want a task and we don't need a policy.
Just younger.
Since we're having a little fun in the temple, you go to your significant okay, persona crazy and kill me over the Internet inclusive party, a broom and only person cases.
I mean, I'm a local bar.
They certainly are you talking about when you're there?
Get on the radio, pass away, You know?
Sorry ain't gonna pit them against me.
It's your call from important.
But I'm a reconnaissance without on for control.
They said Oh, no call you no laughter Asada joining us So you know Ember, Listen, Tata port, remember, Coma kind is a pansy ass local or l a b l l a b l hope Eleanor Bailey for a movie that coc linda their command personnel instead of frumpy and so in the media it to get onto our Rwanda.
What a person is in the more I know, Jason wayto manual almost said what Emily Donegan is Type B and O.
I guess you get a musician on the move Commando unit got to us and going Try that Garcia and that body record look natural, like idiot Daniel last year a lab, let alone the commentator Wherever you're more gamma own, muchacho.
Paternal pool.
You know, in the silent dollars, I wanna show known creative process.
A momento gale may be doing tomorrow.
Don't hear they pursue it to you.
Okay, civilly.
So is the compartment, Montagne.
No way, stallion Dog on the intro Guadiana.
But a study in the industry.
So that is, you know, tha commas normal cell off intended to take us away for satar Puerto in remedial gorilla colores they lose it.
I mean, there's unit in.
It'll your particular person has seen beating Eric already.
For now we leave it and be done with Sabathia reporters or otherwise.
I want to see my Luna's una una mozzarella by seconds.
I was our goal this year.
Last battle.
Paterson, Locate us, Erica, You know, so trusting You boys in a plaza.
But your own it means they don't have more freedom.
Person seeing done.
Slobbery second guys are not somebody else.
Lomaia, manos siendo.
Then throw the local TV.
I know political Mika So tambien doing the opinion The condo the state of luckily fraternities and Nino correct.
You know silly foresaw this Tonto You say that one insane unanimous ona you know, sort of gnocchi into somebody said barbarism conflict the magician Mr.
Suna personas are travesties.
Humans are still boy looking Clemente Marissa Sandretto Bartolomeo Any fashion NBC release and open a cigarette.
You know Tambien considered one?
No, no, I see out there it's a compliment.
They're going to contest a political sociology.
It's a companion.
The party Bando and Otto.
My concerns your caseload.
Oh, stop it in its this idea.
But I can't be a transformer.
Telemundo only for horses.
Cuando rank a little Charla, you vehicle in.
You're gonna start a cargo.
You're close.
And Dahlia, you can't arrest us.
I told you because it's implemented for Kirk Interlace que los condiment.
Also los elementos Conkey.
Foot on reality, you can pay for my own party.
So in Waitrose.
So Mr Gotti, in Anatolia idea you totally different.
They were opposed by second comma t t seeing tequila routine a tentacle ago.
Correggio naughtiness at Orson Welles.
You know, me and Tina.
You know, you have.
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Reflejos ilustrados de la vida cotidiana | Nicolas Vilela | TEDxRosario

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 30, 2020
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