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I was happily enjoying retirement.
And no, not from YouTube.
Obviously, I'm still making crappy videos here in 2019 for you to enjoy and or Scott that.
But I digress.
That long haired, beautiful man in North Carolina that is known as Steven Burke with gamers, Nexus has thrown down the gauntlet once again.
He has just started Rip Jay version, too.
Today we're gonna preemptive strike.
We're gonna actually strike.
We're gonna do work the opposite.
You were gonna actually We're gonna We're gonna hit first.
So since the last rip, Siri's of Rip Jay Rip Jian ripped a ripped and whatever, Bubba blah we've had new CPU is come out.
If you guys recall, we're using the 28 e t eyes as well as well about that.
This is my delighted 79 80 XY.
But since then, we've very discolored because I've done dry ice cooling with acetone, which got in there on the pin's still works.
Just a little discolored.
Yeah, I'm putting a pin down.
Since then, the 9900 k has come out, which we were like, Let's do another rip Siri's.
But that never happened.
And the 99 80 XY came out, which is basically that guy, but it better bin and saw ordered.
So we shouldn't have to do any deleting this.
I'm not gonna even try, because again it's ordered.
I do want to do a Yeah, I think we're gonna have to think we're gonna have to do a lapping on this one.
As you can see, it's it's spinning.
But we were gonna go ahead and try this again.
Now, this is just gonna be CPU.
We're just doing CPR.
We're not doing dry ice today.
We're doing something else, but we're just doing some CPU testing because, as Steve pointed out in his video, we have a commanding lead on him on CPU because of the fact that we went dry ice or exotic cooling severely sub zero.
I think we're running like negative seven d c.
And we were able to push our seep you all the way to 5.5 on all course on all 18 cores, and we're getting amazing physics scores, which we're bringing our scores.
Oppa's a hole.
He had us pretty much beat and or matched on G pews again.
I was using modern V bios.
He was doing V bios plus shunt.
And we're not doing any of that because the new tighten our T X cards came out and Stephen magically got two of those as well.
He has decided to revive this whole series.
Now we're we're thinking we want to try and beat him with 28 e t ice.
We want to see what he does with the tight next cards.
Still do it tighten our t x cards.
But wouldn't it be cool if we could beat him with non Titan cards?
Those are extremely locked down, which means no ay, ay B support betweens, very little excess.
See support, Which means moderate Viv I Oh, so you mean you're impossible to find, Although he has builds a way to his side who could probably do whatever he needs.
I don't have any of that help.
So we got to build it and we gotta install Linux OS because I'm dumb and us will you specifically for this, Scott put in Phil's computer as a scratch drive and wiped for OS drive.
Now we gotta gotta build a new system.
So I guess we should que the montage because that way.
Okay, so here it is.
Like I said, we're going just for CPU.
In this first part, we We know how far we've gotten on our GPS.
We still have those G pews.
Nothing's changed.
I haven't physically modeled the card.
I don't want to physically mob the cards.
I don't even want to mod the Titans.
But it's gonna depend how this competition goes because Steve screwing up my plans, man, I want to do the white and gold bills and I got the rest of the parts for that.
I got cables from cable mod, the golden white cables that I ordered.
I got the motherboard.
I got everything I need to finish the build.
But then suddenly he pulls out this this hat trick or whatever you wanna call it.
We've got our 1980 XY And here on our x 2 99 dark motherboard from E.
We're running 32 gigabytes of the G skill tryto Z 3800 memory.
Remember, we're pushing this toe like 8200 when it comes to the GPU.
Because we're doing deep.
You test.
I just have a low power gp one here my this a GTX 9 60 It's got a single eight pin.
If I had a basic like GT 7 10 or something, I'd be running that just so I could get video.
Our pot is in here.
It says, Insulated.
I think I can get so you can't tell by now.
We're obviously going with Ellen to I purchased today My own Worthington 10 liter tank with are Ellen to And then I've also got a pour spout.
We got ther misses and stuff because I'm employing everything I learned from Vince King pins trip out here to see how far we can get fun.
Three markets telling us to disable Geesink before we benchmark.
This is a free sink panel.
Okay, so we'll just be running the custom test here of you need to get some Alan T Ray to go first because it's already getting back up.
We're gonna be running just a custom test here inside of times by extreme, because again, all we care about is the CP scores.
Let me pour some more in this thermos and then we'll do it.
Our C P score was an 5 11,064 obviously not very fast, because against only five gigs, the best we were able to get, I believe, was 5.5 or 5.4.
All core with 17.
80 xy with dry ice.
Ercp score was a 13,000 to 84.
So clearly we have a lot of room to make up.
All right?
So instead of taking you guys ah, long for a boring right of watch me do this and click things.
How about we'll find a way to make it interesting and posts post, get it post.
And then we, uh, we sure you guys results whether or not we could or could not beat that score.
All aboard the wind train.
Oh, I couldn't get the six.
We probably could if we had more time.
Honestly, we're running out of Ellen to we've gone through nearly, like, probably seven leaders of it.
So far, we have a 10 leader drug.
And as much as I would love that six gigahertz round number, I don't think we have plenty to do that and now messed with memory.
So we're gonna go straight to memory now and see what happens with 5.9.
80 We did be kingpin, and we're not that far off from number one.
Let's just keep going with that look of frost over it is now I'm gonna go tighter timings.
We'll go with that.
14 024 Who would have thought a couple of bozos like us just go one day, toe, air, gas, and be like, we want to buy only two.
Okay, so we are higher than the highest now, because we were 14 028 All right, we're gonna make it official now.
We switched into 28 e t I Not over clocked or anything.
We just have to get through the test to make our CPU score valid.
We're pretty comfortable that this can allow us to take pretty much anything Steve's gonna throw at us with his water chilled seven or 99 80 xy again is all the same hardware to tighten our T X cards and 99 80 xy.
He's doing ice bucket.
First read a gentleman's agreement not to use Ellen tubes.
He wanted to get their power out here and kingpin out here given schedules and all that stuff.
I don't think it's gonna happen any time soon.
So I just went ahead and broke that gentleman's agreement because he didn't even warn us that he was going to be throwing down the gauntlet again and even titling it rip Jay.
And he didn't even fire up the system.
He's that confident.
I applaud his brazen He is.
No, it's okay.
It's okay.
We're gonna do this right now.
14 0 17 0 slightly slower than that one.
That was faster than the, uh, the world's first on CPU.
That's okay.
Since we know that result is valid, we're going Put that up and I think we're gonna go and bring the timings down a little bit more.
There it is right there.
Number two Canadian Jacey sense again.
Every time I venture from here in Canadian, it's weird.
Where's Oh, there, Steve.
But there, Hee, I have to gloat.
I cannot do.
It ain't no slouch.
He's gonna fire back.
He's gonna fire back hard.
Okay, last run.
This is all this is the last my Ellen, to right here.
Oh, we knew it needed to be a negative 1 10 We're out.
We're out.
But we're happy though we saw.
I mean, you saw.
And there it is, because it's warming up now.
All right, so we got to let the system warm up.
Now, you saw that We beat the score, though, without the upload because I didn't run the whole test.
If we have morality, we'd be there.
But that is the nature of the game.
So we are number two on CPUs of right now.
We'll get it back, though.
Now that we have all the equipment, we're gonna set it up permanently over there so that we can definitely fight back with Steve.
Put this back to stock so that we can warm our system up back thio safe temperature where we can turn it off, clean it up and get the hell out of here.
So I'm going to save these settings because this is 59 legit nous.
That's a legitimate right there.
So, Steve, I took a c.
We've got more headroom to go.
I barely had time to play with Ram.
We have exceeded 14,000.
That was the highest we saw without the timings that we just did which would have passed if I had been able to keep it minus 1 10 So after C s, I think the gauntlets been thrown on both sides.
Now we're going to see he's playing with G.
You were pushing CPU as far as we can, and we're going to see if we can't keep the lead without going with the Titans.
And then if we have to go Thanks for watching guys.
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We almost hit 6Ghz!! RIPGN Season 2

6 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 30, 2020
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