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we made it through the 2010 theology.
What do you mean?
Like, made it through?
Like we survive.
We soothe decade.
It's unless an asteroid hits in 2019 December 31st.
Unless I just hope that does.
That would be a pretty big signs headline if we survive, which is what we're gonna go through today's So what?
We went through it each year on We decided the biggest science news of that year, going from 2000 and 10 to this year 2019.
It was a challenge.
We told her something.
You know what?
We're going to put one in each year, so you might disagree.
So they were crazy.
Yeah, they're they're exciting.
And they will absolutely define the future in the next decade.
So what is your highlight of elastic?
I'm asking you that's come.
New Year's Eve.
The international is a good time.
Uh, well, mine was making this channel in sharing all the scythe.
You, my friend, actually don't know what yours says.
If I'm being honest, that obviously the last decade of my life has been primarily Asep science.
And just before that would have been graduating from our science degree and you being a science, he dreamy working in a lab So a lot of it really circulates around science and then sharing that with people.
So it's kind of a nice wrap up to do this rap.
So you just stole my you all watched.
Not then shall we just jump into it 2010.
This was the year that Instagram was released.
The iPad was also released, Lady Gaga or her meat dress, and one direction was just formed on the X factor.
But it was also the year that scientists in a South African cave discovered two million year old fossils of a new species called Australopithecus sediba that are potentially the direct ancestors to humans.
This species has some features that are incredibly similar to humans, like their teeth, their nose there, long arms, while others are more similar to a primitive past like flexible feet.
And this new species, Australopithecus Sediba, is potentially a link between Lucy and Homo SAPIENs.
It's 2000 and 11 and we have Beyonce and announcing that she's pregnant in a mic drop moment and bridesmaids is a huge success of You're like me.
You have Melissa McCarthy pooping into a sink etched into your mind.
And the end of the year came with the confirmation of an earth like planet called Kepler 20 to be.
This planet is a contender for having a life on it, because he's been in the Goldilocks Zone around a stock.
The planet is 2.4 times bigger than Earth, and one year there would be 290 days.
It's actually six 100 light years away.
That means it would take 600 years for light to get there from Earth.
So unless we're like zooming anytime soon, this planet is just gonna be up to our imaginations to picture.
And for me, I picture really good looking Mermaids and Merman.
The Year of the World was supposed to end but didn't.
Yeah, but it was also the end of a five decade long search for an elementary particle called the Higgs Bos on so in 1964 Peter Higgs and five other scientists proposed the Higgs mechanism, which was to help explain why particles have mass in the first place and implied the existence of the Higgs Bos on.
But it wasn't until 2012 when the Large Hadron Collider, which is the world's largest high energy particle collateral, was able to prove its existence.
This particle gives mass to all other subatomic elements, like protons and electrons, and was the final piece to the standard model.
The standard model is a theory of fundamental particles and how they react, and this discovery was considered the biggest in a generation.
It is now 2000 and 13.
If you're like me, you are scarred by the red wedding in game of Thrones.
We also have the intellectual, brilliant song What did the Fox most important scientific story of that year?
For the first time in human history, our atmosphere had reached 400 parts per 1,000,000 of carbon dioxide in the 17 hundreds.
Before the Industrial Revolution, we were at 280 parts per 1,000,000 of CO.
In 1958 when this observatory first started to record how much CO two was in the atmosphere, we were at 315 parts per 1,000,000 by studying air trapped in an Arctic ice cores.
We know for a fact that this is the first time we have had this much carbon dioxide in our atmosphere in at least 800,000 years.
But since 2013 we have been increasing the amount of carbon dioxide that we're producing as humans.
So this year, that same observatory found that in May there was 414.7 parts per 1,000,000 of CEO to in our atmosphere.
This year 2014 we had the ice bucket challenge, Adele Zem Flappy Bird exploded and everyone was playing it.
And for the first time in human history, we landed a probe on a comet.
The Rosetta spacecraft was actually launched in 2004 and after a series of fly byes using Earth and Mars to gravity, assisted out into space.
It finally came across 67 p, which is a column it.
Eventually it sent a probe down to try and land on its surface.
But what ended up happening was that its thrusters and harpoon that were meant to help it actually land didn't work, and as a result, this probe started bouncing on the comment uncontrollably.
By the time it landed, it was actually in the wrong position, and so its solar panels were not efficiently geared towards the sunlight.
This may only had three days before it would die.
We did still manage to collect some data, luckily, so not only did we get the first ever photos from the surface of a comet, but analyzing the water on the comet showed scientists that it was a different chemical makeup than our own, and also suggested ultimately that Earth's water didn't come from a common 2015.
We have the dress debate, which is one of our most popular is up science videos.
Go check it out.
Here we have Netflix and chill over you dirty dirty kids and, of course, the most important story of the air pizza rack.
But this is also the year that we have clustered regularly.
Inter spaced, short, palindrome.
It repeats becoming a household name, I notice crisper, but you and intellectual note more accurately as CRISPR cas nine.
This is the system that can cut and paste DNA, delete DNA, put your thing down, flip it and reverse Deanna.
And essentially 2015 is the year that we as humans all began to live in a world with effective genetic engineering.
2016 was the year of Stranger things.
Hamilton, the musical exploded in popularity and Pokemon go Got everyone outside.
Now imagine this far far away.
There's two black holes that eventually come with in close enough proximity that their gravity starts pulling them towards each other and they start spiraling and spiraling until eventually they crashed into each other, ultimately changing the fabric of space and time.
That's what happened in 2016 when the Lago Observatory detected gravitational waves for the first time ever.
Amazingly enough 100 years before that, Einstein actually predicted When objects with enough mass accelerate, they create waves like ripples on a pond.
But in space, these gravitational waves actually allow us to hear or see the universe in a way like never before, and also get an unprecedented look at how gravity works is 2017 and we have very important things, like the women's march got out, comes out Amazing movie and also other important things, like fidget spinners.
August 21st 2017 was the day of the Great American solar eclipse for us North America.
It was a very big day of really interesting time that astronomy and public discourse and pop culture came together, and one study found that 88% of Americans spent a portion of their day at least looking at the eclipse in real life or on their computers.
As for scientists, it was an amazing opportunity for them to study the sun's inner atmosphere, which is a lot easier to do during an eclipse.
The next eclipse is actually gonna happen in America in 2024 so that will be a big headline for that year.
But if you're in parts of Chile and Argentina, it's actually gonna happen again.
Next December 2018.
We had Beyonce's Coachella, we had a royal wedding and we had Arianna Grande and Pete.
What's his name?
It's Pete Davidson got engaged and disengaged.
But advances in gene editing also allowed same sex mice to give birth.
So scientists use crisper to modify the embryonic stem cells of one female and then took the egg oven unmodified female and these pups were born healthy and ultimately were able to reproduce themselves as well.
But things were a little trickier for the male subjects because they took the sperm of one male and then the embryonic stem cells that were genetically modified of another male and put them in a female egg that had had the nucleus removed.
But unfortunately, even though it was successful, these pups died shortly after birth.
And while I find this kind of science so fascinating and interesting, it obviously brings up a lot of ethical and moral concerns not only around the safety and health of those offspring, but just around genetic manipulation.
In general 2019.
I don't know if I need to give you pop culture references, because hopefully you remember them.
But I'm no in general like Lizza Billy Eyelash.
On April 10th of this year, you should know what happened.
Okay, I'm gonna let you fill it in.
What happened?
You're right.
And researchers unveiled the first ever visual depiction of a black hole which is 55 million light years away.
That is an unfathomable distance.
Oh, my gosh.
Are we alone in the universe?
Two billion people worldwide saw this image that involved linking data, streams and information from eight different Earth based radio telescopes and was an amazing moment when borders fell and a bunch of different countries work together to get information about something far off in the distance.
And as a disc of conglomerate ING matter falls into the black hole, it heats up to astounding temperatures.
These enormous temperatures released light, and some of that light is trapped and falls in.
Some of it isn't trapped, and that's the actual light that we would see as that silhouette as the event horizon.
In that famous black hole image, the image also confirmed predictions made on the basis of Einstein's theory of relativity.
So if anyone asks you who is your favorite influencer vibe, make sure you answer Einstein going into the next decade.
What do you do?
You have any predictions for the science of the twenties?
Uh oh.
Climate change is probably going to get worse, so we're hopefully going to work better on fixing that.
I think that we'll see a lot of progression in the world of crisper and gene editing.
Ria's humans have toe address what it means ethically morally, for people to be able to modify genes in humans.
And we didn't include when that Chinese scientists went rogue and did it on him.
I'm sure there's a lot of other science you guys.
They're screaming through the cameras.
And you didn't include It was right there in the comments.
Yeah, I honestly want to hear what your favorite things were.
Do you think that we're gonna be doing this at the end of 2020?
Well, I'll be old, Okay.
Running around?
I think there are science communicators.
You do it their entire lives.
I hoped.
I think like being interested in science.
Why there you're someone watching at home or whether or somebody who wants to be doing it actively is always a noble cause and exciting.
But maybe we're not gonna be sitting in front of, like, an archaic camera and a microphone.
We're gonna be like People are gonna virtual plants in their backs of their eyes.
They're gonna be sitting there, and we're gonna be appearing like, hello, twenties are over now.
Welcome to the party.
And I'm gonna be dating a robot.
Our kid's gonna be dating an algorithm, and you're I'm just gonna be a digital memory.
I will have, like, passed away, but we'll have captured my brain and put it into, like some secret country neural systems.
Never assume that Greg's crazy.
Still thinks that he's dating Mitch.
Mitch is debt.
Well, thank you for watching.
Thank you for being on this channel for almost a decade.
Like head subscribe coming in the end for the gift of life subscriber.
To start with, I I don't know.
We still haven't learned how to do.
If there's one thing I hope I'm not doing in 10 years, it's saying like they're okay.
Don't even bother.
You can subscribe, but hopefully we'll have you made it this far in the video.
And then you just kind of describe That's also weird.
That's like bullying.
Uh, yeah, we'll see you in the twenties.
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The Biggest Science of the DECADE (2010-2019)

1 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 30, 2020
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