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  • wise Miss Running Parker.

  • Shut it out.

  • You know this stuff, like just slop, man.

  • It's pouring out everywhere.

  • I get the pants off you, I think.

  • And this stuff.

  • So what?

  • It's just surgeon coming out of the fear.

  • All this sloppy building up here.

  • So now we're gonna be down for a while.

  • It's puke and rock out everywhere.

  • Told jammed up in the tail wheels.

  • It's jammed up in all the conveyors.

  • Where you finding this stuff anyway?

  • Looks like he's in the car.

  • It was a wash.

  • Plant now suits treatment plan.

  • I mean, we've run wet material, but this stuff's got water running out the bottom of the feeder.

  • You're running this thing Max out right now.

  • So whenever it gets wet like that, it's just too much for this to handle.

  • I mean, there's so much water, everything's wet.

  • Neither do some without or something with this because we can't keep running this.

  • I mean, I looked over at all you're bringing up here to, like, let it dry out, not going through the plant with it, So I mean, I know we got to keep this thing fed, but we gotta find some dry material.

  • Well, yeah, I'm not gonna just sit here and put it in a pile and watch it dry like we're gardeners.

  • Until Parker finds some drier paydirt.

  • Sluice over is shut down.

  • When you get this thing up and running, like right now, we need a solution because we can't afford to have this plant down.

  • Gold Rush.

  • All new Fridays at nine.

  • On Discovery and Discovery go.

wise Miss Running Parker.

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