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  • pea butter, peach juice and bagel in a glass.

  • Oh, and potheads be sauce.

  • Kevin here, this is mine.

  • What's tougher?

  • A Super Nintendo cartridge or genesis?

  • Well, it turns out you can freeze, drop and boiled both, and they'll still be playable.

  • So past the Jell O.

  • That's not how you burn a CD.

  • Whoa!

  • CD bubble.

  • It works best with the plastic divider in a pack of CD ours, but the results are kind of conduct.

  • Let's talk video game covers as classics.

  • Thes air reimagined game covers in the style of novels, including GT A four Star Craft and Mario Kart Dude Hotel in Japan is building a neon Genesis Evangelion Room, complete with entry plug Bed and Rei Ayanami.

  • Wake up calls for only 450 bucks a night, so instead you can watch even Gillian inside your head with this iPhone hat.

  • Just put your iPhone in the front, look, do the magnifying glass and look like an idiot.

  • You can buy clouds Buster sword from Final Fantasy seven, complete with material slots.

  • What I really was Mega Mans Mega Buster.

  • Here's a cool schematic now someone, please inventiveness.

  • Scientists did recently make a paperclip invisible.

  • Using an actually forming crystal called calcite and a backyard evil scientists built a solar death ray using an old satellite dish and 5800 tiny mirrors.

  • This thing could burn through steel, aluminum and concrete and probably 153 clothes pegs, which is a painful world record.

  • A new gaming world record was set when this girl scored 789,349 points on Dragon Forces Through the Fire and Flame Guitar Hero three.

  • So it begs the question.

  • What's your favorite song to play a guitar hero or rock?

  • I'm gonna leave you guys with the first person to get the riddle right and explain how they got.

  • Their answer will be featured at the top of the sauces.

  • Channel pages are genius of the way you can't smoke the entire cigar.

  • Hank collects cigar butts and can make a cigar out of every five butts that he finds.

  • He has collected 25 cigar buds.

  • How many cigars will he be able to smoke?

  • I think you know it.

pea butter, peach juice and bagel in a glass.

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