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  • This is an extra video to show you how these devices here can demonstrate the Kelvin home hopes effect.

  • Dr Barbara Turnbull's running the experiment.

  • And she's much better at explaining everything but wasn't wearing a microphone during the experiment here, so I'm afraid you're stuck with me.

  • Mainly.

  • There are two devices simply because we ran the experiment twice.

  • Always good to have a backup.

  • I just first step is pumping the tank's half full or half empty, depending on your viewpoint with fresh water.

  • We left the freshwater clear here in Tank one, but in tank to the fresh waters dyed red just for easy viewing.

  • Okay, lovely way.

  • Create saltwater.

  • Pretty simple that and in both cases of salt water's dyed blue again, just so we can see it better.

  • With the tax still tipped upright, the salt water's very gradually pumped in from below.

  • It mustn't mix with the less dense freshwater sitting above it so you can see the fresh water stays on top when it's full to the brim.

  • It's a fiddly process to then seal the tanks, making sure there are no air bubbles inside next, and this has done very carefully in incremental steps.

  • The tanks are tipped to the horizontal.

  • It's crucial delays don't mix, and in both cases we now have the densest salt water below the fresh water.

  • When the layers have settled, everything's calm.

  • The apparatus is tipped.

  • Now, the salt water's flowing that way and the fresh water that way.

  • And there's a riff ect in Tank one.

  • Here's some more camera angles and, of course, slow motion.

  • And then, as promised, we did again in tank Toe on.

  • Of course, There it is again.

  • I think it's amazing.

  • Look impressed.

  • These guys way measured the salt water just to check its density.

  • So there you go.

  • And if you're wondering why these tanks are even here or the University of Nottingham students do this experiment as part of their studies, As you can see, thanks again to Dr Turn Herbal and to see a main video on the Kelvin Helm house effect.

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  • Over the top of this bump here is actually traveling faster than the material below.

  • And if you wanna watch more videos, well, you know, we've always got them.

  • Thanks for watching 60 symbols.

  • We always appreciate having you here.

  • I never subtlety here that you probably don't actually want to sit absolutely at the LaGrange point.

  • For example, one real disadvantage of being right at the old two points if you think about it.

  • If you had a satellite here.

This is an extra video to show you how these devices here can demonstrate the Kelvin home hopes effect.

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