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  • do you actually remember yourself waking up in the mornings and giving yourself a promise to start a new day in a completely different way or any other situations?

  • When you decided to skip an episode on Netflix and start changing yourself, though one way or another, I don't think that it's lost for a long period of time.

  • I have an ordinary teenager with ordinary believe some thoughts, but there is something that makes me different and that is intrinsically connected to the speech off mine, the process of transformation that I'm going through for my whole life.

  • I've been wondering about the face of growing the phase off, changing and steal that very moment when I realized that no one Oven explains what kind of a crucial role it plays in its teenager period, or how many stages it includes in general during the last two years, participating a couple off social projects and discovering myself from different perspectives, I said, the first step to the process of transformation.

  • You may think that maybe I was lucky enough to find my new show of development, maybe soul, about the people who surround me.

  • But there are hundreds and hundreds of teenagers who may not be lucky enough to experience that due to the year insecurities or a lack off opportunities.

  • And I can say for sure that I would not be on this stage talking about the importance off transformation if there was not a moment when I realized that I'm changing.

  • Change is the most constant thing.

  • Change do actually give much sense to this.

  • Word, though, is the best word, which can fool describe the process of transformation.

  • Firstly, it seems easy to say I am changing.

  • To change for me is just nothing.

  • But the process is far too complicated.

  • And if we're really have that an irresistible desire to go through it.

  • We have to understand the conditions that we made a deal with many grown ups having asking questions as How is it like to be a teenager?

  • Well, after realizing the sheriff to build yourself with the very first bricks, go for a protest off self creation, which includes wow moments and Yitzhak situations.

  • I say it.

  • It's not easy.

  • It's not easy, believe me, considering the fact that the second type of situations overshadows the first on numbers and it happens very often.

  • So how can we exceed the number off wow periods in our life?

  • Being just a teenager?

  • In order to see answered this question, you have to dig deeper into the concept of transformation itself.

  • So let's clarify what transformation ISS.

  • From my point of view, it's a tie.

  • When a person is experiencing this, avalanche fails and victories at the same time, which turned oneself into a completely different individual who would be way more matured to face new life hurdles, having that emotional intelligence and using rational focus wisely.

  • But some of you may call it as a period off turning from a teenager to a young adult adult ing, as was safe.

  • But there is no guarantee that by turning 18 or something, you may rich this pinnacle off mental and emotional maturity.

  • So that makes us thing that there is something between these two terms.

  • Actually, there are four stages off change itself.

  • We can describe this process as a curve, which starts at the upper point, then goes down, then rises up again.

  • Those ups and downs to find the way Wonder go each stage.

  • Negative state has the initial point.

  • Where would deny everything on our path.

  • We cannot accept our insecurities.

  • We cannot accept our feel years.

  • And this process entails emotional focus because different reactions come out whether it's frustration, sadness, bitterness or anger.

  • Then we're going to face with the protests off resistance.

  • And at that point we turn on our rational focus, and we started to realize that the protests off change is what turns our world from upside down, making us believe in new principles, rules and ideologists.

  • The bottom boards off resistance is where change shows its futures turning into a positive state and there will start to explore ourselves will start to be curious about what will happen if I do this or that, and eventually we're rich.

  • The stage off acceptance, which means that we become satisfied with the protests off a constant change.

  • So it becomes a way off living.

  • In my case, it all started with the process off self realization when teenagers start looking for their passions.

  • When I started revealing my Owen driving forces oflife in 10th grade, I was living like an ordinary senior year student during my school homework, attending courses and until that very moment when I realized that it was just going with the flow and my surroundings did actually the same thing.

  • And several questions crossed my mind at that son.

  • Why aren't we teenagers showing over full potential?

  • Why don't we realize the importance off change or becoming a better version of ourselves?

  • Becoming a social activist was my passion, starting as a volunteer and continue up as a project coordinator.

  • I've become so eager to let social projects, and that's actually how my period off stigma has stopped and the road of change has been eventually paved.

  • But several teenagers whom I met we're still building blocks on the year path, not even realizing that they're creating a bazillion off limitations on the air pack.

  • So why do we have to consider this as the most profound process off our life?

  • The first reason is interestingly connected with an opportunity off changing a demeanor which will set a trap for your future goals.

  • This step is the initial point to inculcated one of the most necessary traits off all time and that its flexibility putting yourself in the most UN formula situations means being prepared for your future means understanding different environments, enhancing the capability to become a part of it.

  • I think the initial point off mine this terms was one of the most challenging once the fear to works awakening the inner me in an on formula environment was totally an eye opening experience, and I believe that it has become such really tendency among teenagers to feel so uncomfortable in a social ambience.

  • And I can't say for sure that didn't take a little for me to leave my comfort zone.

  • But the main motive that was pushing me forward was the oldest of four.

  • Change and situations may be different for everyone.

  • The second includes inability off becoming a risk taker.

  • Life is so about the choices that would make and hesitate between, especially for teenagers like me.

  • Transformational period serves as a perfect example to test yourself, comprehend your ability off taking risks.

  • And the first fails may serve as the most profound.

  • Indicators are becoming a better version off yourself, and many teenagers may see it as a catalyst off their own metamorphosis as well.

  • This process, and that's actually how I have noticed that most of over teenagers are afraid to think broadly, afraid to understand the world around them, afraid to change.

  • The third is to get a custom thio the protests off transformation.

  • And, uh, this point is the final part off the metamorphosis when it becomes not just in action but a habit which can be incorporated into your life as well.

  • Once you got to the point off a flexible person in a risk taker, you're ready to put yourself in this constant circle off development.

  • Right now, I'm in this initial point from NASA world of transformation, and I see my external world shift and change dramatically as old Forbes structures rapidly falling away.

  • An incredible space is being created.

  • The main thing that I want teenagers to understand that that is the time for a change, for realizing your full potential for not going with the flow and finding your out day city for transformation.

do you actually remember yourself waking up in the mornings and giving yourself a promise to start a new day in a completely different way or any other situations?

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