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  • with recent reports showing that one in four young adults will be single their whole life by the age of 50 you may be wondering if you will always be Netflix and chilling by yourself, but is there a scientific reason why you're single?

  • The first thing we may have to blame for our forever loan status is our parents, and more specifically, the effect they have on our attachment style psychologist described attachment styles is the ways we interact in our relationships.

  • Attachment styles are first built during infancy, and what style you'll end up with is the result of the parenting you got as a child.

  • If you're consistently cared for and had strong emotional support, you likely developed a secure attachment style, which means today you're confident, trusting and uncomfortably develop intimacy with others.

  • If you were less consistently cared for with parental figures who varied between being overprotective and inattentive, then you may have developed one of two insecure attachment styles, an avoidance style where you have little desire to seek other people out, or an anxious, ambivalent style where you fear rejection.

  • Psychologists have long posited that single people are more likely to have an insecure attachment style.

  • While that may be partly true, recent research has shown that single participants are just as likely as couple people to have a secure attachment style but are more likely to attach to friends, siblings or relatives over romantic fingers.

  • In that case, you may be getting fulfillment from other people and may not require a romantic figure to satisfy emotional needs.

  • Another answer as to why you're flying solo may lie in your genes, specifically the genes that express your serotonin receptors.

  • One study of 580 young adults found that 50.4% of people with a C C gino type on their HT one aging were in a relationship.

  • But only 39% with the CG or G Gina type were in a relationship noticed.

  • The Jie Luo may be the culprit here.

  • Having the Jaleel means you'll have a lower level of serotonin in your brain, and studies have found rats and monkeys with lower levels of serotonin are less sexually receptive and more aggressive.

  • Two mates.

  • Other studies have also linked this Jaleel toe Alexey dynamic systems, which is a difficulty in describing an identifying emotions which may result in jail.

  • Wheeler's appearing on apathetic, cold or hostile, but it's the married life.

  • Really better for you.

  • While many studies have linked being married to having better health, some have pointed out these studies often exclude divorced people from their samples.

  • One study found women who got married gained more weight and drank more than single woman who also ate better and exercised more.

  • Another study found single individuals were more likely to have greater involvement in the broader community and were more likely to stay in touch with family, friends and neighbors.

  • Let's hear it for all the single ladies off the single ladies, all the single ladies step with your hands up.

  • It may also be important not to rush into a relationship.

  • One long term study of young adults found that of relationship can improve your self esteem.

  • But on Lee, if it is well functioning, stable and last for about a year or longer.

  • Failing this criteria, a low quality relationship might actually give you a lower self esteem and a severe blow to your emotionality.

  • All in all, the science says it's best not to rush into something unhealthy and that sometimes the single life is the best way to go.

  • Thank you so much to Kim, my sister, for narrating this video.

  • If you are single, she has a video over on her channel which is about relationships and how to approach people in public without necessarily need to use dating APS and just have the confidence to say hi to someone new.

  • You click it just right over here.

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  • So take a lunch break and come see us.

  • The ticket and all the information is in the description.

  • Hopefully, we'll see you there.

  • But we'll also see you next week for a new science video for you.

with recent reports showing that one in four young adults will be single their whole life by the age of 50 you may be wondering if you will always be Netflix and chilling by yourself, but is there a scientific reason why you're single?

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