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  • Ever had difficulty communicating due to a language barrier?

  • Technology may soon change that. A new program is making real-time translation

  • possible in the blink of an eye. Our Han Da-eun tells us more. In the middle

  • of a speech, the speaker talks into a microphone in English.

  • In just a few seconds,. his words are repeated, this time in Chinese.

  • The sounds are not like that of a robot or machine.

  • They come out in his own voice.

  • "In a few years, they will be able to break down the language barriers between people.

  • "

  • The simultaneous translation is also possible on PCs.

  • "Everything I say gets transcribed using speech recognition. "

  • With functions that operate more like a human brain than a traditional computer,. this technology

  • detects even the tiniest variations in a person's speech.

  • After recording your voice on the device,. the transcriber slices up your speech into

  • pieces and rearranges them into another language.

  • "The individual sum that all occur in every language like 'ke', 'he', 'ss', 'mi', we can

  • actually recall them and chop up to a small and phony unit. And then if we want to play

  • in Chinese or Korean, we just do the combination and re-adjust orders and play it back."

  • Even when a voice is not clear, it deduces the right phrases based on given context.

  • "By applying that technology, we were able to improve the speech recognition system very,

  • very much. Significantly compared to the previous technologies that we had. We got up to maybe

  • 40 percent error reductions."

  • Currently the service is available in several languages including English, Chinese and German,.

  • and researchers say within a few years time,. users will be able to travel around the world

  • without having to worry about language barriers. Han Da-eun, Arirang News.

Ever had difficulty communicating due to a language barrier?

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