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  • The first thing you need to do in order to install Mongo D B is to go to their download page, which I'm going to link down in the description below and the comments.

  • Once you're here, you want to make sure you have the free edition, the community service selected.

  • Select your operating system.

  • In my case, it's going to be Windows.

  • Select the current release because that's going to be the most bug free and the most stable version, and then just click download here.

  • Now that's finished downloaded.

  • We have our setup wizard here, which we can just step through, and this is going to be a very similar for Mac clinics and Windows.

  • Which one?

  • I accept the terms and conditions, and here we just want to select a complete installation.

  • Since we want all of the features and this is where the really important parts are, the first thing we want to do is make sure that we check this box to install it as a service and let it run Is a network service user.

  • Essentially, what that does is it lets Mongo d be run on your computer as a small background service so you don't have to manually start and stop your server.

  • Every single time you start and stop your computer.

  • We'll just keep the Mondo di bi service named the same and the data and long directories the same.

  • Click next, and then it will ask you if you want to install Mongo D B Compass.

  • All this is is a graphical user interface for mongo to be.

  • I'm not going to install it, but you can if you want to make, like, next and install once that's finished installing, you want to open up your file Explorer into that folder where you downloaded Mongo D.

  • B, which on Windows by default is your main hard drive.

  • Program files Mongo D.

  • B.

  • In here you'll have your server folder, which you just downloaded the version you're downloaded, and then you'll have been, which is where all of your executed ALS are.

  • We're gonna have data, which is where all of your database information will be stored and longs where all of your logs are going to be story to make sure everything's working.

  • Just open up the BIN folder and run Mongo.

  • Dottie XY.

  • This is going to be the command that will open up you to your database so you can access it and use it.

  • So here we can type in show databases and we can see all the databases that gets shipped to the actual program by default.

  • We can also use certain databases so we can say Use new Devi and to make sure that everything works.

  • We can insert something into this database so we could just say D b dot items insert.

  • So we're going to create an item with the new name here So we'll say name.

  • It's going to be just set to name Make it super easy.

  • And we said that that worked and we could do D b dot items dot find actually run.

  • That is a function and you can see that I've found that item that we just inserted.

  • And if we type in show DVDs again, you'll see our new baby is being shown up right down here, and that's all it takes to install mongo GB onto your computer.

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The first thing you need to do in order to install Mongo D B is to go to their download page, which I'm going to link down in the description below and the comments.

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