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  • His name is Greg Mondays, and he was stricken with the virus.

  • But now he's on the drug Chloral Quinn, the widely used malaria drug being hailed as a possible treatment for Corona virus.

  • 24 hours after he was on it, he really you really turned the corner.

  • I asked Dr Oz about this potential new treatment.

  • Are you hopeful with this drug, claure Quinn, that we could save potentially countless lives?

  • A doctor Clara quit in, which is a drug that was used in a trial released yesterday, is the single biggest advance in our battle against this pandemic period.

  • On Inside Edition spoke to this woman, Amanda Macy, whose husband has been stricken with Corona virus.

  • He's being treated with another drug Rum, Desert beer.

  • His improvement is a miracle, but it's a combination of all the things that they're doing for.

  • I don't want people to think that this is like the magic pills.

  • Here's Victoria Canio.

  • These drugs air giving hope to the world, which is consumed every day with headlines about the Corona virus crisis.

  • Now imagine if you had absolutely no idea about the pandemic that's threatening our way of life.

  • That's just what happened to these guys?

  • These dozen buddies run a remote rafting expedition in Colorado for 25 days.

  • They go there every year.

  • When they started, the pandemic was just a blip of worry.

  • But with no cell phone service, no Internet.

  • Imagine what happened when they returned to civilization.

  • It was just a flood of information just so much coming at me at once, coming at us, the whole group.

  • Really?

  • At once room, you know, messages from our family and friends.

  • And then also all the news feed stories that we see young Facebook or whatever.

  • And, um, it was intense.

  • And these Americans are stranded abroad, unable to return home.

  • These three friends from outside Austin, Texas, are stuck in Peru after what was supposed to be just a six day vacation.

  • I'm scared about, like my job back home.

  • I have pets back home.

  • Um, you know, finding friends to take care of my dog and my cats.

  • It's not having any certainty.

  • What enter if we're gonna get out how difficult his international travel.

His name is Greg Mondays, and he was stricken with the virus.

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